Friday, December 2, 2016


And Absalom Died!

Absalom was a privileged young man, the son of King David--2 Samuel, chapters 13 to 19. He committed murder--2 Samuel, chapter 12-- and fled from the presence of his father, the King.  Absalom, the son of a king killed his half brother Amnon, another son of the king, who raped his sister Tamar, a daughter of the same king. And so the ground work was laid for tragedy. But the personal tragedy of Absalom, even though took its root from the failing of the system in his environment, also had a lot to do with his personal choices and character.

Absalom In Exile
As the details of Absalom's deed got out, he fled Jerusalem and took refuge with the King of Geshur and his son. After three years in exile, the heat of the moment seemed to have died down and Absalom with the help of an official of  King David was able to return to Jerusalem. The King forgave Absalom, and he settled down once more to life in Jerusalem. 

Back In Jerusalem
After Absalom was granted pardon by his father, he was brought back to live in Jerusalem. Not satisfied with just a return to Jerusalem, he requested to be brought before his father, the king, who had previously refused to see him. Being now able to see his father again, life seemed just normal, that is as normal as life can be for a young man brought up under the umbrella of privilege, power, and wealth.
But was everything normal or was that just a facade?

Later events would prove Absalom to be a troubled young man in spite of his great looks and privileged position. He plotted and schemed and won the hearts of the people by flattery and deceit, preparing himself to usurp power.

King For A Day?
Absalom achieved his purpose for a few days? Was he ever king at all as he thought he would be? But he was ready to destroy the kingdom and his father just to become king. Did he make it? Achievement does not come by destroying other people. In the end Absalom died and his father, king David lived out his God-given time. ABSALOM?

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