Friday, December 23, 2016

Consequences of Evangelicals' Adventurism

The 2016 presidential election has been contested and won, at least so does everyone believes, except that does not include what God says about it.
The evangelical Christians went rogue and ran away with the power and the money. They preferred prestige and the association with the big names to truth and to God's word. We have not seen the end of the events of the election year. The consequences are coming--they are brewing like strong wine.

The evangelical Christian community of the United States has had its way, and was not informed by truth, nor was it informed by God's word. But they cast their ballots for one who can pass for a pagan king. God was looking, but thank God for the few who thought that their choice for president was too vulgar, too base a piece of humanity to occupy the noble office of president. In general, this group of dissenting Christians thought the evangelicals choice was too offensive in language and actions, too anti-Christian in his views and actions to be asked to be led by him. Can a Christian people ask somebody to be their leader who claims he doesn't do any wrong and so has never asked God for forgiveness? On its very face value, this seems contradictory to the teaching of evangelicals and of Christendom at large.

God is set to have His way in this matter. The consequences of the evangelicals' participation in the 2016 presidential election will be dire. God has spoken and will not take back His word; many churches and their leaders are about to be taken off the stage. Many are pastors and preachers who have white supremacist leanings, but who stand on the podium and preach Christ Crucified, and who hate Barack Obama for being a black man. Now the United States can no longer hide behind Christianity to spew its hatred of other people, it is a pagan nation where Christians live, not the other way around.

Jerry Falwell Jr.
Perry Stone 
Franklin Graham

God demands truth and integrity, which cannot be separated from the work of the Gospel. And these ones have not demonstrated any. It is about bread and butter, it is about prestige and the big names, and quite frankly, it is also about white supremacy. God, the Lord God of All Creation is demanding accountability from these men and from others now.

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