Friday, December 16, 2016

Draining The Swamp

God Is Draining the Swamp in the United States, and the swamp is filled with dead bodies. Foremost among them are Donald Trump and Mike Pence. And there are many more.
God's anger is kindled against the United States. He has His hand upon the doorway of the White House to see who goes in and who will not.

God Is Determined 
God is determined and will bring His word to pass: neither Mike Pence nor Donald Trump will be conducting any business from the White House or from the Oval office--Not personal business, not official business. The United States of America is being put up for sale, but there are no buyers because, God is not coming along with the design to sell.Those who would like to sell have only one thing in mind--to line their own pockets. But it's not going to happen! To sell a commodity, all the parties that have ownership must agree to sell. In this case, all the parties are not agreed.

While the American privileged class, the millionaires and the billionaires, have their eyes on the great prize of "winning an election", God is completely set to dash their hopes, aspirations, and schemes to pieces. The reason is that it is all now about making the most of their chances, rather than the concern for the average person.

The Incoming--Incoming Administration?
The supposed incoming administration already looks like many things, least of which is democracy. It looks like an oligarchy, plutocracy, and certainly like a monarchy. In a monarchy, there's no distinction between the interests of the monarch and those of  the state. Whatever the monarch thinks is good for the state is good enough, he's the only one who has brains to think. And this includes the children of the monarch, being hereditary in most cases, the children are automatically free to play any assigned role by their parent. In other words, irrespective of their capabilities, they can be imposed on the people. Does anyone see a resemblance already?

Why The Interest In The United States?
The United States is one nation that was built by nationals from most countries of the world. Some came willingly and some by coercion. Those who were brought by force of arms, on whose backs much of the wealth of the United States was built, have not been remunerated. They were robbed to enrich their white neighbors. They are being owed by the billions and trillions of dollars. And the 2016 presidential election--at least the outcome so far, has demonstrated that the African-American populations will not have justice. And God is determined to give them justice. Justice will be done! Is God interested in other groups? Certainly, He is. But even more so, He's interested in the state of affairs in the United States, both generally and specifically, because of  His investment in the nation.

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