Friday, December 23, 2016

Edward Snowden Is Poison

Edward Snowden, former NSA Contract employee just happens to be in Russia. Back home in the United States, he is a fugitive who is running away from justice. Charged with espionage of great magnitude, he's responsible for stealing the largest cache of American government secrets yet--secrets that have to do with national security and more. Secrets, many of which have been disclosed to the international media.

Individuals and groups, including Snowden's lawyer, are trying to pressure Barack Obama to let him return. He was a worker of conscience after all. Besides, Edward Snowden himself just said that he's been in Russia for three years but has nothing to do with Vladimir Putin. This is the most laughable statement anyone can make. In fact, Snowden may be right. Putin can stretch out and hack the DNC computers before a presidential election. So, he probably doesn't need Snowden, except if he can stretch that far, it will be far more convenient to reach and use Edward Snowden, who is an espionage small-boy compared to the espionage king. Snowden himself should be laughing at himself for trying to appear genius.

At this point, Snowden is poison and dangerous. If he has spent three years in a KGB enclave and has nothing to do with Vladimir Putin, either he's an extremely lucky person or he worked with Putin in his dreams. Snowden is not credible, neither is Vladimir Putin.

Another laughable idea is the fact that he's not afraid that Putin will hand him over to "Trump". He shouldn't be, he's friends with the friend of Putin. Donald Trump is friends with Vladimir Putin who has secured a home for Edward Snowden for three years. Of course no one will be afraid under such circumstance. He's trying to play smart here.

If Edward Snowden were a black man, would you have been advocating for a traitor to return just by saying so? It all boils down again, to white privilege. Time is running out on white privilege and I speak it by word of the Lord God of All Creation.Time is coming, and coming fast when everyone in America will be subject to equal treatment under the law.

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