Friday, December 16, 2016

Looking Out of the Kremlin

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin is looking out through the Kremlin widow. But he will go through the door and never return back in. How tall is the Kremlin's order?It's as short as Putin's limbs. That is, there's hardly anything ordered, because God squashed such order before it could even be articulated.

Americans On Board With Putin
All of Trump's team is on board with Putin. Like the G.O.P in general, the Republicans will rather have the house burn down than for a black man to live in it. The end of that mindset is in sight. And God will hold the Republicans responsible for their treacherous behavior toward a fellow citizen. The Republicans are right now preparing for their shame and they will wear it like a garment.

Can Putin Revive the Russian Empire?
There is no such thing as the Russian empire. It's gone and over with. Putin is on his last staging. He's on his way out. Putin is an emperor, not a president, unless he is both. Like an emperor, he presides over everything in his country where everything is under tight control by one man. If this were Africa, the G.O.P will cry despot. But this is a dictator. So why is the Republican Party in bed with him right now? Because they themselves have "elected" a monarch to act as their president--a man who can "shoot somebody on 5th Avenue" without any repercussion. No one needs to hear any more from a dictator--that is the instinct of a dictator.

Russia with or without Vladimir Putin will be forced to level with the world. They will have to come down their high horse, because after all, no people is superior to another. However, misguided Caucasians like most members of the Republican Party and of course the Russians think they are. But their delusion will soon be obvious to the world. A group of people who have lost the ability to think and to have fellow feeling say they want to rule the world. This is as good a laughter as the one Vladimir Putin is having now, having successfully tampered with the outcome of the U.S. Presidential election, he thinks. Does it really matter what Putin thinks he has accomplished?

Well, let Putin be told that neither Hillary Clinton, nor Donald Trump was or is God's choice for president of the United States of America. Did he just have sleepless nights for nothing? That we'll see.

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