Monday, December 19, 2016

The Transition

The Transition has nothing to do with the election of November 8th, 2016. On the contrary, it has all to do with God 's work and the movement of it.

A lot of discussion and analyses have been going on around the November 8th election as could be expected. The only piece that is missing is what God says about it. American Christians have been silent about it all, or have they? Can we then assume that God did not say anything to them about the election. But this is not about what anyone discerned or failed to discern regarding the November 8th presidential election. It is about the movement of God's truth in this and many other matters which are not necessarily obvious for all to see at the present time.

The Transition is all about the movement of God's work from great to greatest. Everything glorifies God, even the things which we as human beings detest or call wicked. If there's a near unanimous agreement from all sides that something is evil, it is probably evil. However, do no take the word of human beings for it, because people, that means, the majority of people can be wrong while believing they are right. By the same token, the majority can  be right while others think they are wrong. There's a solution. WHAT DOES GOD SAY? This becomes the one most important and indispensable truth about any situation.

This may not seem obvious at the beginning, but God's truth concerning a situation is the only one that is dependable.The problem is believers must be on the ground for this truth to be available. But if the believers speak and do the same things as the unbelieving, God's word may not move in the situation in an obvious way. But God Himself does reveal His word to any one who is ready to receive it, and does Himself move in human situations in ways least expected.

It's not over until it's over. God's movement in this matter is ongoing, and  He is set to take His glory in it. And how does God take His glory in a situation? When He proves that His word is truth and one that becomes true concerning a situation. When suddenly it becomes clear to all of us that the only statements that could not be swayed by human reasoning, or bent or compromised, came from God, He takes His glory.
God is about to set His work on a pedestal which will become undeniably the greatest, following the events of the presidential election. Signs of that are already obvious to the discerning, but will become very clear to all. The transition of God's work from great to greatest is on.

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