Thursday, December 14, 2017

Yes Roy Moore! --God Is In Control

God Is In Control

God is in control when you lose, God's in control when you win. He is always in control.
Now For Some Biblical Perspective

God was in control when young David, son of Jesse was anointed by the prophet Samuel, to become king in place of Saul--1 Sam 16.

God was in control when David became king, first over Judah, and then over all Israel.

God was in control when David, now king of Israel, sinned before God by arranging to have Uriah murdered so he could have Bathsheba his wife--2 Sam 11.

God was in control when the first child died that was born to David by Bathsheba, through the adulterous relationship--2 Sam 12.

God was in control when David repented of his sin, and returned to worship God. And was still in control when Absalom rebelled  against his father, king David. Yet the same God was in control when David was restored to the throne--2 Sam 19.

When Does Roy Moore Understand God to be in control? Is it only when God does what he wants?
The victory for the just concluded Alabama Senate race was given by God to Doug Jones. Roy Moore may have prayed, but God didn't have to say yes. God answers prayers according to purpose and need--not  to please somebody's ego. Roy Moore should take a cue from King David.
When his first child by Bathsheba became sick, David fasted and prayed. But God did not heed his prayer. So, after the child died, David arose, cleaned up himself and went to the Temple, and worshiped God. He understood the message, God had given the final verdict. In this, hubris and arrogance have no place.

Friday, December 8, 2017

In Bed With Falsehood

The Republican Party

The Republican Party is in bed with falsehood. They want to pretend that the whole world is not seeing how they are trying to cover up fraud and treasonous behavior. They have put party above country. If you cover up for falsehood and "alternative" facts, you're liable for the same. By their actions and utterances trying to cover up the biggest lie of the century and beyond--that Trump won the 2016 presidential election--they have dug a deep trench for themselves where they will remain for a long time.

Any Republican who is not interested in a full-scale unbiased probe of how Putin and the Russians hijacked the 2016 presidential election is also guilty of fraud. There's more than enough already to see that the election result was obtained by fraud, but they want to distract attention from the facts. This will not end well. The Republicans are now playing the politics of "If its my party member, we can excuse the behavior", no matter what has been done, thus playing corrupt politics. Truth should be truth and fact should be fact no matter who is involved. On the contrary, the Republican Party plays now only as a party of self-interest--a platform from which it is about to crash.

Will The Lies Stand?
The wall of lies and falsehood which the Trump White House has built and supported by the Republican Party is about to crack. Nothing will remain standing--everything will be face down. Perhaps Trump will be vindicated who said he's more intelligent than everybody else in the Republican Party, because right now, they are being used by him. He is ready to take down the Party  with him, and that is the scenario that is presented at the moment, and will be sustained if the Republicans keep helping Trump to propagate his lies. They cannot stand!

Trump Is An Installation Of Putin

There is no Trump presidency without Vladimir Putin and his Russian agents. The fears expressed by American citizens during the 2016 presidential campaign are more real than anyone can imagine. The fact that Putin had the game in his hands,  while Trump was bowing to him and worshiping him with every utterance, action, and attempted action are not mere coincidences.

Not only does Donald Trump owe other things to the Russian president, but his very presence in the Oval Office is deeply owed to Vladimir Putin. The one thing that cannot be over-looked is how this affects the American democracy. Trump cares nothing for the American democracy, after all, his number one choice of somebody to ally himself with is the leader of an autocratic government--Vladimir Putin--at least, as far as the American Democracy gives him room to do.

Words That Match
What words can be used adequately to describe the situation the United States suddenly finds itself in? Hillary Clinton may have her own problems, but during one of the presidential debates in 2016, she said that Vladimir Putin would prefer to have Trump as president because he would be a puppet of Russia. Right! Donald Trump is a puppet of Putin. This unfortunately has the implication of the United States as a puppet state. So far, the only saving grace is that the American Democracy still works.
However, Republicans are trying very hard to cover up for their leader, and this will come with a heavy price. Right now, they want to believe they are invincible, "We can do whatever we want because we control the government." This is a very dangerous move and will fail colossally. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is looking for every way to deliver the goods to Putin who placed him in the White House.

God has spoken it and will not go back on His word, the Trump White House is already in pieces and will be completely dismantled, because the prize was obtained by fraud. He is an installation of Putin!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Why Jeff Sessions Refused To Resign

Trump Is Sessions Best Hope

Despite the insults and humiliation visited on the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, by Donald Trump, he would not resign. This may seem to the ordinary person, resilience, and just wanting to do the job, even though Trump himself has openly expressed the desire to see Sessions leave. 
This is not about resilience, patience , or love of country. Sessions has refused to resign, although his complicity in the Russian meddling in the 2016 election and the lies are sufficient ground for him to resign, yet he will not do it, because he sees this as the opportunity of a lifetime. He doesn't know whether there will be any other president in his lifetime who can be so openly racist like Donald Trump. Even then, Sessions won't be around for ever. So, Jeff Sessions sees the Trump administration as his best hope of enforcing his white supremacy agenda.

Enforcing The White Supremacy Agenda
Unlike many presidents in recent U.S. history, Donald Trump is openly racist, daring any opposition to his white supremacist and KKK stand. This is very much in line with the Jeff Sessions stand. They are in this together. Jeff Sessions is ready to take the worst insults and humiliation from Trump, if only that ensures that he can enforce the extremist white views of people like them. So, he will continue to remain, as far as he is concerned, with Trump and the Trump administration.

Can The Hope Be Achieved?
With Sessions, Donald Trump, and many in the Republican Party, that should be an easy ride, except they are not in it alone. GOD IS IN ON THIS! And the white supremacist agenda is already defeated.God, Owner of all life, and who loves all people says, Their hope is already cut off, it will not prosper. So, many will go to their graves seeing the end of the white supremacist agenda. It is about to be made obvious that all lives matter to God, and that no segment of the human race is better or superior to another.

Living The Delusion
Trump, Sessions, the KKK, the white supremacists and their allies are living the delusion. Their agenda is finished and over. The United States, should and will cater to all groups, irrespective of ethnicity, race and skin color. "Whites Only" is forbidden by the truth of God's word, and will become the obstacle by which many will fall.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Trump Is Ready To Leave

Donald Trump is ready to leave the presidency. His bravado and loud talk notwithstanding, he knows that he cannot overcome his Russian ties problems. It is a wonder that the Republican Party has largely seemed to ignore such a security breach as the interference of a foreign power in the United States presidential election. The Trump White House is gradually running out of excuses to call the Russian probe a hoax. Trump's problems are just beginning. At the end of the day, this is a case about treason--aligning with an adversarial foreign nation to work against yours, for perceived personal gains or to promote one's personal enterprise.

Is The United States At Risk?

If the alignment with a foreign power while denouncing fellow citizens, and while working in the interests of the foreign nation poses a security risk, then responsible citizens of the United States have a big job to do. The mess created by the Trump Russian intrusion into the political arena of the United States is far more extensive than can easily be seen. However, the American Democracy still works and every detail about that work of collaboration will be turned up.

Out In The Open

Trump is at his wit's end already about the investigation. Unfortunately, he cannot overcome the effects of the massive deception and campaign of falsehood which brought him to power. It will all be out in the open. Neither Trump nor Putin will prevail. Both men have caught nothing, and their efforts would have been in vain. In the end, Trump will himself look more foolish than the Putin who used and manipulated him all the way. Manipulation as used here is not one-sided, Trump aimed to use Putin to come to power, a power he cannot sustain.

Trump Is Ready To Leave!

Trump's presidency is unsustainable. It is over because it was obtained by fraud. He was not God's candidate before the election, he is not God's candidate now!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Who Should Resign?

Should Mueller?

People who seek Truth and Justice do not resign. Only criminals who seek to take advantage of unsuspecting people resign. Mueller will not resign, he's doing a great job. Those who are content to live in a puppet state will urge Mueller to resign. They are not concerned with what is good for the country. Their only concern is for their own selfish interests. A stand such people and organisations will come to regret. It doesn't matter to them if the security of the United States has been breached by Russian agents in the White House, so long as it is their own person occupying the Oval Office, thereby showing themselves to be tribal lords. Unfortunately, the effects of the Russian saga will become a bitter pill for all Americans of every size. And for those in position to inform the public of what is true, taking a stand with Trump for Russia will become like a suicide note, for the story is not ending yet. Did anyone say to hurry up the investigation. What will be the reason?
If someone came into your house and made away with your wife, children, and goods, will  you ask that the investigation be concluded swiftly or until the culprits be found and brought to justice?

A Puppet Nation?

While you sit in your luxury New York and Washington DC news organisation offices, you are actually right now like naked men in the streets, because a foreign nation has the secrets of the United States. If you are not incensed by this, by the work of a greedy clique, then you are about to show your nakedness to the world. Yes, the United States secrets will be spewed before the world. That which you take time to hide inside your pants and skirts and step outside your home looking elegant is about to become public property. Why? The United States is now a puppet nation! There can only be so many people in on any secret.

Who Should Resign?

The entire Trump team starting with Donald Trump should resign. They have betrayed the trust of the American citizenry. Not one of them is telling the truth. They have formed a government of liars and God is about to topple it. Yes, God is about to topple the Trump administration.
Mike Pence should resign, Jeff Sessions should resign. Bravado will not solve the Russian involvement with either the Trump campaign or his presidency. Truth will, facts will. No one, that means, no one, not Trump, not Putin can stop what is coming, nor will they have a remedy. What is on stage now will completely overwhelm the forces of darkness and evil represented by Trump and Vladimir Putin. They are bound together in evil, they will be bound together in shame and defeat!

Trump Is Trying So Hard

Donald Trump, the president of the United States is trying so hard to convince himself that he is a very intelligent person. Certainly, it is not about anybody else that he's repeatedly saying he's a very intelligent person. Is it because he suspects that his utterances and conduct do not show him to be very intelligent?

Is Donald Trump Very Intelligent?
To be quite honest, Donald Trump is as intelligent as many people seen on the streets of the United States everyday. But if by intelligence he means the ability to deceive, to lie about everything, and to cover cover-up truths, he's probably right. He just may be the greatest conman that ever lived. However, people are not looking for a neighbor who lies about everything, and who will steal from people and who take advantage of the least of people. Is that the kind of intelligence he's bragging about? The type that allows you to engage with foreign agents, and cheat to win an election? His own assessment of that king of behavior is called being very intelligent. Other people will tell you that is a criminally minded person.

Real Intelligence?

"The measure of intelligence is the ability to change." "It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer."--Albert Einstein, one of the greatest men of the brain of all time.  

These are two qualities which Donald Trump does not possess.The president of the greatest nation on earth sits on the couch, watches television all day and tweets, mostly at his perceived enemies.
Where can we find real intelligence? It is found with fathers, mothers, bank clerks, teachers, nurses, and people from all walks of life, not to even mention people like Albert Einstein who are scientists and all others working in their various fields today and over the ages, to improve life on earth. Donald Trump has worked consistently over the course of seventy years to improve and reprove only his own life.

The American  News Media

To look for real intelligence, the American News Media , minus Fake News and their allies, will be the best place to easily see what real intelligence looks like. Just one example. They are the ones who are able to tell what other people are doing behind closed doors. Any wonder that Donald Trump hates them with a venom. They have been able to tell people in the United States and in the world, many of the clandestine activities between Donald Trump and his Russian agents. People who were not present in a meeting but who knew what happened there. Now, that is real intelligence.
Donald Trump is actually  mediocre, who was helped greatly by white privilege, unfortunately.

Governed By Lying Men

The United States

The United States is governed by lying men. Whether it's Donald Trump, his vice-president or the Attorney General, they are all lying to the American people and to the world.They are using their offices to deny obvious truths and to present their "alternative facts". They are using power corruptly. But it won't last long.

The problem for them is that this is no longer, them versus the people they are deceiving or aim to deceive, this is them versus God. They are using the office as a public trust for theirs and of course Trump's personal enterprise. And God says, it will not last long.

"He traps the wise in their own cleverness so their  cunning schemes are thwarted." --Job 5:13.

This will be a classic case of God trapping the wise in their own schemes. With their Russian stories changing everyday, and with more facts coming out everyday, if there's any among them who still believe that their glib talk and obviously crooked attempts at misleading the people are believable, they really live in the world of alternative facts. The only problem is that alternative facts are an abomination to God.

The Sessions Circus
While Jeff Sessions was boldly stating that he has always spoken the truth about contacts with Russians, he was still lying. He, as well as the supporters of Trump are hoping seriously that their lies will be repeated long enough for people to believe them, but God says they are lies and will be treated as such--Lies!

Are People Praying?
The poor, the marginalized, the down-trodden in the United States, and of course true Christians and people of good will, and also some wealthy people and those given to prayer have agonized day and night over an evil administration that is only in power to grab, while insulting everyone else who does not support such evil. How long will it last? NOT LONG!

God has answered the prayers of the righteous and of people of good will all over the world, to stop the evil administration of Trump. It will not last!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Trump Versus God...

One Clear Winner

Donald Trump, president of the United States, has declared war on everything God's word stands for--truth, honesty, kindness, empathy, and love for all. Donald Trump is ungodly in all his ways--by utterances, actions, and conduct.

God is at war with Trump, and there is only one clear winner. And this will become an event in the turning point of American history. Those who will govern at all levels of government in the United States, will do so by truth and by love for all. The days of the Trump administration are numbered, and it will be remembered as one of the darkest periods of American history. God is ready to do what He has spoken, without any further warning.

"When people are saying, "Everything is peaceful and secure," then disaster will fall on them as suddenly as a pregnant woman's labor pains begin. And there will be no escape."" --1 Thess 5:3


That's an easy thing to do--just do whatever you want, and God will do what He needs to do.
"If He tears down, none can  rebuild;  if He shuts a man in, none can open." --Job 12:14.
"There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death." --Proverbs 14:12.
"Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." --Galatians 6:7.
"To be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace." --Romans 8:6.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Devastation Is Coming...

to the United States

Trouble is brewing, serious trouble indeed, and it will be devastation for the United States. It does not take a lot to bring such trouble into one's home, life, city, or nation. However, it has taken a lot for the problems coming on now to happen. And it will be devastating. A movement forward for the United States will mean the shaking off of many things. Perception will change, the world view of many will change. There will be a turn-around of events. The American landscape will become reset for other things that will be happening.

Devastation is coming to the United States, who can stop it? Can human beings stop what is about to happen? Not by any means! But let those who know how to pray, do it diligently. Is God about to answer such prayers or is He saying something different? Why would God's word in this circumstance be different from what the people are saying? And what are the people saying? Are their sayings and doings in agreement with God's Truths? By what means is a devastation coming to the United States?

The American landscape is about to be shocked into reality, because devastation is coming. There is no truth and no justice in the land, it reeks of blood and violence, of lies, injustice and hate. The Lord has determined by His own word that this will not continue, and those who thump their chest saying, "there's nothing coming" will be shocked into reality, and it will not be a good shock, it will be devastating!
When the hand of the Lord is raised, the wicked do not see it. Who exactly are the wicked and who are God's people as spoken in Isaiah 26:11--

"Lord, your hand is lifted high, but they do not see it. Let them see your zeal for your people... 

Events will determine who God's people are as things begin to unfold. One thing is certain, when God's hand is raised, not in Grace and not in peace, whatever it comes down on will be totally devastated. Devastation is coming to the United States! Who can stop it?

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Is It Victory?

"For By Strength Shall No Man Prevail."

A clash of wills? Time to thump the chest? Ego-massaging rhetoric and moves? What works, and what is the path to victory? The end that we attain has a path to it--a path to victory and success, a path to failure and defeat. They are actual paths, which show in attitudes of heart, in utterances, and actions. 
When the Bible tells us that  "Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall" (Prov. 16:18), it is not referring to pride and haughtiness as walking on two legs, but that real people are walking, speaking, and  acting with the legs and view of pride and haughtiness, which end will be failure and destruction.

God's Word looks at man's condition and says, "For By Strength Shall No Man Prevail" (1 Sam 1:9). Let the most powerful also be the most fearful, unless, of course, their strength comes from the Lord. And unless their trust is in the Lord. So, we are told again, in the Bible, "Let the one who boasts boast in the Lord" (1 Cor 1:31)
Is it not futile for any human being who has no power to control what happens between the time of his boastfulness and the following hour to boast? Can anyone boast, who has no power to control even the things happening in their own lives?


Why boast in the name of the Lord alone? Because it is the only assurance of safety and victory. When the troubles come, human possessions sometimes become meaningless, and by an act of God can become totally meaningless. Huge earthly wealth guarantees you have more bread and butter than your poor neighbor, no doubt. But there is no assurance whatsoever, that you can continue to own the things you own now.
You have power to Lord it over others? You have been so "successful" you dictate what happens in the lives of others? The arm of flesh will fail you, and will fail disastrously. God has given no such power to anyone, it is why dictators and despots seize power. The reason is that even dictators see and understand the limits of their power, but who are unable to stop until they are stopped.
You are one of the high and mighty, you have conquered the world by the might of your arsenal, it's either your way or no way. There's an answer.
While you were bemused by the size of your loot, and by the craftiness bringing it to be, and while you gloried in your ill-gotten wealth, God--the Lord God of All Creation gave freedom to the oppressed, and they became free. Now they tell you how to live a righteous life, because no one shall succeed, and none shall prosper by thumping their chest and by boasting about their own greatness. 

Monday, August 28, 2017

On Its Way Out! --Breitbart News

Smart Business or A Disservice?

"Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin condemns any people." --Proverbs 14:34

All Fake News media as well as Breitbart News should be ready to fight for their lives, because it is coming---their extinction!
Do they do a service for the American people or a disservice? Is it smart to setup shop to confuse and mislead people based on manipulated and alternative facts? While this strategy may serve the interest of a few for a while, surely, the manipulators of truth cannot see this as a long-time winning strategy. The reason is simple--falsehoods and lies do not serve a people. They are an abomination to God.


If you are the best of everything according to you, why do you need lies and falsehoods to achieve your goals? It is because you actually see and know your limitations as everyone else does, but which your arrogance stops you from acknowledging.
Any business that is setup to confound and confuse is of the devil! It does not matter how many Bibles the purveyors of fake news clutch under their armpits, they are of the devil. If anyone is ready to feed lies to a whole nation, including their own children, they serve no God, they are of the devil!


Breitbart news and all fake news media are hereby banished. It is God's word and will not fail.
When you cheat, by lying and deceiving everybody else just to achieve a goal, it is no longer an achievement, because you got the upper hand by fraud and by thievery.
So, God is opposed to Breitbart news as well as to all fake news outlets. You used fake news before, but you can no longer use it. It is forbidden by Word of the Lord God of All Creation.


Fake News won but without the victory. Events will soon show to you that you have no victory, because from now on God is at war with you. Whether you are a financier or an operative in any fake news setup, God is at war with you. Your establishment is now in pieces and in disarray

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Can The KKK Help Donald Trump?

Underrating Democracy?

Can the KKK and allied groups help Donald Trump achieve his aims? Perhaps the question to ask here is, Is Donald Trump underrating the power of American Democracy? It seems to be the case that he is. 

But can the KKK and allied groups be of help to Trump? He would want to think that they can. The reason he will not criticize them is the same reason he will not criticize Vladimir Putin. He is beholden to them for his occupation of the White House.


Donald Trump is hoping that in the day of trouble, and he's surrounded by it, that groups like the KKK and people like Vladimir Putin will come to his aid. Can they? The fact that it is hoped does not mean it will happen. Nobody can bail out Trump from his troubles. He will sink under them.
Brute force, the type that was displayed in Charlottesville on Saturday and the type Vladimir Putin employs in Russia is what Trump is attracted to. The only problem is that Trump lives in the United States. When Trump's problems become more complicated and insurmountable, he will realize that none of these groups can help him. But Donald Trump is so deluded he thinks he can overthrow the institutions of American Democracy. At the end of the day, he will be the great loser.


Trump will realize soon enough that the people he's placing his trust in cannot help him. He has more than enough to drown him, no one can help him. Trump needed the help of both internal and external groups to get to the White House, he will not need their help on his way out.

Why Trump Will Not Condemn White Supremacy Groups

It is not difficult to see why Donald Trump will not condemn White supremacy groups. Whatever they are called--KKK, white Supremacists, neo-Nazis, they all share the same ideology, and that is, that white is supreme above all other races. To this extent, White Supremacy is the right umbrella term for them all.

But Trump cannot condemn what he is a apart of.He rightly called them thugs, because they are. However, listening to Trump and seeing him act, he sounds and appears like one of them. The only difference is that he lives in a tower, the Trump Tower, and of course now, the White House. Does anybody need to see more than what was obvious during the 2016 presidential campaign to understand any more that Trump just could have been part of the thuggery that happened on Saturday in Charlottesville, Virginia?

Donald Trump's speech on Saturday was in support of the White Supremacist groups, his speech on Monday was in support of the White Supremacist groups. If you were a member of any of these Hate groups, Saturday and Monday, this is what you hear; first, there's enough blame on all sides, so we are not guilty of anything. Then on Monday, you heard;  "Bear with me, I must make this speech to placate the agitators. They (White House people) are making me do it.  You know I'm with you all the way.

"Beat the crap out of him, I will pay the legal fees." That is the mentality of a mob leader, and sounds very thug-like.

The KKK, the White Supremacists, the Neo-Nazis as they are separately called, but all one and the same believe they own the world. Does not Donald Trump think, feel, and act that way? Doesn't he think he can do or say anything and get away with it?

It is extremely sad, because the highest office in the United States and used to be in the world should not be occupied by a person of a base mentality. This will become in history the saddest period of American history. Thankfully, it will not last.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Putin's Foot On Trump's Neck

Putin's Victory?

The victory of Vladimir Putin and Russia over the United States in any form, shape, or manner is the failure of the United States. And Putin's greatest ally in that effort is no other than the president of the United States. Vladimir Putin is barely able to contain his feeling of pleasure and content regarding the election of his preferred candidate in the US 2016 presidential election.

However, Putin is cautiously optimistic and is beginning to see dashed hopes rather than open access to what he would like to see happen in terms of the US-Russian relationship. He is seeing dashed hopes in the United States political structure which unlike Russia is not a one-man show. This is his problem, that the US Congress can still play a crucial role in what happens between the United States and Russia as against what just Trump wants to do. He knows that Donald Trump would like to please Russia and Vladimir Putin for his personal indebtedness to him and his operatives. And although the Republican Party is right now backing Trump even if that means the country burning up, there's no guarantee that changes to their perception of the Russian meddling probe will not change any time soon. In fact, when things begin to change, they will change dramatically.

Putin's Foot On Trump's Neck
The one person who understands the situation better that every one else is Donald Trump who cannot open his mouth in public to condemn Putin and Russia. Each time he refuses to openly denounce his beneficiaries for meddling in the election on his behalf, they laugh. This is the sign of Trump's defeat. Russians are not laughing up their sleeves as Trump claimed, they laugh at him for thinking he can do in the United States what Putin does in Russia. Americans will be ready for a revolution if Trump attempts to shut down the media. Putin and the Russians laugh at Trump even though with sympathy, seeing that he's in a choke hold. The United States is not any time moving towards the kind of country that Russia is. Trump will have a revolution on his hands if he attempts to do that.

Russia And Western Democracy
What Putin succeeded in doing with the US 2016 presidential election is what he has been seeking to do in all of Europe. From an operational point of view, this was a huge success, though with many thorny problems, so many, the benefits of this operation are far from being within reach. The United States was to be the big fish, but the catch is so heavy it breaks the net. with the catch falling right back into the water, and Donald Trump is that catch. The Trump empire following the Russian probe will be done. So far, the story has been portrayed, from available facts, as Russia against the United States. In the end, the story will be told of Trump, his empire, Putin and Russians, where they helped him and when they could not. It will become one of the most tragic stories ever told.

Asking The Wrong Questions?

Concerned Americans

Concerned Americans are heard again and again, asking why Donald Trump cannot accept the fact of the Russian meddling in the United States 2016 presidential election. They also ask why Trump refuses to confront Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, over why he and his Russian agents worked so hard to elect Donald Trump.

Since there appears to be obvious answers to these questions, perhaps Americans should start asking other questions which may relate more directly to the situation. Like, What does Trump owe Putin, a man he's afraid to say anything negative about, even though Putin's activities in the United States and about the United States are all negative. Like, Why is Trump protecting Putin and Russians from concerned Americans, instead of the other way around, for example, the firing of FBI director which he gleefully related to his Russian allies in the Oval Office. Why does Donald Trump have only glowing words for Vladimir Putin while he is daily attacking the American Press, the US Intelligence community and former president Barack Obama? He is focusing on these three groups because their testimony will mean the end of the Trump administration. 

A Castle of Lies
The American Press and all concerned citizens are up against a castle of lies. The castle may look formidable at this point but it will eventually crumble. Nothing borne out of falsehood can endure. It will eventually take a nose dive into the dust where it belongs.

The Bloody Handshake
Trump and Putin shook hands in Hamburg, Germany today over the heads and over the blood of those that Putin have assassinated for the sake of freedom. Those whom Putin have killed have no chance of sitting in a meeting with anybody, not even with their family members. So long as those seeking truth and freedom in Russia are being murdered by Putin, Trump's acquiescence and resounding silence over such atrocious activities of his hero make him a co-murderer with Putin. And God will not let go until all of Putin's and Trump's lies be exposed and justice done!

American Greatest Asset--The Press
Not its wealth, not its size, not its super power status, not even the judiciary is America's greatest asset, it 's the Press. It is the Press that holds accountable everyone else. The Press is not a hundred percent accurate, but it does its job. Press here does not refer to  the right wing propaganda machine which exists only for the Republican party and its allies. By Press is meant those who get the news out for the knowledge and educating of the public regarding serious and not-so-serious issues affecting life in society.
Donald Trump is living the delusion. He cannot win the war against the News Media.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Political Suicide? --Devin Nunes!

He May Have Already!

Devin Nunes may have committed political suicide already. It takes more than just a degree from a college or university to be a leader. And it takes more than just presiding over a group or collection of people to be a leader. A leader is often a person of integrity, and principled, such that others go to him or her when they need a candid, unbiased, and truthful assessment of a situation, no matter what or who is involved.  A leader will also be a person of wisdom. Brute force describes thuggery and mob-like behavior, it does not describe wisdom or tact. And while there's abundant resources to research on wisdom and tactics, the fraudulent still finds a way to avoid wisdom and tact, because the impulse is to get what you want now and address wisdom later.

It looks like for Devin Nunes, it's all politics and no wisdom. Devin Nunes just may have committed political suicide. If Donald Trump were to remain in office for ever, it would have been to his greatest advantage. But if Donald Trump will be leaving office any time soon, and he will, then Devin Nunes has already nailed his own political coffin for good.  
Both the Senate and the House need people of integrity, men and women who command respect. But lies, deception, and outright breach of protocol do not command respect. Should it not be the case that those who want to be called honorable, act, speak, and conduct themselves honorably?

Repeal Obamacare At Your Own Peril

A Warning To Trump!

This is a warning to Donald Trump and all concerned. REPEAL OBAMACARE AT YOUR OWN PERIL!

If you hate the name of Obama, you can cover your nostrils and repair Obamacare just as many Americans did voting for Trump. However, the difference is that Obama gave Americans something to smile about--healthcare --which is known to become a major problem in the United States when somebody encounters a serious health problem. On the other hand, your motivation for repealing Obamacare is your hatred for former president Barack Obama. Nobody needs to lose their home or property just because they become sick and could not pay their medical bills.

Trump's and the GOP's hatred of Barack Obama will become their greatest undoing. The hatred of the Republican Party and of Donald Trump for Barack Obama is a festering wound, which, when it bursts, will have its ugly details submerge the Republican Party.

If the Republican Party becomes headstrong and repeal Obamacare, strange deaths will begin to happen among the rank and file of the party and of their dependants. God will readily show to you and to all, that no life is more worthy that another, not of a Republican, not of a Democrat, not of the rich, and not of the poor. Every human life is a treasure before God.
The party in power is at risk because it lacks the milk of human compassion.

GOP Death Panels?

The Sarah Palin Death Panels

It appears the Republican Party is set to formally put into effect the Sarah Palin death panels. And who better to call to oversee the death panels than Sarah Palin, the originator. With tens of millions of Americans on their way to being thrown off health care in the United States, the richest nation in the world, the poor, the marginalized, and the deprived and all people of goodwill watch in horror.

And who will have health care? Or framed another way, who will be the "lucky" ones who have what it takes to see a doctor when they get sick? Who in the world take from the most vulnerable of society to give to those who already have, and then go on to have a peaceful night rest? Exactly who deserves to get medical attention when they become sick? Will the Palin family members receive medical care if they become sick? Will Paul Ryan's family, and will members of the Republican Party and their dependants have medical care when they need it? Just who are they trying to cut off with their secretly devised healthcare plan. If it serves the needs of every American citizen, why is it done under cover of night--in the dark recesses of the secret place? What is the agenda?

Be careful what you wish for. Be careful to see that what you wish for others does not become your own portion. Why is the life of your own son or daughter more worthy than that of a janitor and of his sons and daughters? What makes the Republican Party members think that the lives of their own children are more worthy than those of the sons and daughters of the cleaner or the waiter? The "Death Panels" will become your prized possessions if you do not act with compassion and consideration for the least among you 

Monday, June 19, 2017

A Fair Thing To Ask

President Trump Asks for Fair Treatment

Who wouldn't want to be treated fairly? Isn't that what people are asking all over the world who have been subjected to unfair treatment? It appears this is a trait of the human race, to ask, demand, or expect to be treated with justice and consideration.
However, in the real world, it looks like some are taking this for granted while denying others of what they themselves ask and want from others. 

But should Donald Trump, a privileged, white, American male really be asking for this?  Wasn't that automatically granted to him when he was born? And being now president of the United States, isn't that granted to him in the quadruples? He therefore cannot understand that citizens are seeking truth and justice from his dealings with the Russians, what is in the public interest to know. So, he says those who are asking questions are unfair to him. Yet, there's nothing wrong with asking for fair treatment, provided Fair is as fair for him as The Birther Movement, and provided it is as fair as the treatment of the Central Park Five.

If Mr. Trump has in view the treatment of the Birther Movement, may fair treatment be granted to him. And if by fair he means the treatment of the Central Park Five, may he have it in abundant measures. This is only fair. The Lord God of All Creation knew this day was coming, and so declared by Obadiah the prophet:

"The pride of your heart has deceived you, you who live in the clefts of the rocks and make your home on the heights, you who say to yourself, 'Who can bring me down to the ground?'
Though you soar like the eagle and make your nest among the stars, from there I will bring you down," declares the Lord. --Obadiah 3-4.

God is a lover of justice and truth and is up already on behalf of the oppressed and maligned. So he further says through the mouth of Obadiah:

"The day of the Lord is near for all nations (all people). As you have done, it will be done to you; your deeds will return upon your own head".  Obadiah 15

About this, there is no second-guessing. It is the declared word of God!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Envoys From Babylon

For peace or on a spy mission? Let's find it out from the pages of the Bible. 

The King of Babylon sent "his best wishes and a gift" to Hezekiah king of Judah, who had been very sick, but who had recovered.

"Hezekiah was delighted with the Babylonian envoys and showed them everything in his treasure-houses... He also took them to see his armory and showed them everything in his royal treasures! 
Then Isaiah the prophet went to king Hezekiah and asked him, "What did those men want? Where were they from?"
Then Isaiah said to  Hezekiah, "Listen to this message from the Lord of Heaven's Armies: 
The time is coming when everything in your palace--all the treasures stored up by your ancestors until now--will be carried off to Babylon."--Isaiah 39
And so, it came to pass that Babylon invaded Judah and carried off everything as described.

Judah was always at an adversarial relationship with Babylon. A gift from the King of Babylon did not change that, and a get-well message from Babylon did not change that, because the adversary had his eyes only on what he could get from Judah. What has life today got to do with ancient history? Life today will have nothing to do with the past when greed and avarice end. So long as vices of the past remain, people will continue to make the same mistakes. And while King Hezekiah can be said to have made an honest mistake, the situation on the ground today is different.

When the adversary knows you from inside-out, their work is made easy for them. While rational beings do everything in their power to cover their tracks from their enemies, those who have sold out cannot. The reason is simple: they will let you know when you're not fulfilling your part of the obligation so that they can put on the pressure--after all, they have the secret weapon to bring you down when the need arises.

So, are we seeing envoys from Babylon again between the Trump White House and the Kremlin?
The clandestine meeting between Donald Trump and envoys from Russia does not portend any good ending. It will be as God has spoken. There will be no good ending!

Russian Envoys At The White House

A Goodwill Message From Putin?

Wednesday May 10th, 2017, witnessed the visit of the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, and the Russian Ambassador to the United States, Sergey Kislyak to the White House. They were in the Oval Office to speak with Donald Trump. Did they bring a message of goodwill from Russia and from President Putin?

Share The Message
Can President Trump share the message from Russia with the American people and with everyone else? Why is Trump constrained like a robot to obey Vladimir Putin's instruction to receive the Russian envoys? The discussion that went on between Trump and the Russians is unknown. Why was the Russian Media given access to the meeting which was denied to the American Press? Considering that there are several probes going on at the moment relating to the Trump/Russian campaign actions and activities during the 2016 presidential run, why is it pressing that Russians, Putin's closest allies, be received at the White House at this point? Is there anything that cannot wait? What is the deal? All Americans are entitled to know what went on behind closed doors. Furthermore, could not the Russian officials have been received by the Secretary of State, and at that level only?
The United States is watching and the world is watching. No maneuvering is going to make the Russian questions go away. Only a clean break from the fiction of "no there there" will bring a resolution.

Friday, April 7, 2017

President Trump Makes A Prediction

Prophecy On Its Head

"I think it's a massive, massive story. All over the world...I think the Susan Rice thing is a massive story", president Trump told The New York Times Wednesday, accusing Susan Rice of committing a crime without a shred of evidence. In the United States and all over the world this will become the greatest story according to Trump.
Unfortunately, the biggest story that will be circulating all over the world, and in the United States will have nothing to do with Susan Rice, former Security Adviser to President Obama.


The biggest story that is waiting now to hit the world is the Russian take-over of the U.S. 2016 Presidential election, the role of Russia and of Vladimir Putin to influence the election result, over which they have since declared victory. This will become the story that makes Civics and History lessons and books to be written and re-written in the United States and all over the world. It will soon become obvious that the Real story is the Russian and Vladimir Putin's attack on American Democratic system, and that the Susan Rice story is meant to be a diversion. However, the tactic has failed.


The real story is the Russian invasion of the U.S. democratic space, with the help and approval of  citizens, in what will become known as treason. Credit must be given to president Trump and his allies however, for all the stories they have made up to circumvent the on-going probe into the Russian/Vladimir Putin involvement in the 2016 Presidential election. This will be the "massive, massive story", because it will talk about greed, money, power, and mass deception, the type that has not been seen before in human history. It will also talk of the depth to which people can sink in order to have their way, confirming God's Word which says, "the wicked have no shame." This is the real story and will be told and retold for generations to come.

Any more prophecies Mr. President? Please share whatever you may have. They will be interpreted for you. Until then, History and Civics teachers can get ready to become millionaires.

Friday, March 24, 2017

They Want To Rule The World--Why?


People do have questions all the time about the world they live in. This is a healthy thing to have. The only problem may be the source and intent of the answers they get. And the one question everyone ought to ask is why pagan lords are fighting frantically to rule the world.

Those who rule have the control and jurisdiction over people whose affairs they are supposed to oversee or preside over. When your senator or congressman believes other things other than what will advance your own prosperity and general well being, there's a problem. Imagine if a stated adversary of yours became one to represent your own interests. How will he do it? This can be seen again and again in politics in the United States for example, just to cite one. And what better example from history can there be than government officials meeting to debate the pros and cons of slavery, done among non others than slave owners.

Throughout history, most of the people in control of government, corporations and systems, many of whom are pagan lords, usually have their way in the things they set out to achieve. When they act as though the world belongs to them, some good voices rise up in opposition, even from among their own ranks. Again, slavery in the United States is a good example. This is not to say however that everyone in major roles in government or corporations are pagan lords. They just happen to be in the majority. It can be heard in the United States in the voices that have no compassion and no understanding of the position of other people. The only way to see the world as far as they're concerned is the way they see the world. And this they will always try to justify in any number of ways, including using misinformation. The world is about them--take it or leave it! This sounds today like the world of Russia and Putin, of which the United States is approaching or trying to approach.

Then you wonder why it's always their way or no way. The bottom line is resources. When they can control the sources, they can control the resources. Imagine if the white conquerors of Africa could not control the sources. Incidentally, they were able to, and so carted away from Africa resources that would today be calculated in the trillions of pounds and dollars. This is the only way they can hold on to power and continue to exploit the less privileged.

Pagan lords are corrupt, from Africa through Europe, Russia to the United States--pagan lords are corrupt! If they appear unyielding to the interests of the common man, it is because ruthlessness is the only way they think they can preserve the status quo. Take from everybody else and be rich, the others can take care of themselves.
This kind of system is about to collapse completely. God will execute the Order bringing it to pass. Recent happenings in the United States tend to point to the direction of "the head of government can do anything and get away with it." This is being  tested right now, because God is interested in the nation built by nationals from all other countries of the world. Can one group or special interests hijack the wealth of the Untied States and say others should go tend to their wounds? It's not going to happen! The signs of such disavowal are what we see now.

It is easy to call corruption by it's name when it happens in Africa or Asia. Does it have a different name in Europe and America? It is the same. There is corruption in Europe and certainly corruption in the United States, ever more so today than has ever been.
Pagan lords want to rule for power, control, resources, and to enrich their friends and families, wishing and hoping that what they have will last for ever. And the Bible says:

"When the godly are in authority, the people rejoice. But when the wicked are in power, they groan."--Proverbs 29:2

Pagan lords, although many may profess Christianity, but by their fruit, we can all see where they stand and what they represent--the Kingdom of darkness!

Is Your House Built On The Rock?

Will It Remain Standing?

"The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock."--Matthew 7:25

This is one instance of how to build a house--on the rock! Yet there's another way to build a house, based on location and material, and it goes:

"The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash."--verse 26 
On the outside, the two houses described can look identical in structure and finishing. But there can be a lot of difference in the foundation made and in actual materials used, as well as the contents of the houses. If there is no test, both of these houses can remain standing side by side in what may look like identical structures. But when the storms of life or actual storms come, the foundations of the buildings are tested. God's Word  here reminds us of the difference between a solid foundation and a flimsy foundation. A building erected on the rock will endure it says, but the one built on a shaky foundation--like the one built on sand will have a heavy fall as soon as the storms set in.

Truth here refers to what God's Word calls truth. It endures, it's permanent and can withstand any weight, no matter how long it is for. On the other hand, somebody else's truth, which is mostly made up to serve individual and selfish interest, has the ability to withstand God's truth in many situations, until the real test comes. The difference is one can stand, the other will fall apart.

It is not by accident therefore, that a believer, by God's truth, will be a person of integrity and honesty, and standing by God's truth all the time. On the other hand, those who have learned to manipulate others and use falsehoods to make their way in the world have no use for truth. While this may serve their purpose for a time, a system built on these does fall apart eventually.

A storm is brewing right now. And the lies and falsehoods may seem to be winning in the short run, but they are fast running out of time. And God's truth will prevail. And since God's truth will never include cheating, manipulation, lies and falsehoods, there's only one direction to look--towards God's truth. When it is revealed, it will be upheld by all.

The world of darkness is the demonic empire of Satan, and those who employ it for their "victories" and "successes" in the world will soon realize that the promises from there are empty and ephemeral. And the wall they have put up against God's truth and ways is about to crumble. Now some of the greatest proponents of this demonic dark world have their backs to the wall, and will try to use anything available to ensure victory for their cause. 

It will not happen! The wicked have no victory! And they will be unable to secure it, because the hand of God is set against them to bring their cause to naught.
There is only one victory; it is for truth, and is coming in the name of Jesus!  All that is hidden will be made bare and God's truth will refresh the air!
After that, will your house still remain standing? Not if it wasn't built on truth--The Rock!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Pagan Lords Again

Pagan lords always think they are in charge until God shows up. The truth is God was always there--He did not go anywhere. The pagan lords just didn't realize it.

Whether in Africa, Europe, or America, pagan lords have one thing in common--they are self-serving. It's always about them. Not surprising then, their world revolves around the cult of personalities. They may attend church, they could even be "ministers" of the Gospel. It is about perception. They basically perceive the world, church attendance and activities not withstanding, as existing for those who can grab the most of whatever there is they are looking for.

Whether somebody is giving False Witness against the innocent somewhere in West Africa in order to get a free ticket to Canada or to the United States, or some in authority in the United States siding up with untruth for partisan interest, or whether it is the president of Equatorial Guinea and his sons siphoning the resources of their impoverished nation to benefit only members of their own family, it is all done in the same spirit--the spirit of the pagan lord! They are everywhere on earth.


"O LORD our God, other lords besides you have ruled over us, but your name alone do we honor."-- Isaiah 26:13 (NIV)                                                                                                                
"O LORD our God, others have ruled us, but you alone are the one we worship."--Isaiah 26:13 (NLT)                       

Pagan lords can be found in every city, every town, every country. And there will always be those who rule over you as people who inhabit the earth space, but how many have become your gods because of what you get from them?  Do you pay respect to human beings or do you worship them for the size of their bank accounts? So what do you witness to the pagan lords when you're in their midst? That it is okay to steal and defraud others with the left hand and do "charitable work" with the right?  
It is time to be wise by the Word of God. Nothing can save from the calamity that is ahead. Only God's truth can.                                                                                                                                                  

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Pagan Lords

Pagan Lords exist everywhere on earth where you have people. They see the world only one way--in opposition to God's Truth! Incidentally, they also exist in countries where the pagan lords themselves think they are a Christian nation. Since there are no Christian nations on earth, only countries where Christians live, do not listen to what such people say, look at the things they do. Because speeches and utterances can be deceptive, they can say one thing and do another, pay particular attention to the things they do.

It is easy to directly point a finger to pagan lords from Africa. Equatorial Guinea has been in the news lately where the president and his family are in charge of government, and who have looted the treasury of their nation to their own benefit while the masses of the people remain in abject poverty. Is there a parallel here with the government of the United States? But even more so are the policies formulated by government. How do they affect everybody in general, and how do they affect the minorities and the voiceless of society in specific terms? Is there an attempt to disenfranchise some groups? Are some seen as takers and not makers? And what informs such a view? Who are those who feel entitled to the nations wealth and resources while advocating crumbs for others? This is a situation of pagan lords in charge. They may be coming down with oppressive policies, some disguised, some in plain sight. But it won't be long for all their efforts to come to nothing. It is by word of God and will not be taken back, the American pagan lords who are in charge of government now will all disappear from sight. God has sworn it by His name, and will clear them all out!

"There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore I command you to be openhanded toward your fellow Israelites ( human beings) who are poor and needy in your land"--Deuteronomy 15:11.

Pagan Lords always think they are in charge until God shows up. The truth is God was always there--He didn't go anywhere. The pagan lords just didn't realize it. God is about to show up on the American political stage and nothing will remain the same!

When The Wicked Are Destroyed...

The Righteous Should Mourn

Seeing that we are all God's creation, one is just the same as the other before Him. He rejoices and wants to rejoice over all of us--His creation. But we must be pleasing to God by the way we live--in the things we say and do, in our activities and actions. However, life does not happen that way. Some have been able to live a life of faith and obedience and others do not. And so God determines to execute His Word concerning the punishment of evil and wickedness while rewarding righteousness and obedience. Although there are many things in-between, nothing stops God from remaining true to His Word to punish and to reward.

God says in His Word that He's not interested in the death of the sinner, but that they should change their ways to start to act and live like His own children would (Ezekiel 18:32; 33:11). The reason the righteous will mourn when they see fellow human beings facing God's judgment is that one or some of us--fellow creation of God--just met a terrible fate. It shows something is fundamentally wrong with our world because God created man with a grand purpose in mind, and which does not include becoming an agent of the devil and devilish acts and behavior.

 In the constant feuds and sometimes very strong opposition that happens among individuals and groups, when one side is struck by any form of tragedy, the other side rejoices. But not so with the righteous. For the one who understands the true nature of God regarding how He views human beings, when the wicked are destroyed for even things they have done wrong, the God-loving and God-fearing should mourn rather than find it a cause to rejoice. The reason for this is that God Himself does not rejoice at the destruction of the wicked, He would rather they change their ways so that they can become useful instruments for the causes and purposes of God. The other side of the coin is to stand in opposition to God's truth, working and moving against God's plan and purposes.

The faithful understand that we live by grace through faith (Ephesians 2:8 ) and those who have not been able to find this way of life are in constant danger of moving and acting against God, thereby putting themselves in direct opposition against God's will and truth. This does not call for rejoicing but for mourning, because without fail, the opposition will be destroyed.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sitting Upon Blood And Sin

 The White House Is Once Again Sitting Upon Blood and Sin.

And God will topple it!

In Matthew chapter 13 Jesus told parables to those who gathered to hear him. Starting verse 24, He said,

"The Kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field. But while everyone was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds  among the wheat, and went away.
When the wheat sprouted and formed heads, then the weeds also appeared.
The owner's servants came to him and said,
'Sir, didn't you sow good seed in your field? Where did the weeds come from?'
 'An enemy did this' ", he replied (verses 24-28).

 And although the master said to leave the weeds in place and pull them out for destruction at the time of harvest, He who has the power to destroy the weed at the time of harvest also has the power to destroy them now. Either way, the consequences of evil will come sooner or later, but sometimes sooner than anyone expects.

The most important question to ask is, are your works evil or for the good cause? The enemy in this parable, having gone by night--that is stealthily, to do his evil work also went back to his own home pretending nothing had happened. But, "By their fruit you will know them" (Matthew 7:15). Very soon it was obvious what he had engaged his God-given time doing behind the scenes--Evil!

You may be able to shield your evil works from view, and will be able to design elaborate schemes to deceive and to cover them up, but it won't be for long. Your house may be as white as snow as visible to everyone else, but what's going on inside is as dark as sin. Your house is a house of sin and blood.
God will topple it!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The World Resists Trump

In an unprecedented move on January 21, 2017, the Women's March which was organized in the United States to resist President Trump turned into a global phenomenon. People marched and protested Trump in all continents of the world. Is the world united against what most people see as the excesses of one man, or is one man united against the world?

Here are some shots from the world-wide protest march. These images taken from a number of News media, by no means fully representative of what the participation was like, tell the story in a nut shell that the world is united in this resistance.


Is Everybody Crazy?

Is Everybody Crazy or Is Somebody Crazy?

On the sick bed: The United States is sick. Can it survive? It is under attack; can it stand?
But wait! Before the outsider has shot the first arrow, the insider is shooting arrows at his own, undermining the very foundation upon which he stands.

Which is it? Is everybody crazy or is somebody crazy?
A mad man--an insane person once scribbled on a wall on his father's property: Everybody is Crazy! It turned out that after the insane man beat up his mother and siblings and sent them packing from the house which he now owned, the assistance of law enforcement was needed to get him to a mental institution. Insisting on the way that everybody was crazy, he cursed, raged, and shouted obscenities as he was being driven to the treatment center. 


The insane man was hearing voices and part of what he heard was that "everybody is crazy." Unable to separate his thought from this delusion, he carried on for quite a while with this thought before others began to notice that he was crazy. He needed help and it took a severe beating of everyone in his house to realize that this wasn't just a "smart" person as they'd thought, they were dealing with a case of mental sickness.


You will need help to get your sick person whole. Just like the United States is on the sick bed and needs to be made whole. But can she be made whole by the ravings and delusions of a mad man? Not by any stretch of the imagination! Yet somebody has to be able to say to the sick person, "you are sick and need help." To stop any action to call for help for fear of reprisal is to agree to live with the situation without complaining. You are facing a dire situation, you voice what you see or remain silent and bear the brunt of the actions of a mad man.
Either you are all crazy or somebody in your midst is crazy. You have a choice! And before you forget, nobody is too big to get treatment for any serious situation.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Is Here!