Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Can The KKK Help Donald Trump?

Underrating Democracy?

Can the KKK and allied groups help Donald Trump achieve his aims? Perhaps the question to ask here is, Is Donald Trump underrating the power of American Democracy? It seems to be the case that he is. 

But can the KKK and allied groups be of help to Trump? He would want to think that they can. The reason he will not criticize them is the same reason he will not criticize Vladimir Putin. He is beholden to them for his occupation of the White House.


Donald Trump is hoping that in the day of trouble, and he's surrounded by it, that groups like the KKK and people like Vladimir Putin will come to his aid. Can they? The fact that it is hoped does not mean it will happen. Nobody can bail out Trump from his troubles. He will sink under them.
Brute force, the type that was displayed in Charlottesville on Saturday and the type Vladimir Putin employs in Russia is what Trump is attracted to. The only problem is that Trump lives in the United States. When Trump's problems become more complicated and insurmountable, he will realize that none of these groups can help him. But Donald Trump is so deluded he thinks he can overthrow the institutions of American Democracy. At the end of the day, he will be the great loser.


Trump will realize soon enough that the people he's placing his trust in cannot help him. He has more than enough to drown him, no one can help him. Trump needed the help of both internal and external groups to get to the White House, he will not need their help on his way out.

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