Friday, November 17, 2017

Trump Is Ready To Leave

Donald Trump is ready to leave the presidency. His bravado and loud talk notwithstanding, he knows that he cannot overcome his Russian ties problems. It is a wonder that the Republican Party has largely seemed to ignore such a security breach as the interference of a foreign power in the United States presidential election. The Trump White House is gradually running out of excuses to call the Russian probe a hoax. Trump's problems are just beginning. At the end of the day, this is a case about treason--aligning with an adversarial foreign nation to work against yours, for perceived personal gains or to promote one's personal enterprise.

Is The United States At Risk?

If the alignment with a foreign power while denouncing fellow citizens, and while working in the interests of the foreign nation poses a security risk, then responsible citizens of the United States have a big job to do. The mess created by the Trump Russian intrusion into the political arena of the United States is far more extensive than can easily be seen. However, the American Democracy still works and every detail about that work of collaboration will be turned up.

Out In The Open

Trump is at his wit's end already about the investigation. Unfortunately, he cannot overcome the effects of the massive deception and campaign of falsehood which brought him to power. It will all be out in the open. Neither Trump nor Putin will prevail. Both men have caught nothing, and their efforts would have been in vain. In the end, Trump will himself look more foolish than the Putin who used and manipulated him all the way. Manipulation as used here is not one-sided, Trump aimed to use Putin to come to power, a power he cannot sustain.

Trump Is Ready To Leave!

Trump's presidency is unsustainable. It is over because it was obtained by fraud. He was not God's candidate before the election, he is not God's candidate now!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Who Should Resign?

Should Mueller?

People who seek Truth and Justice do not resign. Only criminals who seek to take advantage of unsuspecting people resign. Mueller will not resign, he's doing a great job. Those who are content to live in a puppet state will urge Mueller to resign. They are not concerned with what is good for the country. Their only concern is for their own selfish interests. A stand such people and organisations will come to regret. It doesn't matter to them if the security of the United States has been breached by Russian agents in the White House, so long as it is their own person occupying the Oval Office, thereby showing themselves to be tribal lords. Unfortunately, the effects of the Russian saga will become a bitter pill for all Americans of every size. And for those in position to inform the public of what is true, taking a stand with Trump for Russia will become like a suicide note, for the story is not ending yet. Did anyone say to hurry up the investigation. What will be the reason?
If someone came into your house and made away with your wife, children, and goods, will  you ask that the investigation be concluded swiftly or until the culprits be found and brought to justice?

A Puppet Nation?

While you sit in your luxury New York and Washington DC news organisation offices, you are actually right now like naked men in the streets, because a foreign nation has the secrets of the United States. If you are not incensed by this, by the work of a greedy clique, then you are about to show your nakedness to the world. Yes, the United States secrets will be spewed before the world. That which you take time to hide inside your pants and skirts and step outside your home looking elegant is about to become public property. Why? The United States is now a puppet nation! There can only be so many people in on any secret.

Who Should Resign?

The entire Trump team starting with Donald Trump should resign. They have betrayed the trust of the American citizenry. Not one of them is telling the truth. They have formed a government of liars and God is about to topple it. Yes, God is about to topple the Trump administration.
Mike Pence should resign, Jeff Sessions should resign. Bravado will not solve the Russian involvement with either the Trump campaign or his presidency. Truth will, facts will. No one, that means, no one, not Trump, not Putin can stop what is coming, nor will they have a remedy. What is on stage now will completely overwhelm the forces of darkness and evil represented by Trump and Vladimir Putin. They are bound together in evil, they will be bound together in shame and defeat!

Trump Is Trying So Hard

Donald Trump, the president of the United States is trying so hard to convince himself that he is a very intelligent person. Certainly, it is not about anybody else that he's repeatedly saying he's a very intelligent person. Is it because he suspects that his utterances and conduct do not show him to be very intelligent?

Is Donald Trump Very Intelligent?
To be quite honest, Donald Trump is as intelligent as many people seen on the streets of the United States everyday. But if by intelligence he means the ability to deceive, to lie about everything, and to cover cover-up truths, he's probably right. He just may be the greatest conman that ever lived. However, people are not looking for a neighbor who lies about everything, and who will steal from people and who take advantage of the least of people. Is that the kind of intelligence he's bragging about? The type that allows you to engage with foreign agents, and cheat to win an election? His own assessment of that king of behavior is called being very intelligent. Other people will tell you that is a criminally minded person.

Real Intelligence?

"The measure of intelligence is the ability to change." "It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer."--Albert Einstein, one of the greatest men of the brain of all time.  

These are two qualities which Donald Trump does not possess.The president of the greatest nation on earth sits on the couch, watches television all day and tweets, mostly at his perceived enemies.
Where can we find real intelligence? It is found with fathers, mothers, bank clerks, teachers, nurses, and people from all walks of life, not to even mention people like Albert Einstein who are scientists and all others working in their various fields today and over the ages, to improve life on earth. Donald Trump has worked consistently over the course of seventy years to improve and reprove only his own life.

The American  News Media

To look for real intelligence, the American News Media , minus Fake News and their allies, will be the best place to easily see what real intelligence looks like. Just one example. They are the ones who are able to tell what other people are doing behind closed doors. Any wonder that Donald Trump hates them with a venom. They have been able to tell people in the United States and in the world, many of the clandestine activities between Donald Trump and his Russian agents. People who were not present in a meeting but who knew what happened there. Now, that is real intelligence.
Donald Trump is actually  mediocre, who was helped greatly by white privilege, unfortunately.

Governed By Lying Men

The United States

The United States is governed by lying men. Whether it's Donald Trump, his vice-president or the Attorney General, they are all lying to the American people and to the world.They are using their offices to deny obvious truths and to present their "alternative facts". They are using power corruptly. But it won't last long.

The problem for them is that this is no longer, them versus the people they are deceiving or aim to deceive, this is them versus God. They are using the office as a public trust for theirs and of course Trump's personal enterprise. And God says, it will not last long.

"He traps the wise in their own cleverness so their  cunning schemes are thwarted." --Job 5:13.

This will be a classic case of God trapping the wise in their own schemes. With their Russian stories changing everyday, and with more facts coming out everyday, if there's any among them who still believe that their glib talk and obviously crooked attempts at misleading the people are believable, they really live in the world of alternative facts. The only problem is that alternative facts are an abomination to God.

The Sessions Circus
While Jeff Sessions was boldly stating that he has always spoken the truth about contacts with Russians, he was still lying. He, as well as the supporters of Trump are hoping seriously that their lies will be repeated long enough for people to believe them, but God says they are lies and will be treated as such--Lies!

Are People Praying?
The poor, the marginalized, the down-trodden in the United States, and of course true Christians and people of good will, and also some wealthy people and those given to prayer have agonized day and night over an evil administration that is only in power to grab, while insulting everyone else who does not support such evil. How long will it last? NOT LONG!

God has answered the prayers of the righteous and of people of good will all over the world, to stop the evil administration of Trump. It will not last!