Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Trump Is Trying So Hard

Donald Trump, the president of the United States is trying so hard to convince himself that he is a very intelligent person. Certainly, it is not about anybody else that he's repeatedly saying he's a very intelligent person. Is it because he suspects that his utterances and conduct do not show him to be very intelligent?

Is Donald Trump Very Intelligent?
To be quite honest, Donald Trump is as intelligent as many people seen on the streets of the United States everyday. But if by intelligence he means the ability to deceive, to lie about everything, and to cover cover-up truths, he's probably right. He just may be the greatest conman that ever lived. However, people are not looking for a neighbor who lies about everything, and who will steal from people and who take advantage of the least of people. Is that the kind of intelligence he's bragging about? The type that allows you to engage with foreign agents, and cheat to win an election? His own assessment of that king of behavior is called being very intelligent. Other people will tell you that is a criminally minded person.

Real Intelligence?

"The measure of intelligence is the ability to change." "It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer."--Albert Einstein, one of the greatest men of the brain of all time.  

These are two qualities which Donald Trump does not possess.The president of the greatest nation on earth sits on the couch, watches television all day and tweets, mostly at his perceived enemies.
Where can we find real intelligence? It is found with fathers, mothers, bank clerks, teachers, nurses, and people from all walks of life, not to even mention people like Albert Einstein who are scientists and all others working in their various fields today and over the ages, to improve life on earth. Donald Trump has worked consistently over the course of seventy years to improve and reprove only his own life.

The American  News Media

To look for real intelligence, the American News Media , minus Fake News and their allies, will be the best place to easily see what real intelligence looks like. Just one example. They are the ones who are able to tell what other people are doing behind closed doors. Any wonder that Donald Trump hates them with a venom. They have been able to tell people in the United States and in the world, many of the clandestine activities between Donald Trump and his Russian agents. People who were not present in a meeting but who knew what happened there. Now, that is real intelligence.
Donald Trump is actually  mediocre, who was helped greatly by white privilege, unfortunately.

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