Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Who Should Resign?

Should Mueller?

People who seek Truth and Justice do not resign. Only criminals who seek to take advantage of unsuspecting people resign. Mueller will not resign, he's doing a great job. Those who are content to live in a puppet state will urge Mueller to resign. They are not concerned with what is good for the country. Their only concern is for their own selfish interests. A stand such people and organisations will come to regret. It doesn't matter to them if the security of the United States has been breached by Russian agents in the White House, so long as it is their own person occupying the Oval Office, thereby showing themselves to be tribal lords. Unfortunately, the effects of the Russian saga will become a bitter pill for all Americans of every size. And for those in position to inform the public of what is true, taking a stand with Trump for Russia will become like a suicide note, for the story is not ending yet. Did anyone say to hurry up the investigation. What will be the reason?
If someone came into your house and made away with your wife, children, and goods, will  you ask that the investigation be concluded swiftly or until the culprits be found and brought to justice?

A Puppet Nation?

While you sit in your luxury New York and Washington DC news organisation offices, you are actually right now like naked men in the streets, because a foreign nation has the secrets of the United States. If you are not incensed by this, by the work of a greedy clique, then you are about to show your nakedness to the world. Yes, the United States secrets will be spewed before the world. That which you take time to hide inside your pants and skirts and step outside your home looking elegant is about to become public property. Why? The United States is now a puppet nation! There can only be so many people in on any secret.

Who Should Resign?

The entire Trump team starting with Donald Trump should resign. They have betrayed the trust of the American citizenry. Not one of them is telling the truth. They have formed a government of liars and God is about to topple it. Yes, God is about to topple the Trump administration.
Mike Pence should resign, Jeff Sessions should resign. Bravado will not solve the Russian involvement with either the Trump campaign or his presidency. Truth will, facts will. No one, that means, no one, not Trump, not Putin can stop what is coming, nor will they have a remedy. What is on stage now will completely overwhelm the forces of darkness and evil represented by Trump and Vladimir Putin. They are bound together in evil, they will be bound together in shame and defeat!

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