Friday, December 8, 2017

Trump Is An Installation Of Putin

There is no Trump presidency without Vladimir Putin and his Russian agents. The fears expressed by American citizens during the 2016 presidential campaign are more real than anyone can imagine. The fact that Putin had the game in his hands,  while Trump was bowing to him and worshiping him with every utterance, action, and attempted action are not mere coincidences.

Not only does Donald Trump owe other things to the Russian president, but his very presence in the Oval Office is deeply owed to Vladimir Putin. The one thing that cannot be over-looked is how this affects the American democracy. Trump cares nothing for the American democracy, after all, his number one choice of somebody to ally himself with is the leader of an autocratic government--Vladimir Putin--at least, as far as the American Democracy gives him room to do.

Words That Match
What words can be used adequately to describe the situation the United States suddenly finds itself in? Hillary Clinton may have her own problems, but during one of the presidential debates in 2016, she said that Vladimir Putin would prefer to have Trump as president because he would be a puppet of Russia. Right! Donald Trump is a puppet of Putin. This unfortunately has the implication of the United States as a puppet state. So far, the only saving grace is that the American Democracy still works.
However, Republicans are trying very hard to cover up for their leader, and this will come with a heavy price. Right now, they want to believe they are invincible, "We can do whatever we want because we control the government." This is a very dangerous move and will fail colossally. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is looking for every way to deliver the goods to Putin who placed him in the White House.

God has spoken it and will not go back on His word, the Trump White House is already in pieces and will be completely dismantled, because the prize was obtained by fraud. He is an installation of Putin!

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