Thursday, December 7, 2017

Why Jeff Sessions Refused To Resign

Trump Is Sessions Best Hope

Despite the insults and humiliation visited on the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, by Donald Trump, he would not resign. This may seem to the ordinary person, resilience, and just wanting to do the job, even though Trump himself has openly expressed the desire to see Sessions leave. 
This is not about resilience, patience , or love of country. Sessions has refused to resign, although his complicity in the Russian meddling in the 2016 election and the lies are sufficient ground for him to resign, yet he will not do it, because he sees this as the opportunity of a lifetime. He doesn't know whether there will be any other president in his lifetime who can be so openly racist like Donald Trump. Even then, Sessions won't be around for ever. So, Jeff Sessions sees the Trump administration as his best hope of enforcing his white supremacy agenda.

Enforcing The White Supremacy Agenda
Unlike many presidents in recent U.S. history, Donald Trump is openly racist, daring any opposition to his white supremacist and KKK stand. This is very much in line with the Jeff Sessions stand. They are in this together. Jeff Sessions is ready to take the worst insults and humiliation from Trump, if only that ensures that he can enforce the extremist white views of people like them. So, he will continue to remain, as far as he is concerned, with Trump and the Trump administration.

Can The Hope Be Achieved?
With Sessions, Donald Trump, and many in the Republican Party, that should be an easy ride, except they are not in it alone. GOD IS IN ON THIS! And the white supremacist agenda is already defeated.God, Owner of all life, and who loves all people says, Their hope is already cut off, it will not prosper. So, many will go to their graves seeing the end of the white supremacist agenda. It is about to be made obvious that all lives matter to God, and that no segment of the human race is better or superior to another.

Living The Delusion
Trump, Sessions, the KKK, the white supremacists and their allies are living the delusion. Their agenda is finished and over. The United States, should and will cater to all groups, irrespective of ethnicity, race and skin color. "Whites Only" is forbidden by the truth of God's word, and will become the obstacle by which many will fall.

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