Thursday, March 15, 2018

A Departure From The Senate?

Is the South Carolina Senator Sick?

One of the most lasting lessons the events of the past one year will teach all is that there is no substitute for truth. And God is ready to feed us all a meal of truth, no matter who stands or falls by it. And irrespective of whether the individuals or nations involved have nuclear armament or not. 
 God has determined that only Truth will move the world forward no matter the plans of men. TRUTH--JUST TRUTH--WILL MOVE THE WORLD FORWARD!

Why Is This Relevant to the Subject Matter?
Often, when people die, in particular people in positions of power, all of a sudden they become "very good" people. The grave side speeches are filled with accolades both deserved and undeserved. There seems to be an unwritten rule that when a person dies, we must speak well of them, at least in public utterances, as if not to offend the dead. Well, that culture is about to change. Anybody, whether in their casket or on their dying bed will be described just the way they are, or used to be--telling only the truth about the life they have lived--taking the good with the ugly.

So Here Is The Question
If the South Carolina Senator were to leave this world today, what would he like to be remembered for? For truths, half  truths, truth when it is convenient, or hardly any truth at all? Truth is, the time has come and the time is now when people who serve in high government offices, even in the private sector, will have their caskets cut out for them of the material they were best known for--integrity, honor, empathy, goodwill, lies, falsehood, fraud, deception, immorality etc. No need to tell other people how you want to be buried or how many eulogies you want at your graveside, God will be available to help bring a eulogy fitting the type of life you have lived. About that there's no question.

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