Thursday, March 8, 2018

Threatening The World With Nukes? --Irresponsible!

Exactly one week ago today, the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, displayed his "Invisible" nuclear weapons to the world in what was hardly a veiled threat. The truth is Vladimir Putin knows very well the United States is not going to attack Russia. Even if his move is only just to warn the United States, it is still irresponsible to parade his weapons of mass destruction before a world that is trying to forge peace.

One would have thought that in a "civilized" world of the 21st century, the type the west would like to boast about, that those who lead their nations would understand the principles of respect and civility and actually apply such in dealing with others, be it their own people or other nations.

The Days of the Pagan Empires Are Over
During the days of the pagan empires, one man who thought he had a big chest could get up and challenge anybody to a fight unprovoked, because it was all about raw strength. Today, it is about "My nukes can reach the United States" or "I have the biggest and fattest nuclear button". Is the world being ruled by insecure men, and how long will they remain?

The world we live in is not the property of any party. Whether you believe it or not, it belongs to God  and His WILL will prevail. To threaten your neighbors with destruction is pagan and the leaders on the world stage today who are daily threatening the peace so that they can be seen as tough need a copy of the Bible. I will gladly supply each of them a copy.

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