Monday, September 24, 2018

The Heavenly Spaces Are Dark


The heavenly spaces are dark because God Is Mourning. But He is about to do something. A betrayal is the last thing on earth a Christian person will do, if ever, because it is capable of producing violence. Things are about to start happening and they will be ugly.

God is long-suffering but He is a God of judgment, and no one wants to see that in action.

If it appears that you have become like Teflon as people say, and you see yourself as the indestructible hero, you may want to reconsider, because that is a work of fiction. In the meantime, the Word of God exists to bring Salvation to all.

Joshua 7:1-26

God Is Mourning

God is mourning the betrayal of a kinsman by a kinsman and the betrayal of a country by its officials. There is a betrayal of a kinswoman by a kinswoman, just as there is a betrayal of a people by its "Leaders."
Things are about to start happening. The heavenly spaces are dark because God is in sorrow--what "leader" betrays his people? And what kinswoman betrays a kinswoman?

MONUMENT OF PRAISE was first published on July 16, 2018, in reaction to the Trump Helsinki sellout. Since that incident, God has not relented in speaking about it and what should follow. More than Donald Trump would ever know, God desires loyalty--loyalty to God and loyalty to a righteous course, not to corrupt men. No one of those involved in this betrayal will go free, they will all be brought to justice. And God's justice is different from men's, it can involve anything.

Courage For This Hour--M Waters

Patriotism And Courage: Maxine Waters

Of two groups who look at the standing of the United States now in the world, there are the patriots, and then there are those who are given to blind devotion and slavish followership. Only one of these two sides is right. God is about to decide that. It will come with vindication for those who have stood up for their nation, and one of those people is Maxine Waters--Congresswoman from California.

At the appropriate time, the courage and patriotism of this great American woman will be celebrated. When the horde has been dismantled and it is coming, and normalcy returns to the stage, what Maxine Waters represents and the things she stands for as a government agent and a genuine citizen, will begin to show as truly as they stand today. That day is a long way off, but will come. It is always easier to join the crowd in what they think than to stand up for truth, and this is the major difference between sycophants and those who stand up for truth. Those who stand for truth and seek justice will prevail. From now on, the world is theirs to move along.

God is set to dismantle the false establishments and the lying engines of the rich and powerful. God is not against wealth, but wealth gotten by corrupt and evil means and which is used for the oppression of the least in society, will be dismantled. Every nation on earth and indeed every community, no matter where it exists, needs people like Congresswoman Maxine Waters, for transparency and stability.

Courage For This Hour--John Brennan

Patriotism And Courage

The stand of the former CIA Director, John Brennan, against what he sees to be treasonous behavior from the president of the United States cannot be taken lightly. It might seem at this time like a light matter, on the contrary, it is a matter for great concern. So grave, the life of a whole nation and its unsuspecting citizens may depend on it. But even of more significance is the fact that he is willing to risk everything in order to defend his country.

It takes a patriot and one who is bold enough to sound a serious warning when it is needed. And this will be the difference when the storm has come and gone, between a patriot and those who are just going along with the wind. And this again will be the difference between a man who is trying to warn people about the activities of a president who appears to be working against the interest of his own country, to the advantage of a foreign power, and those who are afraid of reprisals.

It is coming fast! John Brennan and those like him who believe in the democratic processes and institutions of the United States, and who believe that as a sovereign nation, its position on anything should not be violated by a foreign nation, it is difficult to look on as the United States has appeared to be repeatedly violated by its highest official. Vindication is in for the truth tellers and justice seekers--it will surely come!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Courage For This Hour

 Truth Tellers And...

When all you see and hear are lies and those who speak on behalf of lies, you wonder, where did decent people go? Lying to cover up a wrongdoing or even a crime is an easy thing to do, you just lie. But the bold and courageous speak truth no matter who is involved, in particular, if the cover up is capable of hurting people and even a nation.

Those who believe and rightly so, that Truth And Justice are fundamental principles upon which any nation, albeit a so-called civilized nation should conduct its affairs, are on the right side of history. But those who believe that they can lie their way through every matter are in for a rude awakening. It will come like a flood and will spare no one, not the master of it all, not the subordinates. It is an abomination for lies to be flowing ceaselessly from the highest office in the land. And those who are spinning the lies have God to contend with--they will be answered.

Truth tellers and justice seekers will be vindicated, there are no two ways about it. It is the will of God, and so shall it be!


Corrupt Pastors Who Back Corrupt Politicians

God is calling! You are operating from an altar of lies and God sees you. It will not go unanswered. You are receiving applause right now for your twisted words of wisdom on behalf of corrupt politicians--God sees you, and it will not go unanswered.

You are operating from your altar of lies. God sees you and it will not go unanswered. You are making some quick money by lending your voice to crime and corruption.  It is not well. The money you have made from your corrupt politicians has created a deep hole in your pocket and in your finances, because you have received unworthily and have eaten unworthily.

The United States has become a den of thieves and liars, from the highest seat of its government to the supporters of its crime and evil. How long ago was it that many in Congress swore their lives to honor, truth, and the rule of law. Where did all that go? They are being held hostage, it seems. Where are the "men" who stood up against another president not too long ago for wearing a light-colored suit? They are all now slumbering on a roulette table it seems. They dare not open their eyes so that they do not see the truth. They all have pastors who "pray" for them. Tell your pastors that their prayers have become sin in the sight of God! The answers are coming!