Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Corrupt Pastors Who Back Corrupt Politicians

God is calling! You are operating from an altar of lies and God sees you. It will not go unanswered. You are receiving applause right now for your twisted words of wisdom on behalf of corrupt politicians--God sees you, and it will not go unanswered.

You are operating from your altar of lies. God sees you and it will not go unanswered. You are making some quick money by lending your voice to crime and corruption.  It is not well. The money you have made from your corrupt politicians has created a deep hole in your pocket and in your finances, because you have received unworthily and have eaten unworthily.

The United States has become a den of thieves and liars, from the highest seat of its government to the supporters of its crime and evil. How long ago was it that many in Congress swore their lives to honor, truth, and the rule of law. Where did all that go? They are being held hostage, it seems. Where are the "men" who stood up against another president not too long ago for wearing a light-colored suit? They are all now slumbering on a roulette table it seems. They dare not open their eyes so that they do not see the truth. They all have pastors who "pray" for them. Tell your pastors that their prayers have become sin in the sight of God! The answers are coming!

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