Monday, December 24, 2018

Once Again...

                    MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Friday, December 21, 2018

Once Upon a Time...

In God's World

Take a Note with you

A Note to take with you to learn the meaning of "Once upon a time" in God's own words. Are some things beginning to be relegated to the background -- things which were held so highly it seemed as though the life of every person depended on them? The same things which do not mean much any more, but which some are still holding tightly to.   

One of the ways to measure the progress of a people or society is to look at the things they are holding tightly to--ideas of yesteryear, with narrow definitions and ideologies of life and what life is about, or a more robust outlook that caters to all groups. Very soon, some things will not fit, and will have to fall aside. It will then become a story of "once upon a time." Are we there yet? It is staring us in the face.

Take a Note with You...

Set It Down!
Take a Note with You

Whatever you speak publicly, it better be accurate, you are not alone. Take a note with you! What note? A reminder that the things you say, speak, and make known publicly constitute a record. Sooner or later, they will be called to account, and indeed, the accompanying actions. But don't worry, God's Word is available to guide and to instruct all human action and behavior if you let that happen.

Have you become a god? You will have a problem--the type that only God can resolve. But here is God's Word--His truth, use it.
Set it down, say it, speak it, and make it known, only by God's Name.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Government By Magicians

The More You Look, the Less You See

But not so, God. He sees everything done even in the darkest of secret places. God went ahead of  Trump to Helsinki. He heard all the discussions. He listened in on the duo as they made their secret arrangements. God was aware of the true motive for the summit--if it was in the private interest of those conducting the meeting, or whether the interest of the United States was really in consideration.

God knows whether "It was America First" or whether "America First" is just a jingle. Before the first summit was over, a second one was announced. Was that really from the mouth of Trump, whose abysmal failure to stand up for his own nation in Helsinki shocked the world, or was that an arrangement by the grand master? God knows every detail and so will the whole world.

Clandestine Activities?
Can anyone explain what Rand Paul rushed to Moscow to do? And what message of salvation did he bring back to the American people? Where is the letter he delivered from Mr. Putin to Trump? Mike Pompeo, John Bolton and Rand Paul have explaining to do to the American people, sooner or later. Is Mr. Trump having help in subverting the interests of the United States? And upon whose idea is the United States policy on the North Korean nuclear problem based? Were they really going to send Pompeo to North Korea again, this time to beg Kim Jong-un to do what, or is North Korea becoming a rendezvous? And what is the United States policy regarding North Korea? It looks like anyone can call it "One Summit and All Problems Solved." But if you have another name for it, tell it. Meanwhile, God is watching! 

Myanmar --A Seed of Destruction?

The "God" of Buddhism?

If there's a spiritual leader in Myanmar who preaches the "God" of Buddhism and whose love does not extend to other people, that spiritual leader needs the real God--the Lord God of All Creation--Owner of heaven and earth and all they hold, including of course, all humans, being the most treasured creation of God.

Will the prophet in Myanmar please tell its people what next, because Myanmar has just sown a seed of destruction. And like a seed sown, it takes time to germinate and to grow. It also takes time for those who were not there when the seed was sown to begin to see the results, but what is sown is not lost. At the appropriate time, the fruit will become obvious to all.

Like A Seed Sown
The action of the Myanmar military and the attempted annihilation of the Rohingyas is a deadly cause and will have repercussions. Unknown at this point, the antennae of several other groups were raised around the world on seeing the images coming out of Myanmar in the later part of 2017. And the antennae of such groups are still up and will produce very deadly results. Will Myanmar then cease to exist? To say that members of a particular religion "are like snakes" which must be gotten rid of cannot help any situation. It will lead to terrible consequences.

Certainly, both the Myanmar Buddhists and the Myanmar Rohingya Muslims deserve a place under the heavens, and let no one deny the place of another.

O God, the Rohingyas!

Over a year ago, the world watched as the Rohingyas fled Myanmar to try to seek safety elsewhere. Largely seen by the Myanmar military leaders and the majority Buddhist populations as a people who are not fit to live, they were massacred even as they fled. Horrific images of such brutality have since then been shown to the whole world. Girls and women were raped, at least by their own accounts, babies, children, and adults were murdered in mass in what is now regarded as a genocide...

God is mourning the death of the Rohingya Muslims who were savagely murdered, and who appeared to have done no wrong except they dared to look different from the ruling class and those who think themselves to be superior human beings. This heinous crime before God and man is the beginning of the end of Myanmar. By the attempted extermination of a whole group of people, Myanmar has just written the most important chapter in the book of how to end Myanmar as a country.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Khashoggi's Blood Cries To God!

The blood of Khashoggi cries for justice and God hears him! All life belongs to God. The faith a person practices does not change that. God knew Khashoggi from birth to death and knows every detail of what happened in his final moments on earth.

If "It's a mean, nasty world out there," Mike Pompeo, the U.S. Secretary of State as well as the Trump White House, are failing to do their part in making the world less nasty and mean. Rather, "mean and nasty" are being used by Pompeo to defend one of the worst and evil crimes a human being can commit. Would he accept his own explanation if what happened to Khashoggi happened to a member of his family?

It will not be long before we start to see God move directly in matters affecting the hundreds of millions of people who do not operate from the corridors of power. It is obvious that many in positions of power are there to serve their own private needs, to the neglect of the voiceless and powerless. God is ready to act! Khashoggi will have justice!

If Khashoggi Were Your Son!

Would Any Explanation Have Been Good Enough?

If Jamal Khashoggi were your son, would any explanation for his murder and dismemberment be good enough for you? For the defenders of this heinous crime before God and man, the world is watching, and God is watching. For those who are defending this evil, explicitly or implicitly, would you want this to be the fate of your own child?

For the defenders of this abomination, what would it take for the  God element in you to rise up and say no! If you are given to equivocation on this matter because you want to deny the truth of what happened, how many billions of dollars would be acceptable to you to give up your son for the kind of treatment Jamal Khashoggi received in Turkey on October 2nd, 2018? God was present at the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul on October 2nd, 2018, when Jamal Khashoggi was killed and cut up like meat for food. Is that acceptable to any human being?

Are you going to church on Sunday, and is your family going with you? God laughs? "God laughs at the wicked, for He sees their day of judgment is coming!" --Psalm 37:13.