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It is that time of year again--the transition between the old and the new. But the new is here!


Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Monday, December 23, 2019

Preparing For Christmas?

While you are out doing your Christmas shopping, and checking and rechecking your Christmas invitation list to see who is coming and who is not, elected officials as well as private citizens, in conjunction with Bill Barr are scheming and plotting along with the president to hijack the institutions of the United States for their own political benefit. But their effort will be a disaster!
Watch and pray! This is the answer not only for personal problems but also for problems plaguing society. At this point in time, it is wholesale corruption, deception and treachery, the type that has no precedence in history.

The saints are still praying!   
..The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective --James 5:16.

"If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways,  then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land" -- 2 Chronicles 7:14.
"Pray without ceasing" --1 Thessalonians 5:17.

All Christians are called to prayer, not only some time, but always. Prayer is the language of success and victory.


Working For The US Or For Russia?

The world watched the Republican Senators and House members roll out this past week their clownish platform in defense of Donald Trump, by repeating after Putin what he had told Trump in private--"Russia did not interfere in the US 2016 presidential election, Ukraine did". Why is this narrative preferred by Trump even though he's aware like everybody else that Russia was in to help him? It was an attempt to sell the falsehood to the world, but it is not working. At least, they tried, Trump and his mentor, Putin.

But everyone else is wondering, except for the Republican supporters of the lie-- do these Senators and Congressmen and women have relatives and friends? Because they should have been able to inform them how they appear and sound on TV and on the airwaves--like clowns! But more importantly, they sound  like puppets of Russia and of Putin. They appear like people who have lost their way and they have. One could not help but ask, does Putin have some terrible information on every member of the Republican Party? This certainly is more than just wanting your president to win re-election, it is like a United States party of Russia. Does anyone know why the GOP is now a stooge of Vladimir Putin?  At the end of this story, the entire world will come to see why the stand of the Republican Party is a travesty of justice. By then, it will be too late for them.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

God Is Demanding Answers

From the Republican Party, God is demanding answers and answers He will get. Unlike the Trump administration that peddles in lies and falsehoods and unlike the Bill Barr's Justice Department that is working to subvert justice, when God demands answers He gets the real thing. The reason is simple, both the players and their responses, fact or fiction, are subject to His control.
This is one time then when lies will not do it, the truth will be out, to the discomfort of many because God is demanding it. Bill Barr has traveled all over the world "seeking information", to work for the United States or to work against her? Rudy Giuliani is also on the move to "seek information", to work for, or against the United States? This is a subversion of justice in plain sight. And for whatever reason these two men think Trump should win re-election at all costs, the truth will be revealed for what it is. That will not be the end of the story, it will be the beginning of their troubles who think that there is only one man, Trump, who is free to seek foreign intervention for his re-election. This is corruption at the highest level, it is absolute decay! God has rejected their works!

Friday, December 20, 2019

Leading The GOP Off The Cliff?

Leading the GOP in a manner that can be described as a journey-of-no-return, Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader actually thinks he is smart. A people will be governed by truth, not by a constant barrage of lies and falsehoods, which McConnell has bought into. What is even more reprehensible? The entire Republican Party has become talking heads for Putin and Russia. This is a move that they will regret.
Mitch McConnell's leadership has up-to-date been thought to be genius by his followers and by some outsiders to the party, even if that means leading by fraud. He's working in a frenzy to fill all kinds of courts with judges as if Trump is the last GOP president--maybe he is.
However, although they have worked so far, McConnell's moves and strategies are about to fail. He's about  to lead his party members off the edge and a big problem is about to arise. He will not be able to manage the storm--it will be devastating. It is time for leadership based on truth!

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Kamala Harris--More Power Out...

Kamala Harris--More Power Out than In?

Senator Harris may have ended her bid for the presidency, yet she just may be getting ready to wield the greatest influence over the tone and activities leading to the 2020 presidential election.
She along with Senator Tim Kaine, would have made the best Democratic presidential ticket for 2020 in terms of being favored. However, Kamala Harris even though will not be president but could become a very important voice in the 2020 presidential election and related actions and activities. 
Democrats would be wise to use her services in every way she is ready to make herself available. Defeat is not in her steps, but victory and success.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Absence Kaine/Harris Ticket


The Tim Kaine/Kamala Harris ticket is thought to be the best for the Democrat 2020 run. Since that ticket is absent, God is preparing another Democrat for the office. But is God interested in who occupies the Oval Office? Yes!
The reason is simple. He is concerned with the plight of the voiceless and the sidetracked. He is always concerned for the majority of the people who are governed by policies formulated with the interests of the ruling class at heart, and which may impact the majority negatively. Examples of that can be seen at the present time and will not last long.

 The 2020 Presidential Race

The 2020 presidential ticket for Democrats was supposed to look like the one mentioned above, but it doesn't look like it is going to happen. Therefore, somebody else is in line for that reason and who is already in the race. That individual appears to be quite favored. Compassion, integrity, and ability to reach to all without discrimination are and should be key factors in choosing leaders of any society. Policies based on these are bound to have positive effects on people, and we shall be hearing more of such qualities on the campaign trail.
On the Republican side, everything appears set because they seem to have one candidate, Donald Trump. But things are about to start happening and which cannot be held back.

Friday, October 18, 2019

A Timely Advice For Trump

Bill Barr Cannot Help You!                                

If there's anybody on earth who let you do whatever you want,  that person is your enemy. You are drawn to Mr. Barr for two reasons, maybe more. First, he is ready as you are, to stare-down everybody else into believing what he believes and to think what he thinks... FAILURE No.1! Second, he's all in with the white supremacy agenda, failure No.2! and a most devastating FAILURE!

The Lord God abolished white supremacy before you became "president." And it remains permanently abolished! There is nothing you or Bill Barr can do about it. That is God's stand! Even more important, there is a fight and there are two sides to it. Your attorney general is fighting your fight but God is fighting on behalf of Americans, because He has compassion on the millions of citizens who are everyday being treated like scum.

God wants to restore order to the United States from the man who would be king, but whose Republic is jealously guarded by patriots. You do not have to heed this advice because God is bent on saving you from you and more importantly saving the United States from you. You will not remain, neither will Bill Barr!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Bill Barr's Legacy Up-front

Barr's Legacy Stinks 

And the devastating effects to him of his actions today will follow him beyond the grave. So, "Everyone dies" is not an answer that will stop the consequences of the actions  of an "Attorney General" who is helping his boss run the government of the United States like a personal estate, where accountability is made to no one. How will he like his name to become an inky spot?

An Inky Spot! 
This is what Bill Barr's name will become, an inky spot. Because he has served a man instead of serving a nation. And because God, the LORD GOD OF ALL CREATION, is concerned with the multitude who have been cheated and are still being cheated by the administration of Trump and Barr, He has sworn by His name, the names of Barr and Trump in history will become inky spots after them. Their names will not be mentioned with honor or dignity and will be covered from history books because they constitute an abomination, even as they are now!

Friday, October 4, 2019

Bill Barr--A Reminder!

 Barr's Response

In his response to his critics in a CBS interview in May 2019, Bill Barr said, "Everyone dies..." intimating that he doesn't believe in eulogies and being sung as a hero after you die. Bill Barr completely missed the point. He apparently said that in defiance of the concern expressed by people that he was and is still aiding an openly corrupt and evil government. Interpreted, that means , "I believe in what I'm doing today" even if that means putting one man's interest and so his own, above the interest of the United States.

What Bill Barr Does Not Understand
Death as the final note to man's life on earth is not always the worst thing that can happen to anyone. After all, people in the Intelligence Community and in the military just to use two examples put their lives on the line everyday in service to their country. Yet they understand they could very well lose their lives. And should that happen, they die as patriots. But what example does Bill Barr want to leave behind? It is more complicated than he thinks. Find that out in Bill Barr's legacy.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

American Patriots

 Preserving The Homeland

Sometimes people have to read from history books to know patriots whose names have been recorded in history, usually for their roles and attempts aimed at preserving the homeland. Today, that may be far-fetched because patriots live everyday with the general population. And there's hardly any place else where they are more easily visible than in the Intelligence Community. This community includes people who put their lives on the line everyday to defend the homeland. These are some of the American patriots who have been under attack by Donald Trump, and the world should ask him why?

Andrew McCabe: Former Deputy Director of the FBI 
The hand of God is against all those who move with corrupt intent against Andrew McCabe

James Comey: Former FBI Director
James Comey could very well be the death of the Trump administration if he does not relent from the evil pursuit of Comey

John Brennan: Former Director of the CIA
He is on the side of truth and truth is on his side

James Clapper: Former Director of National Intelligence
Attacked by Trump for speaking out against selling the United States to Russia.

Another name: Representative Maxine Waters, the California congresswoman who has been constantly under attack by Trump.

There is more. God is in this fight and His Hand is lifted high up to come crashing down on the evil and corrupt government of Donald Trump. It will be cut off!

Trying to Frame Andrew McCabe?


Is the Trump administration trying to frame Andrew McCabe? Is he being set up by Trump and his cronies for his role in trying to defend the homeland against the Russian aggression in the 2016 presidential election? Trumps attacks on the Intelligence Community shows he's on the side of Russia against his own country. Is this done anywhere in the world? Is Donald Trump more important than the United States? His friends are saying he is, by supporting the evil of betrayal of his own country. 

Andrew McCabe is a PATRIOT! He worked and has worked to maintain the sovereignty of the United States. Certainly he cannot be punished for that! He needs an award for his work. The persecution of McCabe will hasten the exit of Donald Trump because while Trump and Bill Barr hold power below, there is a power above that sees through the corruption and the evil of betrayal of fellow countrymen. And God, the Lord God of All Creation who holds power above all others will hasten to do justice where there is none from Bill Barr's department of Justice.

Monday, September 30, 2019

England's Most Treasured


 It looks straightforward, yet not-so-straight forward. Let the next-in-line arise! It's that simple! But not for those whose hearts are close to home. Questions will arise, pain and sorrow will be expressed, yet man has ability to do things only which are in his power to do. O, that one's lofty birth could mean the ability to do that which is beyond human ability to do. No matter one's station in life, it must all come to an end one day. And sometimes sadly so. At least for princes, they would have had boundless opportunities which a life of privilege brings.

Nonetheless, they are missed by those who love them when they leave the stage.

The What And The Why
Perhaps the most important of the "what" questions in the life of an individual can be discerned from the person's life situation.  Sometimes we think we know the "why" when the answer is in fact beyond our comprehension.

God's Plan And Purposes  
God's plan and purposes do not always align with what we think. No matter how His strategies play out, they always match His purposes. We are all only just human no matter what station we occupy in life. When there is a beginning, there will be an end. Adieu!

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Trump Working Hard For His Boss

Ahead Of The 45TH G7 Summit

Ahead of the 45th G7 Summit happening in France from August 24 to 26, 2019, Donald J. Trump is canvassing for Vladimir Putin and Russia to be readmitted into the group, whose membership was stopped for Russia's annexation of Crimea. The shamelessness of Trump as he openly makes moves to benefit Putin whom the Lord God knows and the world understands to have installed Donald Trump in the White House. Neither he nor his cohorts see the shame because they are busy filling their coffers from the purse of the United States. And if pretending that Donald Trump is not an installation of Vladimir Putin is all it takes for them to keep deceiving the American people and having their way--so far--so be it!

There are only two major concerns of Trump; work for Putin and his allies to keep them happy, it is payback time, and profit off the presidency. Either is lethal and will produce devastating. consequences. None of these will go unanswered, the moves are on, and the blows will be dealt from above.

Trump's Mental Hospitals

Trump's Mental Hospitals will be a welcome development, in fact, long overdue. He will become the first patient and that will serve the United States well.

O what it takes to be a superpower! You can have a lunatic in the highest office of government and that will be okay, so long as he is supported by the power-wielding sycophants of the land. Supporters of the corrupt and evil regime of Trump know that they have a sick man in office. Instead of recommending mental treatment for him as patriots would do, for the sake of everybody else, they are helping to perpetrate evil and corruption for their own sake. It is a good thing that Trump himself has recognized the need to build mental hospitals. Perhaps by the time they are built up--if he ever starts--there will be a sane man occupying the White House who would be patriotic enough and send Donald Trump to one of the hospitals, if for nothing else, to hide America's shame. The stench of its shame and disgrace right now reach to the ends of the earth. God is prepared to do the cleanup, for the sake of the entire nation.

King Of The Jews Was Crucified!

Is that what Trump's friends and followers really want?

Do they really want to equate Trump with Christ? Well Jesus Christ was crucified and rose again to become the Savior of the whole world. It is hoped that Trump's praise singers are aware of this. They have just equated Trump with God in public view. Donald Trump on his own part has also received the elevation, calling himself the "Chosen One." This means they are ready for the crucifixion.

God will honor their words as Donald Trump is being prepared for the crucifixion. He will be crucified and not rise, he will be taken out of public view permanently!

Thursday, August 15, 2019

God's End-Time Moves...

And The Christ-less Church 

The problem with the Christ-less church in the End-time movements of God is that such movements will render the Christ-less church inoperable, for it shall be counted as belonging to the kingdom of darkness. The reason is that such places and their representatives will not be recognized as agents of righteousness, both in their leanings and in their actions or activities. By righteous account, half measures have no place with God. If you are neither cold nor hot, you are regarded as unavailable for God's use or for God's Kingdom. Therefore, it is no longer possible to put one foot in the church and one foot with the world. You'll have to take a definite stand.

God's End-time movements on earth like  nothing else before, will literally force people to make a decision about where they belong; to the Church of God or to the world? There will be no fence to sit on. The world, and more importantly the Church, is moving towards an apostolic kind of faith, and it will be hard. Many churches will close down. We are in the window of Grace right now, and are being allowed a time of preparation to set our house in order. "The dynamic of Church life is about to change" completely.

The Christ-less Church

"By all physical appearances, the Christ-less church may look like any other, except in the area of what it teaches, or in its core beliefs. This is often in order to  veil what the true mission of the body is. One of the first signs to look for is whatever calls for the use of any other name in conjunction with the name of Jesus, which is not Father and Son. Also, a problem, is the elevation of any other name to match the name of Jesus in prayer and/or worship. If there's any important leader of the church, past, or present, whose name is used in prayer or intercession, it is a Christ-less church." That is, a "church" that operates without Christ and without the Holy Spirit. In order words, it is a social gathering that operates under the umbrella of religion, which the followers may refer to as Christianity.

Pp 163-164,


Does your church teach about angels, saints, Fathers, Mothers, princes, princesses and virgins? Then I invite you to read  your Bible. There is only one Gospel and Jesus is the only name needed for salvation. A church exists by the operation of the Holy Spirit through the name of Jesus. If this is not your experience of church, you may belong to a Christ-less church, where the name of Jesus is just a word on the lips only, and where the leadership of the church have no relationship with the Holy Spirit, neither acknowledge His Person, because they do not know Him. 

See: Acts 19 1-7, Galatians 1:8

Declare A Day of National Mourning!

Before you do that, declare a day of prayer!

The land reeks of evil and corruption and the consequences are at hand. It will soon be seen that those who love you most are not the ones who agree with you on every matter, nor those who deceive you, but they that will speak it as it is, no matter what.

Call A Sacred Assembly!
Are there any yet in the land who belong to the Sacred Assembly? Then get together and speak to the Lord, because it is coming, mourning and distress of great proportions, in the land marked by evil and corruption, and by betrayal of fellow citizens.

Have you tried to see whether your money can abate your mourning? You are about to find that out, for the hand of the Lord will be heavy upon the evil and wicked nation.
Declare a day of prayer and then a day of national mourning for the latter is coming like a flood, and will be most visible everywhere on earth.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Standing With Those Who Suffer

El Paso, Texas
Dayton, Ohio

Standing with El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, in this hour of distress.
Let it be noted that the world will not be won by guns, neither by hate. People everywhere will 
won over by truth and love!    
This is God's will and will stand!

In Slow Motion--The Achan Affect

'The Fool Says in his heart,' "There is no God." --Psalm 14:1

The 'fool' referred to in this Scripture verse is any person who either lacks wisdom, or who is unable to muster his/her own wisdom to connect the dots between his existence and that of God. So he engages in actions and activities, most of them wicked and ungodly, and because he does not receive immediate rebuke from God thinks He does not exist, or that God does not care about his own conduct. In other words, the one who is given to an ungodly lifestyle or who supports same does not know or does not care that God is long-suffering.

The Achan Affect
God is patient beyond human understanding. This is what those who move against His will and against His truth take for granted, thinking, "nothing is coming." Just like Achan (Joshua 7) who was sure and certain that he had succeeded in stealing from God and from the people, so is the Achan-like actor today. Like Achan, he never understands why he appears to be granted enough time to gloat over his loot and to device plans in his own mind about how to put them to profitable use, all while God watches his every step--perhaps he may find a place in his heart for repentance. This can appear to be in slow motion but the reprisal is certain. Achan was affected by the consequences of his disobedient and disloyal behavior, but so were his fellow citizens who suffered loss in time and human lives.

"When grace is shown to the wicked, they do not learn righteousness...and do not regard the majesty of the Lord. Lord, your hand is lifted high, but they do not see it." --Isaiah 26:10-11. They do not see the hand of the Lord lifted up to come crashing down on evil works, because they are too busy enjoying their loot, and making plans on how to steal more. It shall be like the day of Achan's punishment when it happens again. For the Achan that is visible today, the pages are gradually closing in, the end is fast approaching!

Thursday, July 25, 2019

The Achan Effect

One Man's Greed Affects A Whole Nation --Joshua 7

In Joshua chapter 7, Israel is shown again as a nation at war. And God was fighting on their behalf, but to have the victory, they needed to carry out instructions from God to the fullest extent--without compromise. And so they went to war. After the resounding victory at Jericho--Joshua chapter 6, they got ready for the next battle at Ai, which was supposed to be one of the easiest battles they ever fought. But they were defeated and several children of Israel killed.

There Was A Problem!
Somebody, Achan, had directly contravened God's Word by stealing some of the items of which God said "Do not touch" during their engagement in Jericho. Many people paid the ultimate price for the greed of Achan. The punishment for Achan's selfish behavior fell upon the heads of his fellow citizens. But God was not done yet.

Crime And Punishment
Punishment is God's way of establishing truth and justice. Achan should never have touched the "devoted things" and his fellow Israelites would have been spared unwarranted death. You think the story of Achan belongs in ancient history? Look around you and see if you recognize any Achan. The Achan story is coming alive again full-time, before our eyes, and will have weighty consequences!

Friday, June 14, 2019

Trump Confesses Openly --At Last!

"I Will Do It Again."

His meaning could not be clearer when in an ABC interview Wednesday Trump said he would accept foreign help again, this time for the 2020 presidential election. He has just revealed to the whole world how he won 2016 presidential election. But law abiding citizens from all walks of life appear to be up in arms against what they thought to be an illegal stand by Trump to invite and/or accept another Russian intervention.

Desperate For A Win

No doubt, Donald Trump appears to be desperate for a win in 2020. He also appears to be showing a little too early that he is once again prepared to cheat in order to win. Perhaps the questions should be; Will Russia help him a second time for the win he is so desperate to have? Is Russia prepared to meddle again in the US presidential election? Can Russia deliver the victory for Trump?

All the questions raised here are important, but which of these questions is more relevant to the situation? To start with, the president of Russia and his agents would prefer Trump to any other candidate for the US presidency, for obvious reasons. They very well may attempt to help him again. However, there are intervening factors. But the question remains; Can Russia deliver the victory for Trump?

Thursday, June 13, 2019

God Knows It All -- Barr and Trump

Now hear the Word from God.

You are still acting in the interest of the foreign power that helped elect Trump.

You have a right to disagree, and should you, hear this:

Trump/Barr vs Truth Seekers on behalf of the United States.
If your cause is motivated by truth and justice and in the interest of the United States, may it prosper.
But, if on the other hand it is a partisan move, motivated by an attempt to suppress the truth and hide the facts from the American public, let your cause have no semblance of victory or success, instead let it be covered with shame and disgrace from beginning to end. But let the seekers of truth rejoice and be dignified in their work and effort, let them become heroes of Truth and Justice, remembered now and in history as true patriots.

This is a final word as of now regarding this subject: The days are fast approaching and coming on like an onslaught of a terrible blizzard, those who have acted treacherously against the United States, in any capacity, will be brought to justice. They will be covered with shame and disgrace permanently.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Bill Barr And God

Arbiter Of Truth And Justice?

When there is a dispute between two parties, a third party comes in to try to resolve the issue. But to administer justice the other person must base the case entirely on truth no matter who is involved. Leaning one way or the other outside of what truth and evidence present disqualifies that individual as an administrator of truth and justice.

The Case Between God And Barr 

Bill Barr, Trump's attorney general and Trump have a case against the American people, by saying that those who ask questions from the highest government officials in the face of what appears like corrupt, unethical, and even criminal behavior--most of it in public--have no business trying to hold them accountable. According to this view, of which Barr is the greatest proponent, the president should have the privilege of absolute power, "he cannot commit a crime because he is president." Well the American public says, "No one is above the law," president or not--the creed upon which the American constitution and government operate unless of course you disagree, like Bill Barr. And so  comes God, who sees all humans, their activities, actions and intentions, from above.

And So, God!

God, Owner of heaven and earth, THE LORD GOD OF ALL CREATION has invited Himself to be the Arbiter of TRUTH and JUSTICE  in this matter and we shall hear from Him.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

James Comey Is ...

 the death of the Trump Administration.

Donald Trump better be careful about what he is getting into. Investigating the investigators may very well become the fastest route to the end of the Trump administration. The truth is James Comey, the former FBI Director fired by Trump because of the investigation into Russian activities in the 2016 US presidential election could become the most useful witness against Trump. It may appear easy to try to sweep some things under the carpet but the Trump firing of the Former FBI Director is one thing that will not go away until there is a resolution.

So what is a resolution under this circumstance?
A resolution will include among other things, knowing what the truth is leading to and after the fact of Comey being relieved of his job. Outside the fact that what transpired was mostly in public view, Trump himself admitted on national television that he fired Comey because of the investigation into the Russian activities surrounding the 2016 US Presidential election. Now, why that should be offensive to the person who "won" the election still remains to be seen. But is there a way to stop the truth from being revealed? Absolutely not! Truth will be told to the discomfort of many.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Bill Barr On A Wild-goose Chase

Whose cause is he serving? Of the United States, or of Donald Trump? He appears not to be aware or doesn't care a thing how he appears and sounds on television--like the personal assistant to Trump in one of the Trump businesses. Barr's utterances and conduct in public present a tragic picture, as they are far removed from what looks like a representation of a justice system.

Bill Barr will run and become hampered by truth starring him in the face, he will walk and become faint because truth gives strength and his fighting lacks truth and justice. Barr is everyday debasing the office of the attorney general and has caused great damage, until somebody else takes over from him, and that very soon.

At this time, he is on a wild-goose chase, looking for crime where there is none, while over-looking the crimes before him. The political stand of Bill Barr will fail because God is still interested in truth. Barr is working to cover up evil and corruption. Like it or not, nothing will be hidden that Bill Barr is working to hide. It will all be out in the open. Evil and its cause will fail and truth will prevail. Yes, even in this matter.That is God'stand! What he is pursuing he will not catch, but what he is trying to hide will be out in the open. That is God's Word and will not fail.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Mueller Report Is Not Infallible

 "Might Is Right"?

With the United States gradually sinking further into the barbaric ideology of "Might Is Right" perpetrated by the Trump White House, everybody seems to be afraid of the uncivilized and tyrannical attitude and outbursts of an emperor called a president. Republicans are afraid of a man whom many have accepted as their god. So truth is forever far from their camp, because their king and god forbids it. They all cower before him. Because of this fear, they all fall in line once he opens his mouth to utter his threats as always. The Mueller Report can also be seen this way. Was there the fear factor in what Trump would do if he found out that he was indicted by the Findings.

Was The Mueller Report Based On Fear?

Was the "no collusion, no coordination" conclusion based on fear of what he might do if the Report said there was a conspiracy to defraud the United States? The evidence has been in plain sight, the events of the 2018 Russia-United States Helsinki Summit provides a good example. Where is the record of what was discussed as representing the interests of the United States during the Summit? It is not available because for Trump, the meeting was between him and the Russian president, and not a nation to nation meeting. Why? It was about personal issues that would have  national effects negatively on the United States. And so, the collusion continues, and the conspiracy continues. There is evidence, plenty of evidence which were ignored for reasons in the interests of Trump but not in the interests of the United States. So far, the Mueller Report is flawed and unacceptable Unless truths, actions, and utterances which have been observed in plain sight have been acknowledged as part of a truthful conclusion.

No Collusion And No Coordination?

Then Explain Mike Flynn

In December 2016, the Obama administration placed sanctions on Russia for meddling in the 2016 US presidential election. But Donald Trump, the president-elect used Michael Flynn, his national security adviser to make a surreptitious representation to Russia to disregard the actions of the United States promising that the Trump administration would lift the sanctions? Russia working with Trump and his allies and represented by its then ambassador to the United States, Sergey Kislyak, complied with the move and did nothing about the sanctions as advised by Trump. NO COLLUSION? NO COORDINATION? It is laughable, and this is just one example. Were Trump, Flynn and their allies working in the interest of Russia or of the United States? It is obvious whose side they were on.

It looks like the Mueller Report is asserting that the actions and activities of Michael Flynn which is just one example of the Trump-Russian collusion and coordination should be disregarded because Trump is the one who did it. In this conclusion the Mueller Report is rejected by God.
There was collusion and there was coordination and God is ready to contend with those who come to a different conclusion for partisan or other reasons.

The conspiracy to defraud the United States was in Plain sight. That is irrelevant. There were fraudulent practices during and after the 2016 presidential election by Donald Trump and from the Republican platform. God is about to blow these open. In a country where many are sent to prison for far less, no one ought to exonerate criminal behavior.

Was The Mueller Report Hijacked?

Was the Mueller Report hijacked to do the bidding of Donald Trump?

It is not a secret that William Barr, the US attorney general was hired, handpicked to stop the Mueller probe. And he did. And by extension, to give the findings a particular flavor that suited the whims of the president, whom he sought to exonerate before he took the job. And he seems to have done that with a four-page summary based on the Mueller Report.

Did the Special Counsel bow to the will of the attorney general in putting together his findings? And did the attorney general prevail on him to make his conclusions in a particular way? Were certain important things left open-ended so that William Barr could give them the meaning that suited his client, the president?
Although the Report is yet to be seen by the American public, several things appear to be wrong with it's interpretation already. The word integrity has been bounded around a lot concerning Robert Mueller and his work, is there a problem now?Most important question: can a person of integrity be used for purposes other than that which is honorable, and under what circumstances?

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Have You Fixed It? And are you..

 Feeling Vindicated?

Are all your assertions true and accurate? Is your stand without corruption and manipulation? Is it without lies and falsehood still? Is your supposed vindication based on actual and real events, whose outcome was to be truthful because they were based on sincere and genuine actions and activities that were without guile?

Exoneration from crime and evil can be a result of a power play as the high and mighty usually do to extricate themselves from corrupt and criminal behaviors. It can be a result of a genuine lack of evidence of wrongdoing thereby vindicating one who was accused. It can also be the manipulation of facts, events and circumstances, by those who have the power to do so, to bring to be a desired outcome. Justice has often been sacrificed on the altar of "peace" and ironically, on the altar of fear, all in an attempt to please the powerful. And so, society becomes robbed of justice all the time in attempt to make it easier for the powerful to persist.

Where does your vindication stand? How did your exoneration come about? God will decide who is free of evil and crime. He will show who is exonerated and vindicated. It is not over until it is over!

Friday, March 22, 2019

Best Democratic Ticket For 2020


               Tim Kaine/Kamala Harris


Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Nigerian Witch Doctors..

On Social Media?

Of recent, some Nigerian witch doctors have been parading themselves as pastors on Social Media. Along with them are gruesome images which they are displaying online. Is that the preaching of pastors, or are these people who engage in all kinds of animal sacrifice as it is done in Benin City, including human, as one of their images online portrayed?


The guilty will not go free, they will be brought to justice. You are parading yourselves all over the world as pastors. But those who know you are aware that your power comes from witchcraft and  voodoo. God is about to show you for who you are, you can no longer hide. You are witch doctors, you are not pastors. You know who you are, and that you are not pastors. You are spreading lies all over the world, using the name of God, and God is about to expose you. But you can decide to repent now, or wait for the hand of the mighty God to drive you into oblivion.
You want to live on earth forever? You are deceived! No sacrifice can achieve that. You are working for some money bags? Neither they nor yourselves can extend your lives further than the day God says it is over.  Nothing short of repentance, and a complete change from evil ways, can exonerate  anyone from the consequences of sin. You are deceived! Repent!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Lindsey Graham--A Show of Shame

'Truth matters only when we are talking about them, not about us.' This appears to be the stand of Senator Lindsey Graham in the current administration. It is a show of shame.
People of integrity everywhere stand out more conspicuously in difficult times, times when bearing witness to truth can be very tasking because there is falsehood all around, like in the Trump government. But they do it anyway  because their integrity and honor stop them from bearing witness to falsehood and lies. Not so with Lindsey Graham, for him, truth is applicable only on the other side. He has found a clever way to side with untruth and falsehoods by inventing a line to justify his actions, "he won."

 In service to the Trump administration, he agrees with and speaks half-truths most of the time, some truth some of the time, and sides with corrupt politics and behavior most of the time. His philosophy appears to be, If they win an election and they are one of us, they are free to do anything.

People who have the ability to speak boldly better be speaking truth. The contrary is a danger to society. The consequences of utterances and behavior like Graham's will become a cause for regret for many in the Republican Party. They appear to be planning a long vacation from Congress, because they have lost consciousness of what truth means. But God will straighten things out, and many of their Senators are ready for a long retirement period. God's Word in this is if you become first in place for whatever reason, you should act as if you were first in place.

If you take sides with falsehood, it is because you celebrate falsity. If you speak on behalf of corruption, it is because you have corrupt intent. If lies are attractive to you and you indulge in them because they advance your self-serving cause, that is from a corrupt place. The utterances and positions taken by Lindsey Graham today in American politics are a disgrace. God needs men and women of integrity in public offices, they are not available in the Republican Party. Sad!

Friday, February 8, 2019

"God Wants Trump To Be President."

So Says Sarah Sanders

Trump wanted to be president, Russia helped him to be president. God is using the Trump presidency to make a point.

Let this not be confused with God's endorsement. Donald Trump as a candidate did not have God's  endorsement, and does not have it now. So how did Trump become president? We are about to find out.

The Trump Presidency--Real or Fake? 
We are all about to find that out. But one thing to note first and foremost is that the phrase "shithole" as coined by Trump himself is about to take a different turn. The true meaning of the phrase does not belong with the poor or with those whose skin color does not match that of Trump. It belongs with those whose hearts and thoughts are always in the gutter, and that is the kind of thing they can think of, because that is the kind of language they are comfortable with.
People of honor and integrity and who love truth and justice are trying to determine through legitimate and lawful means whether the Trump presidency is real or fake. And who is trying to stop them? It is those who inhabit the depths of the "shithole" because they want to hide their corruption and evil from public view. But that is un-achievable. As high as the heavens are above the earth, so certain it is that those who have colluded to cheat the entire nation will be brought to justice.

"Those who are with us are more than those who are with them." -- 2 Kings 6:16.

Monday, February 4, 2019

A Need Expressed--a need fulfilled!

To Whom Are You Speaking?

When we have a need, we speak to people who we believe can help us. It could be a brother, a sister, mother, father, son or daughter. It could be a friend to whom we address such a problem. Sometimes, such help is available, sometimes, it is not. That is a fact of life.

But believers have learned or should learn to do something else--to trust God above any human source, for any reason. While son and daughter may fail, and mother and father may fail, either because such help is not in their power to give or are unwilling to do so even if they can, God remains the Source for the solution. Even when things appear to be happening by chance, because we cannot directly see the role of God in what is going on, the believer who has invited God into the situation should know that He will work it out. So, for the believer, to express a need is to expect that the Great God is listening, and will provide the answers, and answers which invariably praise His Name.

When we ask, are we speaking to God? The answer is yes. It is for such a reason that the Bible says not to throw away our confidence--confidence in approaching God, and confidence and trust in Him that He will be our God in all situations. When we address our needs to God, He listens, He cares, and provides.

Hebrews 10:35-36
1 John 5:14

Monday, January 14, 2019

A Year of Hope And Achievement


2018 may not have ended well for some. 2019 may not even have started well for others, yet it is a year full of hope and promise--a year of achievement. It may not often be easy to cross the line between difficult and ease. But ease for a believer does not mean a life of careless abandon, it means having relief enough to do the things you believe in. 

Truth And Justice
Anyone out there who is a fighter for truth and justice will realize that it is one of the most difficult things to do, because we are in a world where lies and falsehoods have ardent supporters. So, it becomes a difficult world for those who want to live a life of truth and honesty. Incidentally, there are many in high offices and in positions of power for whom deception and falsehood are the only means to continue to hold on to power. 

There Is Victory
There is victory for truth and justice. This is important because it creates an atmosphere for fairness and equity and for humans to thrive. This is the kind of world envisaged by God for the people He has created. Put side by side, watch out for how the contents of these Scripture passages play out in 2019;

"When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan." --Proverbs 29:2.

"But evil men (and women) and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived." 2 Timothy 3:13.

The game of deception will ensnare those who engage in it. But the Lord God will have the victory!

Thursday, January 3, 2019

"God's End-Time Moves"

It's Here...