Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Mueller Report Is Not Infallible

 "Might Is Right"?

With the United States gradually sinking further into the barbaric ideology of "Might Is Right" perpetrated by the Trump White House, everybody seems to be afraid of the uncivilized and tyrannical attitude and outbursts of an emperor called a president. Republicans are afraid of a man whom many have accepted as their god. So truth is forever far from their camp, because their king and god forbids it. They all cower before him. Because of this fear, they all fall in line once he opens his mouth to utter his threats as always. The Mueller Report can also be seen this way. Was there the fear factor in what Trump would do if he found out that he was indicted by the Findings.

Was The Mueller Report Based On Fear?

Was the "no collusion, no coordination" conclusion based on fear of what he might do if the Report said there was a conspiracy to defraud the United States? The evidence has been in plain sight, the events of the 2018 Russia-United States Helsinki Summit provides a good example. Where is the record of what was discussed as representing the interests of the United States during the Summit? It is not available because for Trump, the meeting was between him and the Russian president, and not a nation to nation meeting. Why? It was about personal issues that would have  national effects negatively on the United States. And so, the collusion continues, and the conspiracy continues. There is evidence, plenty of evidence which were ignored for reasons in the interests of Trump but not in the interests of the United States. So far, the Mueller Report is flawed and unacceptable Unless truths, actions, and utterances which have been observed in plain sight have been acknowledged as part of a truthful conclusion.

No Collusion And No Coordination?

Then Explain Mike Flynn

In December 2016, the Obama administration placed sanctions on Russia for meddling in the 2016 US presidential election. But Donald Trump, the president-elect used Michael Flynn, his national security adviser to make a surreptitious representation to Russia to disregard the actions of the United States promising that the Trump administration would lift the sanctions? Russia working with Trump and his allies and represented by its then ambassador to the United States, Sergey Kislyak, complied with the move and did nothing about the sanctions as advised by Trump. NO COLLUSION? NO COORDINATION? It is laughable, and this is just one example. Were Trump, Flynn and their allies working in the interest of Russia or of the United States? It is obvious whose side they were on.

It looks like the Mueller Report is asserting that the actions and activities of Michael Flynn which is just one example of the Trump-Russian collusion and coordination should be disregarded because Trump is the one who did it. In this conclusion the Mueller Report is rejected by God.
There was collusion and there was coordination and God is ready to contend with those who come to a different conclusion for partisan or other reasons.

The conspiracy to defraud the United States was in Plain sight. That is irrelevant. There were fraudulent practices during and after the 2016 presidential election by Donald Trump and from the Republican platform. God is about to blow these open. In a country where many are sent to prison for far less, no one ought to exonerate criminal behavior.

Was The Mueller Report Hijacked?

Was the Mueller Report hijacked to do the bidding of Donald Trump?

It is not a secret that William Barr, the US attorney general was hired, handpicked to stop the Mueller probe. And he did. And by extension, to give the findings a particular flavor that suited the whims of the president, whom he sought to exonerate before he took the job. And he seems to have done that with a four-page summary based on the Mueller Report.

Did the Special Counsel bow to the will of the attorney general in putting together his findings? And did the attorney general prevail on him to make his conclusions in a particular way? Were certain important things left open-ended so that William Barr could give them the meaning that suited his client, the president?
Although the Report is yet to be seen by the American public, several things appear to be wrong with it's interpretation already. The word integrity has been bounded around a lot concerning Robert Mueller and his work, is there a problem now?Most important question: can a person of integrity be used for purposes other than that which is honorable, and under what circumstances?

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Have You Fixed It? And are you..

 Feeling Vindicated?

Are all your assertions true and accurate? Is your stand without corruption and manipulation? Is it without lies and falsehood still? Is your supposed vindication based on actual and real events, whose outcome was to be truthful because they were based on sincere and genuine actions and activities that were without guile?

Exoneration from crime and evil can be a result of a power play as the high and mighty usually do to extricate themselves from corrupt and criminal behaviors. It can be a result of a genuine lack of evidence of wrongdoing thereby vindicating one who was accused. It can also be the manipulation of facts, events and circumstances, by those who have the power to do so, to bring to be a desired outcome. Justice has often been sacrificed on the altar of "peace" and ironically, on the altar of fear, all in an attempt to please the powerful. And so, society becomes robbed of justice all the time in attempt to make it easier for the powerful to persist.

Where does your vindication stand? How did your exoneration come about? God will decide who is free of evil and crime. He will show who is exonerated and vindicated. It is not over until it is over!

Friday, March 22, 2019

Best Democratic Ticket For 2020


               Tim Kaine/Kamala Harris