Thursday, May 23, 2019

Bill Barr On A Wild-goose Chase

Whose cause is he serving? Of the United States, or of Donald Trump? He appears not to be aware or doesn't care a thing how he appears and sounds on television--like the personal assistant to Trump in one of the Trump businesses. Barr's utterances and conduct in public present a tragic picture, as they are far removed from what looks like a representation of a justice system.

Bill Barr will run and become hampered by truth starring him in the face, he will walk and become faint because truth gives strength and his fighting lacks truth and justice. Barr is everyday debasing the office of the attorney general and has caused great damage, until somebody else takes over from him, and that very soon.

At this time, he is on a wild-goose chase, looking for crime where there is none, while over-looking the crimes before him. The political stand of Bill Barr will fail because God is still interested in truth. Barr is working to cover up evil and corruption. Like it or not, nothing will be hidden that Bill Barr is working to hide. It will all be out in the open. Evil and its cause will fail and truth will prevail. Yes, even in this matter.That is God'stand! What he is pursuing he will not catch, but what he is trying to hide will be out in the open. That is God's Word and will not fail.

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