Thursday, June 13, 2019

God Knows It All -- Barr and Trump

Now hear the Word from God.

You are still acting in the interest of the foreign power that helped elect Trump.

You have a right to disagree, and should you, hear this:

Trump/Barr vs Truth Seekers on behalf of the United States.
If your cause is motivated by truth and justice and in the interest of the United States, may it prosper.
But, if on the other hand it is a partisan move, motivated by an attempt to suppress the truth and hide the facts from the American public, let your cause have no semblance of victory or success, instead let it be covered with shame and disgrace from beginning to end. But let the seekers of truth rejoice and be dignified in their work and effort, let them become heroes of Truth and Justice, remembered now and in history as true patriots.

This is a final word as of now regarding this subject: The days are fast approaching and coming on like an onslaught of a terrible blizzard, those who have acted treacherously against the United States, in any capacity, will be brought to justice. They will be covered with shame and disgrace permanently.

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