Friday, June 14, 2019

Trump Confesses Openly --At Last!

"I Will Do It Again."

His meaning could not be clearer when in an ABC interview Wednesday Trump said he would accept foreign help again, this time for the 2020 presidential election. He has just revealed to the whole world how he won 2016 presidential election. But law abiding citizens from all walks of life appear to be up in arms against what they thought to be an illegal stand by Trump to invite and/or accept another Russian intervention.

Desperate For A Win

No doubt, Donald Trump appears to be desperate for a win in 2020. He also appears to be showing a little too early that he is once again prepared to cheat in order to win. Perhaps the questions should be; Will Russia help him a second time for the win he is so desperate to have? Is Russia prepared to meddle again in the US presidential election? Can Russia deliver the victory for Trump?

All the questions raised here are important, but which of these questions is more relevant to the situation? To start with, the president of Russia and his agents would prefer Trump to any other candidate for the US presidency, for obvious reasons. They very well may attempt to help him again. However, there are intervening factors. But the question remains; Can Russia deliver the victory for Trump?

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