Thursday, August 15, 2019

Declare A Day of National Mourning!

Before you do that, declare a day of prayer!

The land reeks of evil and corruption and the consequences are at hand. It will soon be seen that those who love you most are not the ones who agree with you on every matter, nor those who deceive you, but they that will speak it as it is, no matter what.

Call A Sacred Assembly!
Are there any yet in the land who belong to the Sacred Assembly? Then get together and speak to the Lord, because it is coming, mourning and distress of great proportions, in the land marked by evil and corruption, and by betrayal of fellow citizens.

Have you tried to see whether your money can abate your mourning? You are about to find that out, for the hand of the Lord will be heavy upon the evil and wicked nation.
Declare a day of prayer and then a day of national mourning for the latter is coming like a flood, and will be most visible everywhere on earth.

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