Friday, December 20, 2019

Leading The GOP Off The Cliff?

Leading the GOP in a manner that can be described as a journey-of-no-return, Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader actually thinks he is smart. A people will be governed by truth, not by a constant barrage of lies and falsehoods, which McConnell has bought into. What is even more reprehensible? The entire Republican Party has become talking heads for Putin and Russia. This is a move that they will regret.
Mitch McConnell's leadership has up-to-date been thought to be genius by his followers and by some outsiders to the party, even if that means leading by fraud. He's working in a frenzy to fill all kinds of courts with judges as if Trump is the last GOP president--maybe he is.
However, although they have worked so far, McConnell's moves and strategies are about to fail. He's about  to lead his party members off the edge and a big problem is about to arise. He will not be able to manage the storm--it will be devastating. It is time for leadership based on truth!

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