Thursday, February 27, 2020

Bernie Sanders--Do Or Die?

Is Bernie Sanders a credulous old man or is it just zeal for his campaign? Is there any reason for him not to believe the Intelligence that Russia is trying to help his campaign win the Primaries? Even Trump has said so much during at least one of his rallies--that his supporters should vote for Bernie during the Primaries and of course vote for him in the general election. The position of the Trump-Putin ruse cannot be clearer. And if that is the case, why does Bernie Sanders keep defending his position, which is that he is quite sure he will win in the general election against Trump.

Bernie Sanders has openly denounced Putin and Russia in recent days asking that they refrain from any interference in the 2020 presidential election. Not only are his words barely enough, they also do not carry the weight of conviction that should come with such denunciation considering that a foreign power is trying to help elect a president of the United States a second time. The truth is Russia is trying to use the Bernie Sanders' campaign as the sacrifice to help Trump re-election. But the initial response of Sanders to the Trump/Putin beckon to him was shocking. Asked about Trump's encouraging tweets about him, he said he "did not see it that way." He did not see Trump's tweets as encouragement to him? If not, what are they? Trump wanting him to win the general election? Certainly, Sanders cannot be so credulous as to believe that, or that Putin is in love with him?

There is only one response from Bernie Sanders that will be adequate. Look into the camera and denounce both Trump and Putin, asking both to take their hands off your campaign because they are in this together. Sanders should ask himself this question: "What happens in the general election after Trump supporters have voted for me in the Primaries?" The answer is that they will desert the campaign and go over to vote to reelect Trump, hence both Trump and Russia are trying to help you now. That seems pretty straight forward to any objective onlooker.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Trump-Russian Ruse!

This time around, Russia and Putin seem to have found a convenient smoke screen to aid their effort in the Trump re-election bid--Bernie Sanders! In 2016, Donald Trump made a direct appeal to Russia, aside the covert operation to help him win, and he won. In 2020, both Trump and Putin are trying to use the Bernie Sanders campaign as a deflection for another operation to help Trump remain in the White House.
Truth is Donald Trump is not interested in helping Bernie Sanders for any reason other than to deceive him into believing that he cares about fairness. Neither is Putin interested in having Sanders in the White House for that will not pay what Trump owes to Russia. Bernie Sanders should not be deceived. It is not Bernie Sanders that Russia wants to help, it is Trump, and they think their strategy will work. But the smoke screen is hardly hidden from view. It is quite obvious.

The Trump administration officials have said publicly that Russia wants to help Sanders but not Trump. A laughable proposition! People who have adopted a lifestyle and administrative style based on lies and falsehood cannot imagine in their small thinking that other people can see through their schemes. The Trump-Putin smoke screen is hardly effective, in fact, it is not at all. Behind the attempted cover-up can be heard loud and clear,"Russia, if you are listening ..." And that was not too long ago. AGAIN, GOD IS WATCHING!

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Trump And Putin Want Sanders?

Isn't it curious that Donald Trump is encouraging Bernie Sanders and urging him on by his tweets. What other reason can there be than that Putin has telegraphed to Trump that he should draw Sanders out by some "kind" words? All of a sudden, Donald Trump cares about fairness? What about fairness to those who speak truth in his administration, but who he is now hounding in order to expel them?

Does anyone believe for a second that Vladimir Putin wants Sanders to win the 2020 presidential race? There is a conman's game being played here. The entire world should ask why Bernie Sanders' name even appears as one whose campaign is being helped by Russia? That is a conman's game! It is a smoke screen. Russia is not helping Bernie Sanders, he is just a name used by Russia in order to help Trump. It is obvious at this point that they regard Bernie Sanders as a candidate they can easily beat. Trump and the Republicans are aiding and abetting Putin and Russia once again to interfere in the next presidential election. AND GOD IS WATCHING!

Friday, February 7, 2020

Found! --One Republican Leader

Mitt Romney goes a different route from Trump's worshipers in the Senate. Maybe there's one leader yet left among the Senate Republicans. For standing with truth and not with lies and falsehoods regarding the Trump impeachment, Mr. Romney shows that he can stand alone if standing alone means doing the right thing--a great leadership quality. Unfortunately though, that is one thing missing from the "Republican leadership" today. The fact is, they are not leading. Whether in the House or in the Senate, all the Republicans are concerned with is how to play catch up with their god, Donald Trump. And although they will tell anyone who cares to listen that they are very smart people, any person of any level of discernment can see that they are in bondage. The sad story is that they are not just in bondage to Trump but to the power that controls Trump. Their fear of Trump is not only unnatural, it begs the question of what or who they are really afraid of, and for what reason. But the good news is that even though just one, somebody is ready to stand up to all of that.

Monday, February 3, 2020

McConnell Leads GOP To It's Death!

Truth is dead from the Republican Party! It may seem a light thing right now, indeed they all think they are smart, to absolve the guilty and try to frame opponents, but the end of the story will be very ugly for the Republicans. The death of truth in the Republican politics is the end of the party. No government can be sustained on lies, falsehoods, and deception--not even the United States government. It is going to come crashing down. There are fundamental issues that will lead to the demise of the GOP.

First, there are treacherous Republican agents of government, Senators, and Representatives from different districts who are in on the conspiracy against the United States. Why conspiracy? Because they are in a plot to subvert the government of the United States, by attempting to help one man perpetuate himself in office against the laws and constitution of the United States. 

Secondly, this relates directly to the power Russia and Putin wield over the United States right now because the head of the United States government has been compromised, and his helpers aim to help him cover up the truth.

Third, the most important offices of the government of the United States are in on the conspiracy, and sadly, including the Department of Justice under the leadership of Bill Barr. The plot? To have Trump remain in power and by the privilege of the Oval Office settle his debt to Russia and to Putin, being the very basis of the problem. The entire Republican Party is in on this scheme and so they will defend Trump no matter what it takes. So, right now, the word integrity is dead to the GOP.

What makes McConnell's role crucial in this move? He is to ensure that nothing leaks of the massive amount of evidence against Trump by defending his side of the fort--the Senate--like he just did in the Senate impeachment trial. And he and the entire Republican Party, acting on behalf of Trump have the backing and support of Bill Barr, who is subverting the laws and constitution of the United States to aid Trump's re-election. Has anyone ever wondered why 'a private detective' in the name of Trump's personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, openly and illegally crossed the line, by asking a foreign nation to investigate a US citizen, and for no other reason except to help the Trump re-election campaign? Have you heard a word from Bill Barr on this? They are all in on the scheme and it is the death of the Republican Party.