Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Trump And Putin Want Sanders?

Isn't it curious that Donald Trump is encouraging Bernie Sanders and urging him on by his tweets. What other reason can there be than that Putin has telegraphed to Trump that he should draw Sanders out by some "kind" words? All of a sudden, Donald Trump cares about fairness? What about fairness to those who speak truth in his administration, but who he is now hounding in order to expel them?

Does anyone believe for a second that Vladimir Putin wants Sanders to win the 2020 presidential race? There is a conman's game being played here. The entire world should ask why Bernie Sanders' name even appears as one whose campaign is being helped by Russia? That is a conman's game! It is a smoke screen. Russia is not helping Bernie Sanders, he is just a name used by Russia in order to help Trump. It is obvious at this point that they regard Bernie Sanders as a candidate they can easily beat. Trump and the Republicans are aiding and abetting Putin and Russia once again to interfere in the next presidential election. AND GOD IS WATCHING!

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