Friday, April 10, 2020

Coronavirus Cannot Stop Us

It is amazing and noteworthy how sidewalk manners are changing since the pandemic broke--at least in places where I walk. More than ever before, it appears it's just now about people. People walking in opposite directions on the sidewalk act very deferentially as they approach each other and one another. Those with more space on their side leave the sidewalk to create space for the much needed social distancing. And these days always followed by acknowledgment--by waving at each other, a raised fist, or a simple 'hello' said from a safe distance.
So, where was all this love and consideration prior to the coronavirus outbreak? They were always there but not put to real use. It appears that we have suddenly realized that life can be as fleeting as has been described. 'If for nothing else, let us show consideration to one another if that is the last thing we have the chance to do,' it seems. 
But Jesus was and is always about people, and cares more for us and our needs than we have the capacity to appreciate. God's Word is the only platform on earth that has the ability to bring truth and its virtues to all in a universal way--as meaning the same thing. Even death on the cross for One who did not deserve to die, because "Greater love" can no one have than One who gave His Life for all people on earth. --John 15:13. And He saves from all situations, including one of the coronavirus. If it is a virus or a thing, it is subject to God's Word. It is all in the name of Jesus!

"It Is Finished!"

He said, "It is Finished!" Done! Mission accomplished! Now we have access to God as human beings never had prior to the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. He is the same who tells us His own part of the deal is done.
What then are we waiting for who have not learned to trust in the Word of God, and who do not depend on it to live life on earth? Use it! It is available, because, "It is finished!" --John 19:28-30. And put all your cares on Him, because, He cares! --1 Peter 5:7. There is no more to be done for the salvation of humanity, no other Messiah. The work is done. Jesus did it. IT IS FINISHED!

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Ministering Peace And Comfort

Ministering  peace and comfort in a coronavirus ravaged world. God's Word is still available and its truth remain the same, no matter what is going on. Be encouraged! Have peace!