Thursday, June 25, 2020

John Bolton --Feeling Self-righteous?


The John Bolton-CNN interview Wednesday was an interesting one. The former National Security Adviser to president Trump blamed everybody else for what went wrong with either his tenure as Trump's Security Adviser or the Democrats for 'impeachment malpractice', according to him. One cannot but wonder, is it the age, is it about intellect, or is it about cultural background? He does not seem to take responsibility for anything, but was self-righteous enough to blame others for not doing their job, even though he was conspicuously absent when it was time to perform a patriotic duty, by refusing to show up before the impeachment panel. Ironically, but not surprising, John Bolton sounds very much like Trump--'It's not me, it's them.' Although he was supposed to be exposing the misdeeds of the Trump administration as made available in his book, the interview showed that he was trying hard to rise above the very limited world view of the average American, white, conservative Republican. If being white and Republican blocks anyone from rendering truth and facts without equivocation, I'm afraid you're all going to learn to grow up in a not-too-comfortable process. But it's surely going to happen. You are all going to learn to call a spade a spade.

Did John Bolton succeed in winning over an extra heart? Certainly not this one, he may have been exposing truths, many of which are already known to the public, but he was just as cozy in his corner as those he accused of extreme views. And put side by side, those other views he talked about actually represent the majority of the people, which is what governance should be about. Views like his are becoming obsolete and will not endure. As one of the enablers of the government he is now criticizing in his book, the view is, 'if he's like me, he doesn't have to be held accountable.' Put another way, 'We are not accountable because of who we are.' That is not a righteous position anytime, not by the standards of those whose job positions are informed by integrity, truth, and honor, and certainly not by God's Word which the conservative Republican ironically likes to lay claim to. However, Mr. Bolton should be congratulated for even granting an interview on CNN.