Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Jeff Sessions--What's The AGENDA?

What on earth is Jeff Sessions looking for that he did not accomplish before he left the Senate? After twenty-years in the Senate, he seemed to be begging Trump to let him back in, like a child left out of a game. During the recent run-off election for the Alabama Senate seat which he lost to his Republican opponent and which is currently occupied by a Democrat, he was literally begging Trump to let him back in. Then you wonder, what in the world does Sessions want now that he didn't have the chance to do before? What is the mystery?

Mystery Number One 

Jeff Sessions lied to the Senate about his Russian ties during his Senate confirmation hearing for the position of Attorney General. QUESTION: Why would an individual who had lied during his confirmation  hearing go on to become the Attorney General of any country, in particular, the United States? The lie was meant to cover up Trump's coordination with the Russians which helped elect him president. Jeff Sessions is missing out on the deception and lies daily employed by the Trump administration because he would have liked to help carry out the Russia-first agenda of the Trump government, because then, he would be in Trump's 'good graces.' Incidentally, the one thing he did right in the aftermath of the Trump-Russian collusion and coordination, was to have recused himself during the investigation. That however does not seem to give him any solace because he's clearly missing out on the action, as well as the emperor's pat on the back.

Mystery Number Two

QUESTION: What good thing did Jeff Sessions set out to do a second time in the Senate which he could not do the first twenty-years of his tenure? He is disappointed that he did not have more time as Trump's Attorney General to carry out most of what he had set out to do in his white supremacist agenda. About this, he and Trump were, and are in complete affinity. The quarrel is that Sessions would not do what Barr is doing now, by running the Justice department like Trump's personal estate. The Trump/Sessions white supremacy agenda is still very much on, minus Sessions, and this is almost unbearable for him. Sessions attempted return is not for the love of country, it is for the love of the white supremacist agenda.

A Problem

White supremacy is already disbanded. But what is white supremacy? It is the idea that being white means being superior to everyone else who is not. And exists as the KKK--its most visible platform--all allied groups and their sympathizers. They exist in government, in corporations, military, police force, and in all spheres of life. It is the platform of the white evangelical churches. When black men are being murdered on the streets by white police officers, it is not by accident that nothing is heard from white evangelical pastors. It is because, even though they preach the Gospel, they see themselves first as white and not first as Christians. The white supremacy construction comes from a demonic and abhorrent vision--It is not of God and is already being dismantled. That is the word of God and will not change. It will not continue! So Jeff Sessions should go have himself a good vacation, COVID-19 allowing!


Tuesday, July 14, 2020

A Cuckold Nation!

The United States Is!

A cuckold is a man whose wife has allowed another man in, to have the upper hand in their own home. By being unfaithful and by letting someone else in to the secrets of the family, she puts the husband's life in danger. That is the situation of the United States today. Some people know, but who shouldn't know the national security secrets of the United States--all traded for money and for power. What leader of a nation says to the citizens, "It is none of your business what I discuss with ..." the person who is credited with having helped the speaker cheat in his country's election, and afterwards rolls out his deception and lying machine, put to use everyday, to keep the misinformation and disinformation campaign on. No! It is not over!

No One Can Serve Two Masters -Matt. 6:24  
"No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money."
Trump's "America First" rhetoric is an empty phrase. The entire world is watching and sees an American 'president' whose sympathies do not only lie with Russia in almost all matters, but who is running the United States along with his cronies, as if it were a subsidiary of Russia. He despises American institutions and has mobilized the Justice department for his own personal interests in order to shield corruption and treachery. And no matter how many pardons or commutations he gives to his America-cheating allies, the history cannot be rewritten. They have committed an abomination. It is still one in progress. And the judgment is God's to give and it is coming! Not William Barr's, who himself has no name! As you attempt to wipe out the criminal records of Trump's friends, will you also, please, remember to wipe them out with the One above? If not,  the work is not done.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Pompeo Called Bolton A "Traitor"


 What Is The Truth?

Reacting to the release of John Bolton's book in June 2020--The Room Where It Happened--the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, called John Bolton a "traitor", who happens to be the former National Security Adviser to Donald Trump. Those certainly are strong words from a sitting Secretary of State, describing a former colleague. Was that just in the heat of the moment considering the book exposed many uncomfortable details about the president, or did he actually mean what the word 'traitor' was supposed to stand for? Truth is those who have worked at that level with Trump understand perfectly what they are talking about. They see things happening at that level all the time and which become part of what they do, even if they did not originate such actions.
Yes, both Pompeo and Bolton have been made to play the traitor, because that cannot be separated from their dealings with Putin and Russia as they represent Donald Trump, whose actions with Putin and Russia are treasonous. The difference is that while John Bolton is no longer playing that role, Mike Pompeo is. Even more so, because Pompeo is still high on the opium of deception and of lying on behalf of Trump to the American public, maybe John Bolton can go further than his book contains by revealing what secrets both he and Pompeo are holding for Trump and Putin that are not in the interest of the United States. They have both worked in a treasonous environment and one is still reaping the benefits of the great deception, until it can no longer go on. Pompeo meant what he said but not in a manner that everyone can understand.
Although many other examples exist-- with Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Ukraine, and a host of other situations-- no one needs to go further than the Trump/Putin Helsinki 2018 Summit where Trump standing beside Putin acted like Russia's press secretary and defender, while tearing down his own country, to the consternation of the United States and a world watching mouth agape. Yes, Pompeo is right. Traitorous plots, plans, actions, and individuals abound who have become the support system of a government which came into being by such a plot.