Friday, July 10, 2020

Pompeo Called Bolton A "Traitor"


 What Is The Truth?

Reacting to the release of John Bolton's book in June 2020--The Room Where It Happened--the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, called John Bolton a "traitor", who happens to be the former National Security Adviser to Donald Trump. Those certainly are strong words from a sitting Secretary of State, describing a former colleague. Was that just in the heat of the moment considering the book exposed many uncomfortable details about the president, or did he actually mean what the word 'traitor' was supposed to stand for? Truth is those who have worked at that level with Trump understand perfectly what they are talking about. They see things happening at that level all the time and which become part of what they do, even if they did not originate such actions.
Yes, both Pompeo and Bolton have been made to play the traitor, because that cannot be separated from their dealings with Putin and Russia as they represent Donald Trump, whose actions with Putin and Russia are treasonous. The difference is that while John Bolton is no longer playing that role, Mike Pompeo is. Even more so, because Pompeo is still high on the opium of deception and of lying on behalf of Trump to the American public, maybe John Bolton can go further than his book contains by revealing what secrets both he and Pompeo are holding for Trump and Putin that are not in the interest of the United States. They have both worked in a treasonous environment and one is still reaping the benefits of the great deception, until it can no longer go on. Pompeo meant what he said but not in a manner that everyone can understand.
Although many other examples exist-- with Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Ukraine, and a host of other situations-- no one needs to go further than the Trump/Putin Helsinki 2018 Summit where Trump standing beside Putin acted like Russia's press secretary and defender, while tearing down his own country, to the consternation of the United States and a world watching mouth agape. Yes, Pompeo is right. Traitorous plots, plans, actions, and individuals abound who have become the support system of a government which came into being by such a plot. 


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