Sunday, December 25, 2016

A Christmas to Remember

Christmas 2016 will be a Christmas to Remember

It will become a reference point for many world events 
as things spiral out of control.

And although the United States will like to believe it's in control, it will soon become obvious that no one is in control. But God will always be in control. And the control by God will bring unlikely leaders to the forefront. Would you wish you were nicer to some people or group of people than you used to be?

There will be a redefinition of the leadership role. It will become obvious that all human beings and groups of human beings possess leadership qualities. Leadership qualities are not the exclusive possession of any group or persons. It is about opportunity and timing.

The Beauty of God's Holiness and Grace
The world is about to see God in the beauty of His Holiness and Grace, where everything is spelled out according to His perfect Will, where nothing, absolutely nothing is left to chance. And He is not importing angels from Heaven. Whatever He will do on earth, there are human beings already available to do those things, even among those who are yet to be born into the world. God does not have any specific group of people in mind. He will use people from anywhere and everywhere. No group qualifies more than others, except as made available by His perfect Will. No man is more than another, and none "better" than another. Every human being is one and the same before God. Before God, there are only two groups of people; the righteous and the wicked. If the wicked of this world will cross the line to living righteous lives, God will rejoice over them just the same.

It will be a Christmas Season to remember for a long time, and so much so greater its Gift and its endowments that the comprehension of it can only fully come with time. But without delay, the Sprit of God is fully at work. A Christmas to Remember!


Merry Christmas 


And So...

And So We Get a Gift:

 Like no other--Savior of the World!                                    


                                              Merry Christmas!


A Glorious High Throne from the beginning is the place of our sanctuary;
The Place of the Most Exalted; the Most High God, from beginning to end,
And the Government issuing from there is upon the Shoulder of One;
And of that Government, there is no end.

The world may just have stepped into that arena, known or unknown to the players.

At the crossroads, the world needs a different kind and a special kind of leadership,  the type that is strictly led and guided by God's Wisdom. It will be a wisdom rare and undefinable by human wisdom. It will be a wisdom that defies human wisdom and understanding, because the Lord is coming to His own. Human wisdom will be completely inadequate to lead or to guide humanity to the place of safety.

We can then all look to the Glorious High Throne where there is no lack--not of truth, not of wisdom, and no lack of Leadership and Guidance. And that will be because, we are looking to the glorious and exalted place where there is no lack. So far, human wisdom has failed miserably. The world is in chaos and is falling apart. Who can put it together? The One who occupies the glorious high throne, who looks down from on High upon our miseries and troubles, and who then says; "I will help them, because they look unto Me and acknowledge My Good Name". And we have an Advocate, a Counselor, whose place is on the exalted High throne, ready to help us.

We will acknowledge His name  and lean not on our own understanding, we will humble ourselves before Him and pray, and look to Him for answers. He will turn to us and forgive, and heal our land, and rid our cities and dwelling places of violence and destruction, and will give us peace--because the Government which brings that Peace is right now knocking at the door. Will you let Him in?
His name is Jesus!

Jeremiah 17:12. Isaiah 9:6-7. Proverbs 3:5-6. John 14:27. 2 Chronicles 7:14.

Friday, December 23, 2016

When the Lights Go Dim

When the Lights Go Dim, and nothing appears certain;    
When the tide ebbs, and there seems an emptiness;
When there appears to be no movement, and 
uncertain which way to go;
When everything appears at a standstill;  and 
When the mast is a half-staff or no staff at all;                                    
Will there be hope still?

You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.

Though the fig tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines, though the olive crop fails and the fields produce no food, though there are no sheep in the pen and no cattle in the stalls, yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will be joyful in God my Savior.

When darkness comes as it is sure to come, even though your streets are floodlit at night, and bright lights illuminate the darkest corners of your homes and offices, do you have light to light your way from your heart? Do you trust God to see you through the darkest corners of your life? Darkness is coming! Prepare for victory or for defeat. However, God's Word is available.

God's Word is available. God's truth is in God's Word and will not fail. It will be obvious very soon that many have been deceived, and as soon as you realize that, do not wait for anything, pick up the Bible and speak to God. You may speak to Him from anywhere, whatever you may be doing. He hears! 

PSALM 20:7
Some trust in chariots and some in horses but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.              

Are you one of the "We"? You can make it happen.

Edward Snowden Is Poison

Edward Snowden, former NSA Contract employee just happens to be in Russia. Back home in the United States, he is a fugitive who is running away from justice. Charged with espionage of great magnitude, he's responsible for stealing the largest cache of American government secrets yet--secrets that have to do with national security and more. Secrets, many of which have been disclosed to the international media.

Individuals and groups, including Snowden's lawyer, are trying to pressure Barack Obama to let him return. He was a worker of conscience after all. Besides, Edward Snowden himself just said that he's been in Russia for three years but has nothing to do with Vladimir Putin. This is the most laughable statement anyone can make. In fact, Snowden may be right. Putin can stretch out and hack the DNC computers before a presidential election. So, he probably doesn't need Snowden, except if he can stretch that far, it will be far more convenient to reach and use Edward Snowden, who is an espionage small-boy compared to the espionage king. Snowden himself should be laughing at himself for trying to appear genius.

At this point, Snowden is poison and dangerous. If he has spent three years in a KGB enclave and has nothing to do with Vladimir Putin, either he's an extremely lucky person or he worked with Putin in his dreams. Snowden is not credible, neither is Vladimir Putin.

Another laughable idea is the fact that he's not afraid that Putin will hand him over to "Trump". He shouldn't be, he's friends with the friend of Putin. Donald Trump is friends with Vladimir Putin who has secured a home for Edward Snowden for three years. Of course no one will be afraid under such circumstance. He's trying to play smart here.

If Edward Snowden were a black man, would you have been advocating for a traitor to return just by saying so? It all boils down again, to white privilege. Time is running out on white privilege and I speak it by word of the Lord God of All Creation.Time is coming, and coming fast when everyone in America will be subject to equal treatment under the law.

Consequences of Evangelicals' Adventurism

The 2016 presidential election has been contested and won, at least so does everyone believes, except that does not include what God says about it.
The evangelical Christians went rogue and ran away with the power and the money. They preferred prestige and the association with the big names to truth and to God's word. We have not seen the end of the events of the election year. The consequences are coming--they are brewing like strong wine.

The evangelical Christian community of the United States has had its way, and was not informed by truth, nor was it informed by God's word. But they cast their ballots for one who can pass for a pagan king. God was looking, but thank God for the few who thought that their choice for president was too vulgar, too base a piece of humanity to occupy the noble office of president. In general, this group of dissenting Christians thought the evangelicals choice was too offensive in language and actions, too anti-Christian in his views and actions to be asked to be led by him. Can a Christian people ask somebody to be their leader who claims he doesn't do any wrong and so has never asked God for forgiveness? On its very face value, this seems contradictory to the teaching of evangelicals and of Christendom at large.

God is set to have His way in this matter. The consequences of the evangelicals' participation in the 2016 presidential election will be dire. God has spoken and will not take back His word; many churches and their leaders are about to be taken off the stage. Many are pastors and preachers who have white supremacist leanings, but who stand on the podium and preach Christ Crucified, and who hate Barack Obama for being a black man. Now the United States can no longer hide behind Christianity to spew its hatred of other people, it is a pagan nation where Christians live, not the other way around.

Jerry Falwell Jr.
Perry Stone 
Franklin Graham

God demands truth and integrity, which cannot be separated from the work of the Gospel. And these ones have not demonstrated any. It is about bread and butter, it is about prestige and the big names, and quite frankly, it is also about white supremacy. God, the Lord God of All Creation is demanding accountability from these men and from others now.

The Obama Transition

The Obama Transition?

Yes. The Obama Transition.
How could anyone speak of a transition regarding an out-outgoing president? That is the whole point of it. The entire Obama presidency has actually been a transition from what and who a United States president should look like and sound like.

To get a sense of what this is about, you will need to listen to his opponents and not his supporters. Almost unanimously, the Republican Party has opposed him from day one. Mitch McConnell's take on it like almost all his party members thought it would be too much to bear to continue to see Barack Obama as the president of the United States beyond one term. That was two presidential terms ago. It was Mitch McConnell's sworn mission to stop him in every way from being an effective president. President Obama was opposed, and disrespected in every way. He was called the other. The reason is clear; he is a black man. Why was that so offensive to the majority of white Americans who could not bear to see a black president in the Oval Office?

The American presidency is about the white , Christian, male according to Bill O'Reilly, whose news network operates like an arm of the Republican party. In their white supremacist views, they forgot to see that Barack Obama is male and Christian. But how does the Obama's presidency change the narrative of power in the United States?

The birther movement which the Republicans and most white Americans supported was meant to state that Barack Obama was not a citizen and so could not even be president. In other words, he became president by fraud. This was designed to change the narrative  of "What you see now as presidential office holder does not even exist", because people like him don't become president of the United States. According to this view, a black person was not supposed to be president of the United States, because he was not supposed to operate from a position of power as elevated as that of the office of the president.

As the first non-white president, the entire Obama Presidency has in the true sense been a transition, as it represents a departure from the "all-white, Christian male" affair, to a "We-all-count-because-we-count moment. This is a watershed event that has for ever changed the way the presidency of the United States will come to be viewed.

AND THE TRANSITION CONTINUES...Until the day President Barack Obama hands over power to a next president of the United States.

Monday, December 19, 2016

The Transition

The Transition has nothing to do with the election of November 8th, 2016. On the contrary, it has all to do with God 's work and the movement of it.

A lot of discussion and analyses have been going on around the November 8th election as could be expected. The only piece that is missing is what God says about it. American Christians have been silent about it all, or have they? Can we then assume that God did not say anything to them about the election. But this is not about what anyone discerned or failed to discern regarding the November 8th presidential election. It is about the movement of God's truth in this and many other matters which are not necessarily obvious for all to see at the present time.

The Transition is all about the movement of God's work from great to greatest. Everything glorifies God, even the things which we as human beings detest or call wicked. If there's a near unanimous agreement from all sides that something is evil, it is probably evil. However, do no take the word of human beings for it, because people, that means, the majority of people can be wrong while believing they are right. By the same token, the majority can  be right while others think they are wrong. There's a solution. WHAT DOES GOD SAY? This becomes the one most important and indispensable truth about any situation.

This may not seem obvious at the beginning, but God's truth concerning a situation is the only one that is dependable.The problem is believers must be on the ground for this truth to be available. But if the believers speak and do the same things as the unbelieving, God's word may not move in the situation in an obvious way. But God Himself does reveal His word to any one who is ready to receive it, and does Himself move in human situations in ways least expected.

It's not over until it's over. God's movement in this matter is ongoing, and  He is set to take His glory in it. And how does God take His glory in a situation? When He proves that His word is truth and one that becomes true concerning a situation. When suddenly it becomes clear to all of us that the only statements that could not be swayed by human reasoning, or bent or compromised, came from God, He takes His glory.
God is about to set His work on a pedestal which will become undeniably the greatest, following the events of the presidential election. Signs of that are already obvious to the discerning, but will become very clear to all. The transition of God's work from great to greatest is on.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Needed! A Shocking Experience

God has sworn it by has name and will bring it to pass, a shocking experience is in store for the Republican Party--a party that has divided the country by skin color and by wealth. And so, as will be expected, that leaves the majority of the African Americans in lack and want. The Republican Party has won the battle without the victory. Yes, they control the vast majority of the wealth in America but God is about to make that a thing of the past. Reason; they lack empathy and consideration.

Building Other Lands
If you can stand on any podium anywhere in the world and say to everyone that there's no more work to do in your country, you have gotten everything right, then you will have the moral standing to tell others how to live. But how do you leave the poor, the needy, and the homeless made possible by your own system to go and tell others that only you know how to live on earth.

Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney's 47%  speech claims that Obama's voters feel entitled. A critical part that was missing from the reporting by the press is the fact that Romney and his entire family feel entitled. How dare anyone else who is not the likes of Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan feel entitled to food, shelter, and anything else when Mitt and his children use the same? Specifically, how dare African Americans feel entitled to the same things as Mitt Romney? The answer is clear Mitt. Ask your ancestors how come this group of dispossessed people live in you country.

Newt Gingrich
So many people will be leaving the stage in the Republican Party. They are no longer builders of a nation, but destroyers and they will be flushed out. The unhappy life of Newt Gingrich shows each time he opens his mouth to speak. When he speaks, his mouth feels like sewer. Like his Republican congregation, beating down the African American has become a game. This appears to be the healing process for their unhappy lives, except they never get healed. He named Barack Obama the food stamp president. And this is somebody, not better or smarter than anybody else, his white privilege aside.

Needed! A shocking experience is in store for the GOP. They need it to reason like humans. At the moment they equate themselves to "God". That is not surprising for people who conduct themselves like pagans. But the real God is about to move on behalf of the oppressed and down-trodden people of the United States.
The Lord God has sworn it by His name, the Republican Party is entering an era of shocking experiences and they will learn humility. The hand of God is on the switch to flip it, and things will not remain the same!

God Will Hold The Republicans Responsible for their Hatred and Bigotry

God will hold the Republican Party responsible for their hatred and bigotry, the type which Donald Trump campaigned with. The average Trump supporter will tell you it was not about racism, that is worth thinking about. It just happened that his campaign and his rallies drew only white people, and appealed only to white people, because it was for everyone.

God is about to purge the United States political arena of bigotry, hypocrisy, and lies, all of which the G.O.P has perfected while accusing others of doing what they are doing. This is what Donald Trump constantly referred to during the campaign when he referred to himself as smart, "very, very smart". This is the way the Republicans see themselves. But onlookers who don't look like Mitch McConnell see it differently, because, just like the numerous lies of Donald Trump, others can see through the lies, bigotry and hatred of the Republican Party toward those who don't look like them.

The United States and in deed the Republican Party needs a shocking experience to realize that all human beings feel the same pains and have the same needs to a more or less the same degree. To deny that others have needs just like you and your sons and daughters is to be ready to be flushed out from being leaders of your country, a leadership which you provide in a segregated manner.
The United States and in deed the G.O.P need a shocking experience or experiences to understand that all human beings are created equal and are all equal before God. And God is ready now to provide that experience or experiences which you have been asking for.

Is Mitch McConnell ready now to make Donald Trump a one-term president? God will require it from Mitch McConnell to give account of his scheduled meeting in November 2008, where he declared that his sole priority was to make Barack Obama a one-term president. Why did you fail in your evil and wicked venture? Because the hand of God installed Barack Obama.

The pagan ethics of the G.O.P are about to be wiped out from the American political arena. How come Vladimir Putin, the man President Obama was forbidden to talk to is now your bed fellow as well as that of Donald Trump? Is everything in your own life about skin color? All the dead wood of the party will be removed from the public forum and they are many.

Looking Out of the Kremlin

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin is looking out through the Kremlin widow. But he will go through the door and never return back in. How tall is the Kremlin's order?It's as short as Putin's limbs. That is, there's hardly anything ordered, because God squashed such order before it could even be articulated.

Americans On Board With Putin
All of Trump's team is on board with Putin. Like the G.O.P in general, the Republicans will rather have the house burn down than for a black man to live in it. The end of that mindset is in sight. And God will hold the Republicans responsible for their treacherous behavior toward a fellow citizen. The Republicans are right now preparing for their shame and they will wear it like a garment.

Can Putin Revive the Russian Empire?
There is no such thing as the Russian empire. It's gone and over with. Putin is on his last staging. He's on his way out. Putin is an emperor, not a president, unless he is both. Like an emperor, he presides over everything in his country where everything is under tight control by one man. If this were Africa, the G.O.P will cry despot. But this is a dictator. So why is the Republican Party in bed with him right now? Because they themselves have "elected" a monarch to act as their president--a man who can "shoot somebody on 5th Avenue" without any repercussion. No one needs to hear any more from a dictator--that is the instinct of a dictator.

Russia with or without Vladimir Putin will be forced to level with the world. They will have to come down their high horse, because after all, no people is superior to another. However, misguided Caucasians like most members of the Republican Party and of course the Russians think they are. But their delusion will soon be obvious to the world. A group of people who have lost the ability to think and to have fellow feeling say they want to rule the world. This is as good a laughter as the one Vladimir Putin is having now, having successfully tampered with the outcome of the U.S. Presidential election, he thinks. Does it really matter what Putin thinks he has accomplished?

Well, let Putin be told that neither Hillary Clinton, nor Donald Trump was or is God's choice for president of the United States of America. Did he just have sleepless nights for nothing? That we'll see.

Draining The Swamp

God Is Draining the Swamp in the United States, and the swamp is filled with dead bodies. Foremost among them are Donald Trump and Mike Pence. And there are many more.
God's anger is kindled against the United States. He has His hand upon the doorway of the White House to see who goes in and who will not.

God Is Determined 
God is determined and will bring His word to pass: neither Mike Pence nor Donald Trump will be conducting any business from the White House or from the Oval office--Not personal business, not official business. The United States of America is being put up for sale, but there are no buyers because, God is not coming along with the design to sell.Those who would like to sell have only one thing in mind--to line their own pockets. But it's not going to happen! To sell a commodity, all the parties that have ownership must agree to sell. In this case, all the parties are not agreed.

While the American privileged class, the millionaires and the billionaires, have their eyes on the great prize of "winning an election", God is completely set to dash their hopes, aspirations, and schemes to pieces. The reason is that it is all now about making the most of their chances, rather than the concern for the average person.

The Incoming--Incoming Administration?
The supposed incoming administration already looks like many things, least of which is democracy. It looks like an oligarchy, plutocracy, and certainly like a monarchy. In a monarchy, there's no distinction between the interests of the monarch and those of  the state. Whatever the monarch thinks is good for the state is good enough, he's the only one who has brains to think. And this includes the children of the monarch, being hereditary in most cases, the children are automatically free to play any assigned role by their parent. In other words, irrespective of their capabilities, they can be imposed on the people. Does anyone see a resemblance already?

Why The Interest In The United States?
The United States is one nation that was built by nationals from most countries of the world. Some came willingly and some by coercion. Those who were brought by force of arms, on whose backs much of the wealth of the United States was built, have not been remunerated. They were robbed to enrich their white neighbors. They are being owed by the billions and trillions of dollars. And the 2016 presidential election--at least the outcome so far, has demonstrated that the African-American populations will not have justice. And God is determined to give them justice. Justice will be done! Is God interested in other groups? Certainly, He is. But even more so, He's interested in the state of affairs in the United States, both generally and specifically, because of  His investment in the nation.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton should settle down after the grueling time out there on the campaign trail, and find different ways to enjoy life. There's still a lot she can contribute to the advancement of society.

The following excerpts are taken from a book ready to go to press. This recording was done in 2013 when Hillary Clinton was still Secretary of State, with very high approval ratings.

"Thus, it will be known that the Oval Office is not the only platform to be great and to do great things. Consideration and understanding present the greatest platform for greatness".

Hillary Clinton
"Hillary Clinton, former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State is a woman of accomplishments and loved by the majority of fellow citizens. Yet, Hillary Clinton is done with public service. Her time is done as a government agent. Irrespective of where the polls stand right  now, her time in the White House is done and will not be returning to it, except as a guest. The polls may tip hugely in her favor at the present time, until she enters the 2016 race, should she decide to do so.

Here's a picture of what the 2016 race for her would be like--a closed door. A door securely shut with  no chance of opening. But is service for humanity closed for her...?"

A Thought of a crisis in the United States as a nation that has got it all together will be offensive to some, and to the discerning worth paying attention to. Following the 2016 presidential election the United States will be plunged into a great crisis which will need skill and sorting to overcome.

The Danger of Being Too Confident
To say that the United States and many of its citizens are way more confident about everything than they can explain is putting it mildly. We got snapshots of that during the campaign period that was actually worse than you have in any third world country. It was pure theater. The "I can do anything and get away with it regime". Could that be true and is it possible anywhere in the world? Could anyone operating in a supposedly civilized culture make such claims. Events will show if that is possible.

Above all, Hillary Clinton must be congratulated for being able to remain calm and civil almost all the time. It is needed in our world.

*As of today occurs on page 372

Why Hillary Clinton Lost

Anywhere anyone cared to look since November 9th, 2016, has been analysis after analysis of why Hillary Clinton lost her presidential bid for the White House. Some were fair to her, others, not so fair. Hillary Clinton ran a great campaign, the type some of her critics cannot do. The problem was not with the Campaign, the problem was what was God's will in the matter.

The question to ask is, Why has she lost twice, in 2008 to Barack Obama, in 2016 to Donald Trump? Considering the vast experience she brings to the table, as well as the fact that she has literally spent her career "fighting for people", what could the problem be?

Not The First Female President
Hillary Clinton according to God's will is not the first female president of the United States. There are two women who qualify for that role right now. The first and older will not be interested in running. So, the second and younger will become the first female president of the United States. They are both Democrats. When she enters the race at the set time, this will be confirmed.

MY CALL: THE PROPHETIC VISION--Page 236--June 2009--See below


"The only person who was to become president of the United States of America has been elected. There will be no other candidate from the 2008 presidential race who will be president or vice-president of the United States of America at any time in their life time. The chapter is closed and over!"

God's Movements on earth in the  End-times are about us, dwellers of the earth. Such End-time Movements are about us His creation, and not about just the space. So, more than ever before, God is interested in what is happening in our world. He's particularly interested in what is going on in the United States, because it is one nation that claims it has gotten it right and wants to teach everyone else. But God is about to teach us all!


Winning without The Victory

They won the game, the match, the contest, but did not win the victory. How do you win a game and not have the victory? We are all about to find out how to win a game and not have the victory

Men's Victory 
In recent history, as recently as just one month ago, the United States redefined for the world what Victory is. By this definition, you can gather a group of people, men and women, who lie, cheat, fraudsters, who hate those who don't look like them, and who tweet lies and falsehood all day long, the outcome of the contest based on these factors can be called victory.

God's Victory
God's Victory is based on truth, integrity, honor, love and respect for all. So the recently concluded presidential election in the United States has no victors. There's no victory in the election because it stands against everything God stands for. Is there a problem then? God never has a problem with whatever it is He desires to do. Therefore the election results have been annulled, not by Jill Stein, but by the Hand of God and by the evidence of His truth.

No Evidence of Victory
The evidence of victory is the trophy. In this case it does not exist. There is no trophy. It was not available before November 8th, 2016, it is not available now. There is no crowning glory for this election. There will be only one form of glorying coming out of the 2016 presidential election, and it belongs to God. All events and activities associated with the 2016 presidential election will give glory to God and to God alone!

The Case About Corruption?
If the corrupt can prosecute the corrupt, then let's talk about the case against corruption. If anyone in the United States, no matter who you are, can say with a straight face that the supposed winner of the presidential election is not corrupt, then let him or her do so at the peril of his or her own soul.

God's Territory
We are in God's territory here, and there's nothing He delights in most than to make bare the truth and He will. It was a mockery of a presidential election and God has called it a joke, and will remain a joke for all time!

Absalom Could Not Make the Throne

Initiated by the action of Absalom who wanted to gain control by treachery and deceit, a war was now unavoidable. The army of David had only one choice against the army of Absalom--to defend the throne! The result was the death of Absalom.

Fatherly love notwithstanding, David was the king of Israel, a leader of a multitude of people. At the official level, David was an officer in God's Kingdom which oversaw activities and events in Israel, therefore an official solution was applied. It became God's army versus Absalom"s army. Yet David was not just a king, he was also a father. So like a father, he mourned the death of his son, Absalom. Although God's justice had been done, it was still a loss for David as a father.

David Mourns Absalom
When he got news of his son's death; "The king was deeply moved, and went up to the chamber over the gate, and wept. And as he went, he said thus: "O my son Absalom--my son, my son Absalom--if only I had died in your place! O my son, my son!" (2 Samuel 18:33).
And thus ended the chapter of Absalom. No matter the love for the king's son and the sympathetic feeling towards David the king, that was the end for Absalom. He could not make it to the throne, in spite of all the scheming and plotting.

Covetousness? Greed? Never Enough? Never Satisfied?
Call it what you may, when schemers and plotters plot and scheme under the cover of night or  in broad-day light against the innocent, there's always one place they forget to watch out for--Above! The One who lives above all sees everything. Sometimes the results of such action can be faster than ever anticipated if at all.

Absalom won without the victory; he won but had not the trophy. He needed himself, his life to be able to climb on the throne, but could not, because he won a Pyrrhic victory. The cost was too great--his own life. And so, Absalom could not make it to the throne!

Monday, December 5, 2016

And Absalom Died!

Absalom Sought Power by Fraud and by Deceit.

Absalom positioned himself by the side of the road leading to the city gate. This way, he encountered everyone coming in to see the king with a case. He thus flattered the people of Israel and fawned on them thereby positioning himself to be their king.

"In the course of time, Absalom provided himself with a chariot and horses with men to run ahead of him. He would get up early and stand by the side of the road leading to the city gate".  
He would tell those going to present a case before the king; "Look, your claims are valid and proper, but there is no representative of the king to hear you", and would add, "If only I were appointed judge in the land! Then everyone who has a complaint or case could come to me and I would see that they receive justice" (2 Samuel 15:1-4)

Absalom's Conspiracy
When Absalom thought he had done enough to win the people over, he rebelled against his father, the king. Absalom mustered his own army of supporters and drove his father king David from the throne, forcing the king to flee.

Absalom Takes Power By Force
Although this did not seem to his followers as taking power by force, that was actually what it was. First, he deceived his supporters into believing he was the only right person to be their leader. Having gained the support of many through such protestations, they stuck with him. But his fate was soon to become theirs.
Absalom looked everywhere for supporters, except one place, Up! He failed to look up from where came the power that anointed and installed David as king. Absalom took his fight against David not only to the battle field, but up. He was fighting on the ground and was fighting with God. What were his chances?

Was Absalom made king? Did he become king after his father David? Did he not seem to have won when he drove his father from the throne? How long was his victory? A couple of days? A couple of weeks?

And Absalom Died!

Friday, December 2, 2016


And Absalom Died!

Absalom was a privileged young man, the son of King David--2 Samuel, chapters 13 to 19. He committed murder--2 Samuel, chapter 12-- and fled from the presence of his father, the King.  Absalom, the son of a king killed his half brother Amnon, another son of the king, who raped his sister Tamar, a daughter of the same king. And so the ground work was laid for tragedy. But the personal tragedy of Absalom, even though took its root from the failing of the system in his environment, also had a lot to do with his personal choices and character.

Absalom In Exile
As the details of Absalom's deed got out, he fled Jerusalem and took refuge with the King of Geshur and his son. After three years in exile, the heat of the moment seemed to have died down and Absalom with the help of an official of  King David was able to return to Jerusalem. The King forgave Absalom, and he settled down once more to life in Jerusalem. 

Back In Jerusalem
After Absalom was granted pardon by his father, he was brought back to live in Jerusalem. Not satisfied with just a return to Jerusalem, he requested to be brought before his father, the king, who had previously refused to see him. Being now able to see his father again, life seemed just normal, that is as normal as life can be for a young man brought up under the umbrella of privilege, power, and wealth.
But was everything normal or was that just a facade?

Later events would prove Absalom to be a troubled young man in spite of his great looks and privileged position. He plotted and schemed and won the hearts of the people by flattery and deceit, preparing himself to usurp power.

King For A Day?
Absalom achieved his purpose for a few days? Was he ever king at all as he thought he would be? But he was ready to destroy the kingdom and his father just to become king. Did he make it? Achievement does not come by destroying other people. In the end Absalom died and his father, king David lived out his God-given time. ABSALOM?