Sunday, December 25, 2016

A Christmas to Remember

Christmas 2016 will be a Christmas to Remember

It will become a reference point for many world events 
as things spiral out of control.

And although the United States will like to believe it's in control, it will soon become obvious that no one is in control. But God will always be in control. And the control by God will bring unlikely leaders to the forefront. Would you wish you were nicer to some people or group of people than you used to be?

There will be a redefinition of the leadership role. It will become obvious that all human beings and groups of human beings possess leadership qualities. Leadership qualities are not the exclusive possession of any group or persons. It is about opportunity and timing.

The Beauty of God's Holiness and Grace
The world is about to see God in the beauty of His Holiness and Grace, where everything is spelled out according to His perfect Will, where nothing, absolutely nothing is left to chance. And He is not importing angels from Heaven. Whatever He will do on earth, there are human beings already available to do those things, even among those who are yet to be born into the world. God does not have any specific group of people in mind. He will use people from anywhere and everywhere. No group qualifies more than others, except as made available by His perfect Will. No man is more than another, and none "better" than another. Every human being is one and the same before God. Before God, there are only two groups of people; the righteous and the wicked. If the wicked of this world will cross the line to living righteous lives, God will rejoice over them just the same.

It will be a Christmas Season to remember for a long time, and so much so greater its Gift and its endowments that the comprehension of it can only fully come with time. But without delay, the Sprit of God is fully at work. A Christmas to Remember!


Merry Christmas 


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