Sunday, December 25, 2016


A Glorious High Throne from the beginning is the place of our sanctuary;
The Place of the Most Exalted; the Most High God, from beginning to end,
And the Government issuing from there is upon the Shoulder of One;
And of that Government, there is no end.

The world may just have stepped into that arena, known or unknown to the players.

At the crossroads, the world needs a different kind and a special kind of leadership,  the type that is strictly led and guided by God's Wisdom. It will be a wisdom rare and undefinable by human wisdom. It will be a wisdom that defies human wisdom and understanding, because the Lord is coming to His own. Human wisdom will be completely inadequate to lead or to guide humanity to the place of safety.

We can then all look to the Glorious High Throne where there is no lack--not of truth, not of wisdom, and no lack of Leadership and Guidance. And that will be because, we are looking to the glorious and exalted place where there is no lack. So far, human wisdom has failed miserably. The world is in chaos and is falling apart. Who can put it together? The One who occupies the glorious high throne, who looks down from on High upon our miseries and troubles, and who then says; "I will help them, because they look unto Me and acknowledge My Good Name". And we have an Advocate, a Counselor, whose place is on the exalted High throne, ready to help us.

We will acknowledge His name  and lean not on our own understanding, we will humble ourselves before Him and pray, and look to Him for answers. He will turn to us and forgive, and heal our land, and rid our cities and dwelling places of violence and destruction, and will give us peace--because the Government which brings that Peace is right now knocking at the door. Will you let Him in?
His name is Jesus!

Jeremiah 17:12. Isaiah 9:6-7. Proverbs 3:5-6. John 14:27. 2 Chronicles 7:14.

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