Thursday, December 8, 2016

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton should settle down after the grueling time out there on the campaign trail, and find different ways to enjoy life. There's still a lot she can contribute to the advancement of society.

The following excerpts are taken from a book ready to go to press. This recording was done in 2013 when Hillary Clinton was still Secretary of State, with very high approval ratings.

"Thus, it will be known that the Oval Office is not the only platform to be great and to do great things. Consideration and understanding present the greatest platform for greatness".

Hillary Clinton
"Hillary Clinton, former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State is a woman of accomplishments and loved by the majority of fellow citizens. Yet, Hillary Clinton is done with public service. Her time is done as a government agent. Irrespective of where the polls stand right  now, her time in the White House is done and will not be returning to it, except as a guest. The polls may tip hugely in her favor at the present time, until she enters the 2016 race, should she decide to do so.

Here's a picture of what the 2016 race for her would be like--a closed door. A door securely shut with  no chance of opening. But is service for humanity closed for her...?"

A Thought of a crisis in the United States as a nation that has got it all together will be offensive to some, and to the discerning worth paying attention to. Following the 2016 presidential election the United States will be plunged into a great crisis which will need skill and sorting to overcome.

The Danger of Being Too Confident
To say that the United States and many of its citizens are way more confident about everything than they can explain is putting it mildly. We got snapshots of that during the campaign period that was actually worse than you have in any third world country. It was pure theater. The "I can do anything and get away with it regime". Could that be true and is it possible anywhere in the world? Could anyone operating in a supposedly civilized culture make such claims. Events will show if that is possible.

Above all, Hillary Clinton must be congratulated for being able to remain calm and civil almost all the time. It is needed in our world.

*As of today occurs on page 372

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