Friday, December 23, 2016

The Obama Transition

The Obama Transition?

Yes. The Obama Transition.
How could anyone speak of a transition regarding an out-outgoing president? That is the whole point of it. The entire Obama presidency has actually been a transition from what and who a United States president should look like and sound like.

To get a sense of what this is about, you will need to listen to his opponents and not his supporters. Almost unanimously, the Republican Party has opposed him from day one. Mitch McConnell's take on it like almost all his party members thought it would be too much to bear to continue to see Barack Obama as the president of the United States beyond one term. That was two presidential terms ago. It was Mitch McConnell's sworn mission to stop him in every way from being an effective president. President Obama was opposed, and disrespected in every way. He was called the other. The reason is clear; he is a black man. Why was that so offensive to the majority of white Americans who could not bear to see a black president in the Oval Office?

The American presidency is about the white , Christian, male according to Bill O'Reilly, whose news network operates like an arm of the Republican party. In their white supremacist views, they forgot to see that Barack Obama is male and Christian. But how does the Obama's presidency change the narrative of power in the United States?

The birther movement which the Republicans and most white Americans supported was meant to state that Barack Obama was not a citizen and so could not even be president. In other words, he became president by fraud. This was designed to change the narrative  of "What you see now as presidential office holder does not even exist", because people like him don't become president of the United States. According to this view, a black person was not supposed to be president of the United States, because he was not supposed to operate from a position of power as elevated as that of the office of the president.

As the first non-white president, the entire Obama Presidency has in the true sense been a transition, as it represents a departure from the "all-white, Christian male" affair, to a "We-all-count-because-we-count moment. This is a watershed event that has for ever changed the way the presidency of the United States will come to be viewed.

AND THE TRANSITION CONTINUES...Until the day President Barack Obama hands over power to a next president of the United States.

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