Thursday, December 8, 2016

Why Hillary Clinton Lost

Anywhere anyone cared to look since November 9th, 2016, has been analysis after analysis of why Hillary Clinton lost her presidential bid for the White House. Some were fair to her, others, not so fair. Hillary Clinton ran a great campaign, the type some of her critics cannot do. The problem was not with the Campaign, the problem was what was God's will in the matter.

The question to ask is, Why has she lost twice, in 2008 to Barack Obama, in 2016 to Donald Trump? Considering the vast experience she brings to the table, as well as the fact that she has literally spent her career "fighting for people", what could the problem be?

Not The First Female President
Hillary Clinton according to God's will is not the first female president of the United States. There are two women who qualify for that role right now. The first and older will not be interested in running. So, the second and younger will become the first female president of the United States. They are both Democrats. When she enters the race at the set time, this will be confirmed.

MY CALL: THE PROPHETIC VISION--Page 236--June 2009--See below


"The only person who was to become president of the United States of America has been elected. There will be no other candidate from the 2008 presidential race who will be president or vice-president of the United States of America at any time in their life time. The chapter is closed and over!"

God's Movements on earth in the  End-times are about us, dwellers of the earth. Such End-time Movements are about us His creation, and not about just the space. So, more than ever before, God is interested in what is happening in our world. He's particularly interested in what is going on in the United States, because it is one nation that claims it has gotten it right and wants to teach everyone else. But God is about to teach us all!


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