Thursday, December 8, 2016

Winning without The Victory

They won the game, the match, the contest, but did not win the victory. How do you win a game and not have the victory? We are all about to find out how to win a game and not have the victory

Men's Victory 
In recent history, as recently as just one month ago, the United States redefined for the world what Victory is. By this definition, you can gather a group of people, men and women, who lie, cheat, fraudsters, who hate those who don't look like them, and who tweet lies and falsehood all day long, the outcome of the contest based on these factors can be called victory.

God's Victory
God's Victory is based on truth, integrity, honor, love and respect for all. So the recently concluded presidential election in the United States has no victors. There's no victory in the election because it stands against everything God stands for. Is there a problem then? God never has a problem with whatever it is He desires to do. Therefore the election results have been annulled, not by Jill Stein, but by the Hand of God and by the evidence of His truth.

No Evidence of Victory
The evidence of victory is the trophy. In this case it does not exist. There is no trophy. It was not available before November 8th, 2016, it is not available now. There is no crowning glory for this election. There will be only one form of glorying coming out of the 2016 presidential election, and it belongs to God. All events and activities associated with the 2016 presidential election will give glory to God and to God alone!

The Case About Corruption?
If the corrupt can prosecute the corrupt, then let's talk about the case against corruption. If anyone in the United States, no matter who you are, can say with a straight face that the supposed winner of the presidential election is not corrupt, then let him or her do so at the peril of his or her own soul.

God's Territory
We are in God's territory here, and there's nothing He delights in most than to make bare the truth and He will. It was a mockery of a presidential election and God has called it a joke, and will remain a joke for all time!

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