Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Is Everybody Crazy?

Is Everybody Crazy or Is Somebody Crazy?

On the sick bed: The United States is sick. Can it survive? It is under attack; can it stand?
But wait! Before the outsider has shot the first arrow, the insider is shooting arrows at his own, undermining the very foundation upon which he stands.

Which is it? Is everybody crazy or is somebody crazy?
A mad man--an insane person once scribbled on a wall on his father's property: Everybody is Crazy! It turned out that after the insane man beat up his mother and siblings and sent them packing from the house which he now owned, the assistance of law enforcement was needed to get him to a mental institution. Insisting on the way that everybody was crazy, he cursed, raged, and shouted obscenities as he was being driven to the treatment center. 


The insane man was hearing voices and part of what he heard was that "everybody is crazy." Unable to separate his thought from this delusion, he carried on for quite a while with this thought before others began to notice that he was crazy. He needed help and it took a severe beating of everyone in his house to realize that this wasn't just a "smart" person as they'd thought, they were dealing with a case of mental sickness.


You will need help to get your sick person whole. Just like the United States is on the sick bed and needs to be made whole. But can she be made whole by the ravings and delusions of a mad man? Not by any stretch of the imagination! Yet somebody has to be able to say to the sick person, "you are sick and need help." To stop any action to call for help for fear of reprisal is to agree to live with the situation without complaining. You are facing a dire situation, you voice what you see or remain silent and bear the brunt of the actions of a mad man.
Either you are all crazy or somebody in your midst is crazy. You have a choice! And before you forget, nobody is too big to get treatment for any serious situation.

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