Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Pagan Lords

Pagan Lords exist everywhere on earth where you have people. They see the world only one way--in opposition to God's Truth! Incidentally, they also exist in countries where the pagan lords themselves think they are a Christian nation. Since there are no Christian nations on earth, only countries where Christians live, do not listen to what such people say, look at the things they do. Because speeches and utterances can be deceptive, they can say one thing and do another, pay particular attention to the things they do.

It is easy to directly point a finger to pagan lords from Africa. Equatorial Guinea has been in the news lately where the president and his family are in charge of government, and who have looted the treasury of their nation to their own benefit while the masses of the people remain in abject poverty. Is there a parallel here with the government of the United States? But even more so are the policies formulated by government. How do they affect everybody in general, and how do they affect the minorities and the voiceless of society in specific terms? Is there an attempt to disenfranchise some groups? Are some seen as takers and not makers? And what informs such a view? Who are those who feel entitled to the nations wealth and resources while advocating crumbs for others? This is a situation of pagan lords in charge. They may be coming down with oppressive policies, some disguised, some in plain sight. But it won't be long for all their efforts to come to nothing. It is by word of God and will not be taken back, the American pagan lords who are in charge of government now will all disappear from sight. God has sworn it by His name, and will clear them all out!

"There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore I command you to be openhanded toward your fellow Israelites ( human beings) who are poor and needy in your land"--Deuteronomy 15:11.

Pagan Lords always think they are in charge until God shows up. The truth is God was always there--He didn't go anywhere. The pagan lords just didn't realize it. God is about to show up on the American political stage and nothing will remain the same!

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