Friday, March 24, 2017

They Want To Rule The World--Why?


People do have questions all the time about the world they live in. This is a healthy thing to have. The only problem may be the source and intent of the answers they get. And the one question everyone ought to ask is why pagan lords are fighting frantically to rule the world.

Those who rule have the control and jurisdiction over people whose affairs they are supposed to oversee or preside over. When your senator or congressman believes other things other than what will advance your own prosperity and general well being, there's a problem. Imagine if a stated adversary of yours became one to represent your own interests. How will he do it? This can be seen again and again in politics in the United States for example, just to cite one. And what better example from history can there be than government officials meeting to debate the pros and cons of slavery, done among non others than slave owners.

Throughout history, most of the people in control of government, corporations and systems, many of whom are pagan lords, usually have their way in the things they set out to achieve. When they act as though the world belongs to them, some good voices rise up in opposition, even from among their own ranks. Again, slavery in the United States is a good example. This is not to say however that everyone in major roles in government or corporations are pagan lords. They just happen to be in the majority. It can be heard in the United States in the voices that have no compassion and no understanding of the position of other people. The only way to see the world as far as they're concerned is the way they see the world. And this they will always try to justify in any number of ways, including using misinformation. The world is about them--take it or leave it! This sounds today like the world of Russia and Putin, of which the United States is approaching or trying to approach.

Then you wonder why it's always their way or no way. The bottom line is resources. When they can control the sources, they can control the resources. Imagine if the white conquerors of Africa could not control the sources. Incidentally, they were able to, and so carted away from Africa resources that would today be calculated in the trillions of pounds and dollars. This is the only way they can hold on to power and continue to exploit the less privileged.

Pagan lords are corrupt, from Africa through Europe, Russia to the United States--pagan lords are corrupt! If they appear unyielding to the interests of the common man, it is because ruthlessness is the only way they think they can preserve the status quo. Take from everybody else and be rich, the others can take care of themselves.
This kind of system is about to collapse completely. God will execute the Order bringing it to pass. Recent happenings in the United States tend to point to the direction of "the head of government can do anything and get away with it." This is being  tested right now, because God is interested in the nation built by nationals from all other countries of the world. Can one group or special interests hijack the wealth of the Untied States and say others should go tend to their wounds? It's not going to happen! The signs of such disavowal are what we see now.

It is easy to call corruption by it's name when it happens in Africa or Asia. Does it have a different name in Europe and America? It is the same. There is corruption in Europe and certainly corruption in the United States, ever more so today than has ever been.
Pagan lords want to rule for power, control, resources, and to enrich their friends and families, wishing and hoping that what they have will last for ever. And the Bible says:

"When the godly are in authority, the people rejoice. But when the wicked are in power, they groan."--Proverbs 29:2

Pagan lords, although many may profess Christianity, but by their fruit, we can all see where they stand and what they represent--the Kingdom of darkness!

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