Friday, July 7, 2017

Putin's Foot On Trump's Neck

Putin's Victory?

The victory of Vladimir Putin and Russia over the United States in any form, shape, or manner is the failure of the United States. And Putin's greatest ally in that effort is no other than the president of the United States. Vladimir Putin is barely able to contain his feeling of pleasure and content regarding the election of his preferred candidate in the US 2016 presidential election.

However, Putin is cautiously optimistic and is beginning to see dashed hopes rather than open access to what he would like to see happen in terms of the US-Russian relationship. He is seeing dashed hopes in the United States political structure which unlike Russia is not a one-man show. This is his problem, that the US Congress can still play a crucial role in what happens between the United States and Russia as against what just Trump wants to do. He knows that Donald Trump would like to please Russia and Vladimir Putin for his personal indebtedness to him and his operatives. And although the Republican Party is right now backing Trump even if that means the country burning up, there's no guarantee that changes to their perception of the Russian meddling probe will not change any time soon. In fact, when things begin to change, they will change dramatically.

Putin's Foot On Trump's Neck
The one person who understands the situation better that every one else is Donald Trump who cannot open his mouth in public to condemn Putin and Russia. Each time he refuses to openly denounce his beneficiaries for meddling in the election on his behalf, they laugh. This is the sign of Trump's defeat. Russians are not laughing up their sleeves as Trump claimed, they laugh at him for thinking he can do in the United States what Putin does in Russia. Americans will be ready for a revolution if Trump attempts to shut down the media. Putin and the Russians laugh at Trump even though with sympathy, seeing that he's in a choke hold. The United States is not any time moving towards the kind of country that Russia is. Trump will have a revolution on his hands if he attempts to do that.

Russia And Western Democracy
What Putin succeeded in doing with the US 2016 presidential election is what he has been seeking to do in all of Europe. From an operational point of view, this was a huge success, though with many thorny problems, so many, the benefits of this operation are far from being within reach. The United States was to be the big fish, but the catch is so heavy it breaks the net. with the catch falling right back into the water, and Donald Trump is that catch. The Trump empire following the Russian probe will be done. So far, the story has been portrayed, from available facts, as Russia against the United States. In the end, the story will be told of Trump, his empire, Putin and Russians, where they helped him and when they could not. It will become one of the most tragic stories ever told.

Asking The Wrong Questions?

Concerned Americans

Concerned Americans are heard again and again, asking why Donald Trump cannot accept the fact of the Russian meddling in the United States 2016 presidential election. They also ask why Trump refuses to confront Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, over why he and his Russian agents worked so hard to elect Donald Trump.

Since there appears to be obvious answers to these questions, perhaps Americans should start asking other questions which may relate more directly to the situation. Like, What does Trump owe Putin, a man he's afraid to say anything negative about, even though Putin's activities in the United States and about the United States are all negative. Like, Why is Trump protecting Putin and Russians from concerned Americans, instead of the other way around, for example, the firing of FBI director which he gleefully related to his Russian allies in the Oval Office. Why does Donald Trump have only glowing words for Vladimir Putin while he is daily attacking the American Press, the US Intelligence community and former president Barack Obama? He is focusing on these three groups because their testimony will mean the end of the Trump administration. 

A Castle of Lies
The American Press and all concerned citizens are up against a castle of lies. The castle may look formidable at this point but it will eventually crumble. Nothing borne out of falsehood can endure. It will eventually take a nose dive into the dust where it belongs.

The Bloody Handshake
Trump and Putin shook hands in Hamburg, Germany today over the heads and over the blood of those that Putin have assassinated for the sake of freedom. Those whom Putin have killed have no chance of sitting in a meeting with anybody, not even with their family members. So long as those seeking truth and freedom in Russia are being murdered by Putin, Trump's acquiescence and resounding silence over such atrocious activities of his hero make him a co-murderer with Putin. And God will not let go until all of Putin's and Trump's lies be exposed and justice done!

American Greatest Asset--The Press
Not its wealth, not its size, not its super power status, not even the judiciary is America's greatest asset, it 's the Press. It is the Press that holds accountable everyone else. The Press is not a hundred percent accurate, but it does its job. Press here does not refer to  the right wing propaganda machine which exists only for the Republican party and its allies. By Press is meant those who get the news out for the knowledge and educating of the public regarding serious and not-so-serious issues affecting life in society.
Donald Trump is living the delusion. He cannot win the war against the News Media.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Political Suicide? --Devin Nunes!

He May Have Already!

Devin Nunes may have committed political suicide already. It takes more than just a degree from a college or university to be a leader. And it takes more than just presiding over a group or collection of people to be a leader. A leader is often a person of integrity, and principled, such that others go to him or her when they need a candid, unbiased, and truthful assessment of a situation, no matter what or who is involved.  A leader will also be a person of wisdom. Brute force describes thuggery and mob-like behavior, it does not describe wisdom or tact. And while there's abundant resources to research on wisdom and tactics, the fraudulent still finds a way to avoid wisdom and tact, because the impulse is to get what you want now and address wisdom later.

It looks like for Devin Nunes, it's all politics and no wisdom. Devin Nunes just may have committed political suicide. If Donald Trump were to remain in office for ever, it would have been to his greatest advantage. But if Donald Trump will be leaving office any time soon, and he will, then Devin Nunes has already nailed his own political coffin for good.  
Both the Senate and the House need people of integrity, men and women who command respect. But lies, deception, and outright breach of protocol do not command respect. Should it not be the case that those who want to be called honorable, act, speak, and conduct themselves honorably?

Repeal Obamacare At Your Own Peril

A Warning To Trump!

This is a warning to Donald Trump and all concerned. REPEAL OBAMACARE AT YOUR OWN PERIL!

If you hate the name of Obama, you can cover your nostrils and repair Obamacare just as many Americans did voting for Trump. However, the difference is that Obama gave Americans something to smile about--healthcare --which is known to become a major problem in the United States when somebody encounters a serious health problem. On the other hand, your motivation for repealing Obamacare is your hatred for former president Barack Obama. Nobody needs to lose their home or property just because they become sick and could not pay their medical bills.

Trump's and the GOP's hatred of Barack Obama will become their greatest undoing. The hatred of the Republican Party and of Donald Trump for Barack Obama is a festering wound, which, when it bursts, will have its ugly details submerge the Republican Party.

If the Republican Party becomes headstrong and repeal Obamacare, strange deaths will begin to happen among the rank and file of the party and of their dependants. God will readily show to you and to all, that no life is more worthy that another, not of a Republican, not of a Democrat, not of the rich, and not of the poor. Every human life is a treasure before God.
The party in power is at risk because it lacks the milk of human compassion.

GOP Death Panels?

The Sarah Palin Death Panels

It appears the Republican Party is set to formally put into effect the Sarah Palin death panels. And who better to call to oversee the death panels than Sarah Palin, the originator. With tens of millions of Americans on their way to being thrown off health care in the United States, the richest nation in the world, the poor, the marginalized, and the deprived and all people of goodwill watch in horror.

And who will have health care? Or framed another way, who will be the "lucky" ones who have what it takes to see a doctor when they get sick? Who in the world take from the most vulnerable of society to give to those who already have, and then go on to have a peaceful night rest? Exactly who deserves to get medical attention when they become sick? Will the Palin family members receive medical care if they become sick? Will Paul Ryan's family, and will members of the Republican Party and their dependants have medical care when they need it? Just who are they trying to cut off with their secretly devised healthcare plan. If it serves the needs of every American citizen, why is it done under cover of night--in the dark recesses of the secret place? What is the agenda?

Be careful what you wish for. Be careful to see that what you wish for others does not become your own portion. Why is the life of your own son or daughter more worthy than that of a janitor and of his sons and daughters? What makes the Republican Party members think that the lives of their own children are more worthy than those of the sons and daughters of the cleaner or the waiter? The "Death Panels" will become your prized possessions if you do not act with compassion and consideration for the least among you