Friday, July 7, 2017

Asking The Wrong Questions?

Concerned Americans

Concerned Americans are heard again and again, asking why Donald Trump cannot accept the fact of the Russian meddling in the United States 2016 presidential election. They also ask why Trump refuses to confront Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, over why he and his Russian agents worked so hard to elect Donald Trump.

Since there appears to be obvious answers to these questions, perhaps Americans should start asking other questions which may relate more directly to the situation. Like, What does Trump owe Putin, a man he's afraid to say anything negative about, even though Putin's activities in the United States and about the United States are all negative. Like, Why is Trump protecting Putin and Russians from concerned Americans, instead of the other way around, for example, the firing of FBI director which he gleefully related to his Russian allies in the Oval Office. Why does Donald Trump have only glowing words for Vladimir Putin while he is daily attacking the American Press, the US Intelligence community and former president Barack Obama? He is focusing on these three groups because their testimony will mean the end of the Trump administration. 

A Castle of Lies
The American Press and all concerned citizens are up against a castle of lies. The castle may look formidable at this point but it will eventually crumble. Nothing borne out of falsehood can endure. It will eventually take a nose dive into the dust where it belongs.

The Bloody Handshake
Trump and Putin shook hands in Hamburg, Germany today over the heads and over the blood of those that Putin have assassinated for the sake of freedom. Those whom Putin have killed have no chance of sitting in a meeting with anybody, not even with their family members. So long as those seeking truth and freedom in Russia are being murdered by Putin, Trump's acquiescence and resounding silence over such atrocious activities of his hero make him a co-murderer with Putin. And God will not let go until all of Putin's and Trump's lies be exposed and justice done!

American Greatest Asset--The Press
Not its wealth, not its size, not its super power status, not even the judiciary is America's greatest asset, it 's the Press. It is the Press that holds accountable everyone else. The Press is not a hundred percent accurate, but it does its job. Press here does not refer to  the right wing propaganda machine which exists only for the Republican party and its allies. By Press is meant those who get the news out for the knowledge and educating of the public regarding serious and not-so-serious issues affecting life in society.
Donald Trump is living the delusion. He cannot win the war against the News Media.

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