Monday, July 3, 2017

Political Suicide? --Devin Nunes!

He May Have Already!

Devin Nunes may have committed political suicide already. It takes more than just a degree from a college or university to be a leader. And it takes more than just presiding over a group or collection of people to be a leader. A leader is often a person of integrity, and principled, such that others go to him or her when they need a candid, unbiased, and truthful assessment of a situation, no matter what or who is involved.  A leader will also be a person of wisdom. Brute force describes thuggery and mob-like behavior, it does not describe wisdom or tact. And while there's abundant resources to research on wisdom and tactics, the fraudulent still finds a way to avoid wisdom and tact, because the impulse is to get what you want now and address wisdom later.

It looks like for Devin Nunes, it's all politics and no wisdom. Devin Nunes just may have committed political suicide. If Donald Trump were to remain in office for ever, it would have been to his greatest advantage. But if Donald Trump will be leaving office any time soon, and he will, then Devin Nunes has already nailed his own political coffin for good.  
Both the Senate and the House need people of integrity, men and women who command respect. But lies, deception, and outright breach of protocol do not command respect. Should it not be the case that those who want to be called honorable, act, speak, and conduct themselves honorably?

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