Friday, July 7, 2017

Putin's Foot On Trump's Neck

Putin's Victory?

The victory of Vladimir Putin and Russia over the United States in any form, shape, or manner is the failure of the United States. And Putin's greatest ally in that effort is no other than the president of the United States. Vladimir Putin is barely able to contain his feeling of pleasure and content regarding the election of his preferred candidate in the US 2016 presidential election.

However, Putin is cautiously optimistic and is beginning to see dashed hopes rather than open access to what he would like to see happen in terms of the US-Russian relationship. He is seeing dashed hopes in the United States political structure which unlike Russia is not a one-man show. This is his problem, that the US Congress can still play a crucial role in what happens between the United States and Russia as against what just Trump wants to do. He knows that Donald Trump would like to please Russia and Vladimir Putin for his personal indebtedness to him and his operatives. And although the Republican Party is right now backing Trump even if that means the country burning up, there's no guarantee that changes to their perception of the Russian meddling probe will not change any time soon. In fact, when things begin to change, they will change dramatically.

Putin's Foot On Trump's Neck
The one person who understands the situation better that every one else is Donald Trump who cannot open his mouth in public to condemn Putin and Russia. Each time he refuses to openly denounce his beneficiaries for meddling in the election on his behalf, they laugh. This is the sign of Trump's defeat. Russians are not laughing up their sleeves as Trump claimed, they laugh at him for thinking he can do in the United States what Putin does in Russia. Americans will be ready for a revolution if Trump attempts to shut down the media. Putin and the Russians laugh at Trump even though with sympathy, seeing that he's in a choke hold. The United States is not any time moving towards the kind of country that Russia is. Trump will have a revolution on his hands if he attempts to do that.

Russia And Western Democracy
What Putin succeeded in doing with the US 2016 presidential election is what he has been seeking to do in all of Europe. From an operational point of view, this was a huge success, though with many thorny problems, so many, the benefits of this operation are far from being within reach. The United States was to be the big fish, but the catch is so heavy it breaks the net. with the catch falling right back into the water, and Donald Trump is that catch. The Trump empire following the Russian probe will be done. So far, the story has been portrayed, from available facts, as Russia against the United States. In the end, the story will be told of Trump, his empire, Putin and Russians, where they helped him and when they could not. It will become one of the most tragic stories ever told.

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