Friday, October 6, 2017

Devastation Is Coming...

to the United States

Trouble is brewing, serious trouble indeed, and it will be devastation for the United States. It does not take a lot to bring such trouble into one's home, life, city, or nation. However, it has taken a lot for the problems coming on now to happen. And it will be devastating. A movement forward for the United States will mean the shaking off of many things. Perception will change, the world view of many will change. There will be a turn-around of events. The American landscape will become reset for other things that will be happening.

Devastation is coming to the United States, who can stop it? Can human beings stop what is about to happen? Not by any means! But let those who know how to pray, do it diligently. Is God about to answer such prayers or is He saying something different? Why would God's word in this circumstance be different from what the people are saying? And what are the people saying? Are their sayings and doings in agreement with God's Truths? By what means is a devastation coming to the United States?

The American landscape is about to be shocked into reality, because devastation is coming. There is no truth and no justice in the land, it reeks of blood and violence, of lies, injustice and hate. The Lord has determined by His own word that this will not continue, and those who thump their chest saying, "there's nothing coming" will be shocked into reality, and it will not be a good shock, it will be devastating!
When the hand of the Lord is raised, the wicked do not see it. Who exactly are the wicked and who are God's people as spoken in Isaiah 26:11--

"Lord, your hand is lifted high, but they do not see it. Let them see your zeal for your people... 

Events will determine who God's people are as things begin to unfold. One thing is certain, when God's hand is raised, not in Grace and not in peace, whatever it comes down on will be totally devastated. Devastation is coming to the United States! Who can stop it?

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