Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Governed By Lying Men

The United States

The United States is governed by lying men. Whether it's Donald Trump, his vice-president or the Attorney General, they are all lying to the American people and to the world.They are using their offices to deny obvious truths and to present their "alternative facts". They are using power corruptly. But it won't last long.

The problem for them is that this is no longer, them versus the people they are deceiving or aim to deceive, this is them versus God. They are using the office as a public trust for theirs and of course Trump's personal enterprise. And God says, it will not last long.

"He traps the wise in their own cleverness so their  cunning schemes are thwarted." --Job 5:13.

This will be a classic case of God trapping the wise in their own schemes. With their Russian stories changing everyday, and with more facts coming out everyday, if there's any among them who still believe that their glib talk and obviously crooked attempts at misleading the people are believable, they really live in the world of alternative facts. The only problem is that alternative facts are an abomination to God.

The Sessions Circus
While Jeff Sessions was boldly stating that he has always spoken the truth about contacts with Russians, he was still lying. He, as well as the supporters of Trump are hoping seriously that their lies will be repeated long enough for people to believe them, but God says they are lies and will be treated as such--Lies!

Are People Praying?
The poor, the marginalized, the down-trodden in the United States, and of course true Christians and people of good will, and also some wealthy people and those given to prayer have agonized day and night over an evil administration that is only in power to grab, while insulting everyone else who does not support such evil. How long will it last? NOT LONG!

God has answered the prayers of the righteous and of people of good will all over the world, to stop the evil administration of Trump. It will not last!

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