Friday, November 17, 2017

Trump Is Ready To Leave

Donald Trump is ready to leave the presidency. His bravado and loud talk notwithstanding, he knows that he cannot overcome his Russian ties problems. It is a wonder that the Republican Party has largely seemed to ignore such a security breach as the interference of a foreign power in the United States presidential election. The Trump White House is gradually running out of excuses to call the Russian probe a hoax. Trump's problems are just beginning. At the end of the day, this is a case about treason--aligning with an adversarial foreign nation to work against yours, for perceived personal gains or to promote one's personal enterprise.

Is The United States At Risk?

If the alignment with a foreign power while denouncing fellow citizens, and while working in the interests of the foreign nation poses a security risk, then responsible citizens of the United States have a big job to do. The mess created by the Trump Russian intrusion into the political arena of the United States is far more extensive than can easily be seen. However, the American Democracy still works and every detail about that work of collaboration will be turned up.

Out In The Open

Trump is at his wit's end already about the investigation. Unfortunately, he cannot overcome the effects of the massive deception and campaign of falsehood which brought him to power. It will all be out in the open. Neither Trump nor Putin will prevail. Both men have caught nothing, and their efforts would have been in vain. In the end, Trump will himself look more foolish than the Putin who used and manipulated him all the way. Manipulation as used here is not one-sided, Trump aimed to use Putin to come to power, a power he cannot sustain.

Trump Is Ready To Leave!

Trump's presidency is unsustainable. It is over because it was obtained by fraud. He was not God's candidate before the election, he is not God's candidate now!

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