Friday, December 8, 2017

In Bed With Falsehood

The Republican Party

The Republican Party is in bed with falsehood. They want to pretend that the whole world is not seeing how they are trying to cover up fraud and treasonous behavior. They have put party above country. If you cover up for falsehood and "alternative" facts, you're liable for the same. By their actions and utterances trying to cover up the biggest lie of the century and beyond--that Trump won the 2016 presidential election--they have dug a deep trench for themselves where they will remain for a long time.

Any Republican who is not interested in a full-scale unbiased probe of how Putin and the Russians hijacked the 2016 presidential election is also guilty of fraud. There's more than enough already to see that the election result was obtained by fraud, but they want to distract attention from the facts. This will not end well. The Republicans are now playing the politics of "If its my party member, we can excuse the behavior", no matter what has been done, thus playing corrupt politics. Truth should be truth and fact should be fact no matter who is involved. On the contrary, the Republican Party plays now only as a party of self-interest--a platform from which it is about to crash.

Will The Lies Stand?
The wall of lies and falsehood which the Trump White House has built and supported by the Republican Party is about to crack. Nothing will remain standing--everything will be face down. Perhaps Trump will be vindicated who said he's more intelligent than everybody else in the Republican Party, because right now, they are being used by him. He is ready to take down the Party  with him, and that is the scenario that is presented at the moment, and will be sustained if the Republicans keep helping Trump to propagate his lies. They cannot stand!

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