Thursday, December 14, 2017

Yes Roy Moore! --God Is In Control

God Is In Control

God is in control when you lose, God's in control when you win. He is always in control.
Now For Some Biblical Perspective

God was in control when young David, son of Jesse was anointed by the prophet Samuel, to become king in place of Saul--1 Sam 16.

God was in control when David became king, first over Judah, and then over all Israel.

God was in control when David, now king of Israel, sinned before God by arranging to have Uriah murdered so he could have Bathsheba his wife--2 Sam 11.

God was in control when the first child died that was born to David by Bathsheba, through the adulterous relationship--2 Sam 12.

God was in control when David repented of his sin, and returned to worship God. And was still in control when Absalom rebelled  against his father, king David. Yet the same God was in control when David was restored to the throne--2 Sam 19.

When Does Roy Moore Understand God to be in control? Is it only when God does what he wants?
The victory for the just concluded Alabama Senate race was given by God to Doug Jones. Roy Moore may have prayed, but God didn't have to say yes. God answers prayers according to purpose and need--not  to please somebody's ego. Roy Moore should take a cue from King David.
When his first child by Bathsheba became sick, David fasted and prayed. But God did not heed his prayer. So, after the child died, David arose, cleaned up himself and went to the Temple, and worshiped God. He understood the message, God had given the final verdict. In this, hubris and arrogance have no place.

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